Wars bring out the worst in people and destroy the very foundation of humanity. Wars are barbaric and bring only death and destruction. Battles unleash the beasts in people. The monstrous and absurd thing about war is that people who have no personal quarrels are encouraged to murder each other in cold blood. There are much better ways to go about resolving conflicts than engaging in brutality, futility, and stupidity. The continuous arms supply to Ukraine will certainly not lead to peace. It is so sad—so much violence, so many weapons, with no solution in sight. In Kiev, they constantly complain they don't have enough ammunition.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has been on a tour for who knows what time to beg for weapons (this time Bulgarians, Czechs, and Turks), and he doesn't care how many civilians and soldiers will inevitably die. EU member states will allocate 500 million euros from their budgets to support factories (of death) that produce ammunition and military equipment. Weapons bring suffering, death, and destruction. A gigantic armament program (1.1 trillion dollars) is poison for human society. The war is claiming lives every day; deliveries of weapons should stop, but NATO countries are crossing all red lines by planning, training Ukrainian soldiers, and arming Ukraine.

We could only imagine if the huge amount of money allocated for arming and destroying humanity would be used for human purposes, for example, in the fight against hunger (about 2.5 billion people do not have access to food), then for healthcare, economic development, construction, education, culture, preservation of nature, and climate, and the world would live in peace, i.e., it would be heaven on earth without weapons.

The U.S. intervenes all over the world "for the good of the people" and leaves behind only devastation, chaos, and millions of dead. In fact, interventions are always driven by U.S. geopolitical and economic interests. The U.S. has been constantly at war since World War II, causing wars everywhere and "defending American interests" by arming, producing, and selling weapons (it is the most profitable industry), and the main interest is the huge profits for the American arms manufacturers and dealers. And Interpol warns that the weapons the West is sending to Ukraine end up on the black market and into the hands of war profiteers, terrorists, and the Taliban, who spread a global smuggling web of American weapons.

The Americans have officially confirmed that they intend to send cluster bombs to Ukraine regardless of the opposition of a large number of countries. And in Moscow, they consider it a new step towards escalation. The international organization Human Rights Watch (also comprised of American activists) warned the U.S. that this would inevitably lead to the long-term suffering of Ukrainians and citizens of neighboring countries. For the U.S. and its allies, the most important thing is to defeat Russia, and as the American official stated, "Russian victory is more dangerous than cluster bombs." What a shameless statement. The International Convention on the Banning of Cluster Bombs was ratified by 123 countries, including Europe; only the U.S. and Ukraine did not sign it.

NATO wants the war in Ukraine to continue. NATO leaders Biden, Macron, Olaf, and Sunak said they will install 1,000 more troops and the most advanced weapons and air defence systems in Ukraine next week. It’s absolutely insane to pour more and more weapons into Ukraine. NATO is all set for this military revamp. NATO troops in Ukraine... NATO madness should stop. NATO is a warfare alliance and has waged murderous wars; as American professor Noam Chomsky said, ‘NATO is the most violent, aggressive alliance in the world." NATO is an instrument of US power and a tool to control Europe. European leaders speak only the language of war and hatred against Russia. There are no politicians or parties that have a different approach to the Ukrainian war. Europe is destructing itself for the U.S. proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and following the U.S. as the global order comes apart. The U.S. National Security Strategy adopted in October 2022 confirms that the main goal of the 21st century with the awareness that world circumstances already indicate that this goal of America will not be achieved.

US President Joseph Biden stated that, in accordance with the national law on emergency situations, the decree on emergency situations in the Balkans remains in force (given that the situation is drastically worsening). Both President Biden and former American President Bush are categorical in their assessment that the Balkans are a "threat to the national interests of the U.S.," despite the fact there is no arm threat from the Balkan countries, nor are they American trading partners, nor do they have oil reserves, and there are no refugees who would come to America across the ocean.

Considering the current situation and the provocations from the Albanians against the Serbian population (which are little talked about in the western media). Is a new focal point being prepared again on the territory of the Balkans? The situation is very tense. The violent behavior of the so-called Kosovo army and police meets mild reactions from the West and EULEX and KFOR, which are in Kosovo and Metohija just to protect the civil population. Kosovar Albanians feel empowered because they have the support of western countries that have recognized the independence of so-called Kosovo. No one has yet been held accountable for the attacks that injured and killed Serbs. Serbia is under constant pressure from the U.S. and the EU to recognize the independence of Kosovo (a historically very important territory taken from Serbia), accept membership in NATO, and impose sanctions against Russia. NATO had already positioned its troops in Kosovo and Metohija (which held the military exercise with the so-called Kosovo army). The U.S. and their allies fight for Kosovo independence, but in Ukraine they fight against the independence of Donbas, Lugansk, and Crimea.

NATO has been in Kosovo for many years; there is Bondstil, the biggest US-NATO base in the Balkan region. Now Turkey will be a key force and has already started arming the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (OVK) by sending Bayraktar drones and other weapons. The same situation exists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the President of the Republic of Srpska (which isn't a NATO member and also didn’t impose sanctions against Russia) is constantly accused unfairly by western envoys because he doesn’t accept to impose western standards.

"American interests" are also defended in the Middle East (in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria), and we know how it all ended. The American army in eastern Syria has been working on the creation of a new terrorist group under the care of the Syrian army since the end of last year. Militants are located in the area of the American base at El Tanf in the province of Homs. The American army pardoned several terrorists in the prison in Raka who will join the new formation. The never-ending war in Syria continues.

Also, the US is defending its interests (18.000 km away from its coast) in the South China Sea with warships, aircraft carriers, and submarines. The strategic concept called "Indo-Pacific" is important for NATO "given that developments in the region can directly affect Euro-Atlantic security."

NATO’s expansion ambitions have not stopped; intending to spread its military influence to the Asia-Pacific region, U.S. allies should rethink their allegiance to an aggressive and declining superpower. Beijing lashed back at NATO’s accusations that China challenges the block’s security, and opposed any attempt by the military alliance to expand its footprint into the Asia-Pacific region. And warned that any act that jeopardises China’s legitimate rights and interests will be met with a resolute response. Saying that, the wars and conflicts involving NATO states suggest the bloc is a ‘grave challenge to global peace and stability." Despite all the chaos and conflicts already inflicted, NATO is spreading its tentacles into the Asia-Pacific region with the express aim of containing China.

NATO’s outreach to Asia is a very perilous step. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea—the four states from the Asia-Pacific region—will be in attendance in row. But some criticism has been generated in recent days. Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating called Jans Stoltenberg a "supreme fool" for boosting the blocks ties with the region and praised French President Emmanuel Macron, who is reportedly opposed to the opening of a proposed NATO liaison office in Tokyo. Exporting that malicious poison to Asia would be akin to Asia welcoming the plague upon itself. That promise would be compromised by having anything to do with the militarism of Europe and the militarism egged on by the United States.

At the EU-Latin America summit, held July 17–18, 2023, in Santiago (Chile), anti-Russian rhetoric prevailed, and European leaders were soon stymied by their guests’ refusal to get on board with the strong condemnation of Russia’s war in Ukraine in the summit communique and to say that they don't want to take sides in the war and they will not send weapons to Ukraine. The President of CELAC, Ralph Gonsalves, argued the summit was not the place to deal with the topic of the war in Ukraine. Brazilian President Lula framed the war in Ukraine as a failure of international diplomacy and criticized the West for supplying arms to Ukraine.

Ukraine is just a polygon where a conflict is taking place and where the U.S. is at war against Russia, and a big question is whether the conflict will end in Ukraine or somewhere else. Ukraine is a victimized country without the possibility of avoiding a total collapse through possible negotiations because the U.S. wants this war to continue. Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke pure Russian as a descendent of a Russian Jewish family, and as an actor, he made fun of Ukraine and earned the most money in Russia. But when he came to power, he was afraid of the Ukrainian Nazis and oligarchs, under whose influence he fell and became its symbol. Then, of course, the Americans and British took him into their service, and he became their puppet and the root of evil. The origins of Ukraine’s fascists matter in this war. Azov battalion symbols—the skull, the infamous "black sun" symbol, and the two grenades of Oscar Derlewonger (the convicted Nazi criminal and pedophile)—are on their uniforms. The West wants to deny the truth about Nazis, and they are yelling about the cancellation of historical facts about Ukrainian Nazis. And one of the reasons for the Russian special operation in Ukraine is the denazification of Ukraine.

The resources that Ukraine has are expressed in trillions of dollars, and the annual production of ferrous metallurgy and wheat, for example, was 30 million tons each. The owners of all that are the oligarchs and bandits around them, and they are the least Ukrainian. Now the land in Ukraine is already being bought up by international corporations. This war should lead to the weakening and exhaustion of Russia through war and sanctions in order to divide Russia and then easily reach its resources. But their main concern and goal is China.

Russia has a long history of attacks from western countries and legitimately fears that its cities could be attacked by NATO countries, where huge quantities of weapons are stationed. NATO is an instrument of U.S. power. U.S. neocons are warmongering around the world to dominate the globe. There is no single master in the world. Russia made it clear that it would not accept orders from other powers. "The war couldn’t be stopped by arms, and peace can only exist with Russia, not against Russia," a German MP stated. Russia is sending a clear warning to the West about the nuclear threat in Ukraine, but the Western leaders are ignoring it arrogantly and continuing their aggressive arming of Ukraine, and the US proxy war with Russia is getting so dangerous that it can lead to global war.

Josep Borel stated again: "We should send more weapons because the situation is getting worse." Those who supplied the means by which the wars are fought have to assume enormous responsibility, and they must do everything reasonably in their power to ensure respect for international humanitarian law by the recipients of arms who are parties to an armed conflict. The U.S. has no intention of peace and doesn’t have the United Nations either. The UN has been a failure of diplomacy. The world needs to hear the voices that represent peace and friendly cooperation among people. With modern technology and weapons, wars have become increasingly devastating. With the threat of nuclear war and environmental catastrophe, we should be concerned about the survival of our species. No civilization can wage war without destroying itself.