Nadia  Batok
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Nadia Batok

There are so many fantastic bios and people, and every biography is unique. Here are some facts about Nadia Batok's professional life and experiences:

Her first wish was to work in diplomacy. She graduated in Political Sciences, Course-International Relations. But her passion for aviation and travel prevailed. She has a great deal of experience in the commercial aviation industry and has been traveling for professional reasons. Highly experienced and passionate aviation professional who enjoys working with other people.

In the course of her work, she perfected her communication skills, which helped her communicate in several foreign languages.

She worked as a secretary and collaborator and was engaged with the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) University for Peace as a protocol officer. And during the international meetings and conferences of ECPD, she acted as a first point of contact in welcoming high-profile guests and participants, demonstrating high professionalism, integrity, and excellent organizational skills. Many delegates expressed their appreciation for her work and thanks for efficiency in the

  • XII ECPD International Conference, “Future of the World between Globalization and Regionalization,” funded by the Japan Foundation.

  • ECPD International Round Table "Roma People, or What It Means to Be European," funded by the Institute for European and International Studies, Luxembourg.

Her first engagement was to assist the high-level foreign delegations at the Annual General Meeting of the IMF, the World Bank, and the Ministerial Conference of Non-Aligned Countries.

She was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for contribution, commitment, and outstanding work on the 6th UNCTAD Conference held in Belgrade from the Executive Secretariat for the preparation and holding of the conference.

The World Philosophical Forum (of which she is an honorary member) awarded her a Certificate, Citizen of the World, for the acquisition of all necessary specific international and global civil knowledge and the right to hold higher world status.

Gusi Peace Price International (a charitable institution based in Manila, Philippines) and their Committees awarded Nadia Batok the International Gusi Peace Prize for 2023 for her untiring efforts in working for people's amelioration, like a journalist, to propose through mass media peaceful solutions for people's well-being in the fields of humanistic knowledge, global civil studies, and philosophy.

  • She has the accreditation to participate in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) international conferences and has participated as a media representative at the

  • The Global Aviation Gender Summit in July 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

  • She participated in many international conferences, meetings, and symposiums.

  • Western Balkan Summit Series, July 2017, Trieste, Italy.

  • Symposium of the World Philosophical Forum, October 2018, Athens, Greece.

  • Annual meeting of Agorà Inhabitants of the Earth, December 2019, Verona, Italy.

  • And is an active member of the European Academy of FVG (Friuli Venezia Giulia),

  • Club for UNESCO, Gorizia, Italy, and of the Istituto Culturale Mitteleuropa of FVG, Italy.

  • Also, she is a collaborator and active member of Other News, Voices Against the Tide, a non-profit online information service, and they also publish her articles.

  • She was a staff member of the Humanitarian Bureau of the Yugoslav Red Cross, authorized to consider humanitarian help with the Italian Red Cross and other Italian organizations.

  • She is an associate member of the Association of Journalists, Serbia (UNS).

  • She is also a member of the International Women's Club, a non-profit organization bringing together women from the diplomatic and business worlds from around the globe.

Currently, she acts as an independent journalist and writes and publishes articles on the world's issues. Her research blends a global and historical approach with contemporary international relations. She is a person who has respect for diversity, strong ethical principles, and spreads peace and humanity.

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