During life, two wolves fight in man—good and evil—and the one who feeds more wins.

Evil behaviours endanger our lives and all of humanity. Unfortunately, there is no brain that is immune to evil. There is only one single collective category of personality, and that is humanity.

Humans are created to do well. However, humans have the ability (free will) to choose to do the opposite of good—to do evil. Natural evil exists because nature is imperfect. Humans are born with the ability to distinguish right from wrong. But humans are not exempted from acting vio-lently or selfishly. It is said that there are different kinds of evil: demonic, instrumental, idealistic, and stupid evil. What causes evil is our tendency to follow two harmful impulses: the desire to contribute to the greater good and the desire to conform, to rule, and to dominate. People commit evil when they think it will lead to a greater good. The worst is when people commit evil out of hatred and revenge. Our brain is responsible for certain harmful and violent behaviours, which, in certain situations, are destructive for ourselves and for society. Whether our actions depend on our genes or the environment in which we live, it is still through a biological process that our brain distinguishes between good and evil. Paradoxically, we have chosen evil as a tool to maintain jus-tice.

The prerogative of enforcing the laws in fact allows governments to exercise evil on citizens through punishment. The death penalty is the most sensational case. The pressure of a certain situ-ation can generate abusive, violent, and humiliating behaviour—in other words, evil—regardless of the nature of the person who commits it. If, at birth, the individual is of a good nature, every evil adult will be the product of an environment that has deviated him towards negative behav-iours. Genes and genetics can explain only a small part of our behaviour. A people who are op-pressed and subjected for years to aggressive propaganda towards another people and live in a climate of psychological pressure will, at some point, see the concrete conditions and legitimation for abominable actions. The final solution for the Jewish people during the Holocaust came after a long ideological campaign of contempt and marginalization. After all, it is the characters and their behaviours that represent for us the true evil on earth, in the past and now. It was Hitler, with his ideas and actions, who created the conditions for the extermination of approximately six million Jews during World War II. Many deluded themselves that they could intervene in the evolution of human species, and a large number of scholars joined a new current of thought that went down in history as eugenics. For the adherents of this current, the objective was nothing less than to im-prove the human population by perfecting the genetic quality of individuals. To achieve the goal, it would have been necessary to exclude the groups that were considered to have genes of a lower level and consequently promote other groups that were instead thought to have superior-level genes.

The groups that were considered to have an inferior genetic make-up would have had to be ex-cluded. In fact, eugenics ended up being associated in history with some of the most tragic events of the twentieth century: sterilizations, mass killings, and totalitarianism. However, a number of studies have examined the effects that serious violent events can have on an individual's biology. And human beings still find new, increasingly sophisticated forms (new technological weapons) to exercise evil. The modern society in which we live has definitely inherited an abstract evil that instils fear and a tangible evil that manifests itself in some behaviours of our species.

Aggressiveness, which is the basis of many crimes, is a trait with different levels of expression. The brutal massacre by Hamas at a rave party that happened on October 8 shocked the entire world (sorrow and pain for all the victims are unspeakable). Why was the event literally right on the wall of Gaza? Was it a mockery to just party next to people in a 'giant prison'? Thousands of Israelis and foreign nationals celebrated 5 km from Gaza; perhaps the Palestinians could have been invited too. Israelis know well that the attack was motivated by the culmination of long-building anger over Israeli policy, over the oppressive treatment of Palestinians, and over the vio-lent expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory. The Palestinian people have been subjugated for 70 years by Israelis. Israel has long denied basic human, economic, and political rights to Palestinians. Israel worked to expand settlements, annex the West Bank, and build a Jew-ish supremacist state there. The bombardments were frequent even before the current war, but no-body was informed about that. Israeli troops set up multiple checkpoints, killed many innocent Palestinians (until now, more than 11.000 thousand, of which 6,000 children), took many prison-ers, and are carrying out forced displacement of Palestinians. This is not a war; Israel is commit-ting genocide. People in Gaza live in hell.

The UN experts warn and demand a ceasefire to prevent genocide. 'One month since the start of war, a tragedy of colossal proportions is unfolding', UN Antonio Guteres says: Israel is commit-ting ethnic cleansing in Gaza. No place in Gaza is safe. There is a humanitarian tragedy of colos-sal proportions. A million wounded, displaced, and dead the time for action is now. Israel's allies (in the first place, the US and Western countries) also bear responsibility and must act to prevent its disastrous course of action. And is the Muslim world united? The Israelis continued airstrikes on residential complexes, hospitals, and refugee camps are a brazen violation of international law and a war crime. Every Jewish voice is needed to speak out about Benjamin Netanyahu's war crimes.

Through history, humans have fought brutal wars, enslaved each other, and committed genocides. Colonialists have committed brutal massacres in Africa during colonial and post-colonial times, and the list is long: millions of innocent victims who have paid the price of their lives to satisfy dominating, authoritarian, and colonialist aspirations by occupiers. The most brutal of colonial regimes was that of Belgium under King Leopold II, known as the 'Butcher of Congo'. His vio-lence against the Congolese people resulted in an estimated 10 million deaths. The genocide of indigenous people, or settler genocide, is the elimination of entire communities of indigenous peoples as a part of the process of colonialism. The indigenous American people were killed by Europeans through slavery, rape, and wars since 1491 and for centuries, until the total extermina-tion of many Indian tribes. The US has systematically deprived indigenous American people of their rights to live and basic political, economic, and cultural rights through killings, displace-ments, and forced assimilation in an attempt to physically and culturally eradicate the Indian peo-ple. The profound sin of genocide is a historical stain that the United States can never clear, and the painful tragedy of the Indians is a historical lesson that should never be forgotten. The US government has systematically used Indian reservations (which are mostly located in remote and barren areas) as toxic or nuclear waste dumps, subjecting them to long-term exposure to uranium and other radioactive materials. Indians are no longer the subject of 'extermination', but just 'invis-ible' and discriminated against; they are simply left there for self-extermination. These acts fully match the definition of genocide in the UN Convention and have continued for hundreds of years to this day. In 1946, the United Nations General Assembly affirmed genocide as a crime under the International Resolution. Genocide is the denial of the right to live of human individual beings.

The US ratified the Convention in 1988. Examples of incomprehensible human behaviour are the most terrible tortures, abuses, and humiliations inflicted on Muslim men prisoners by American soldiers and guards in the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. Members of the US Army and the Central Intelligence Agency committed a series of human rights violations and war crimes against the detainees in Abu Ghraib. Beating detainees, pouring phosphoric acid on them, and urinating on them have been taken for amusement; they have remained naked for days at a time and were held on a leash. Another example of incomprehensible behaviour is the two decades of detainee opera-tions inside the Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre. The abuse and torture of detainees remain an indelible stain on United States history. At the beginning, 780 Muslim men have been held im-prisoned at the American Military Detention Centre in Guantanamo Bay, near Cuba. Now 30 re-main; of those 11, 11 have been charged with war crimes, 1 has been convicted, and 3 are neither facing tribunal charges nor being recommended for release. Haiti is on the verge of collapsing; politicians have been killed, armed gangs terrorize people, people die from cholera, and the popu-lation lives in misery. Haitians protested against the government's call for foreign forces, and Canada and the U.S. continued to send weapons. In the eastern part of the democratic Republic of Congo, right on the border with Rwanda, the population has been living for many years in a situa-tion of terror due to the war between the Congolese army and rebel groups influenced by the Hutu power movement, which supports the racist ideology that is widespread in the region, the same one that led to the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Despite humanitarian missions and some unsuc-cessful attempts to establish peace, the population in this area is subjected to violence of all kinds. 99.8 percent of families have suffered one or more episodes of violence or trauma due to the cru-elty of war, which has a very strong impact and devastating effects on the individuals. Violence in Sudan is verging on pure evil (corpses on the streets). The UN warns that Sudan's population needs humanitarian aid after seven months of brutal war.

The Yemeni tragedy of the civil war (2014–present) is stalemate and suffering for the population. Saudi Arabia led the intervention in the Yemeni civil war, and United States military personnel are deployed to Yemen. The humanitarian crisis in the country is said to be among the worst in the world ì, due to widespread hunger, disease, and attacks on civilians. Ethnic and religious persecu-tion, genocide, genocidal rape, ethnic cleansing, and more than 25.000 Yemenis were killed. My-anmar's military commanders committed killings, rapes, tortures, and disappearances against their own people.

The expulsion of Afghan refugees from Pakistan in such a large volume (1, 5 million) and in such a humiliating manner when winter is coming is a cruel and unhuman decision. Pressure in various forms is exerted on the population of Serbian nationality in Kosovo and Metohija. Starting from constant threats and psychological pressure to physical attacks, arrests, and killings of Serbian people by Albanians, Chauvinism, hatred, and fear have been fuelled for years. Albanians carry out ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. The Serbian people are forced every day to suffer the provocations and massive destruction of Serbian property, monasteries, and cemeteries by the Albanians. Kosovo and Metohija is a Serbian territory (where Serbians were the majority) that was given to Albanians after the end of the war in ex-Yugoslavia, and it was recognized by the U.S. and European countries as an independent state. Serbia didn't recognize the so-called self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo. The negotiations between the Republic of Serbia and Albanians are still being conducted under the auspices of Western countries.

NATO troops are present on Kosovo and Metohija territory. An agreement was signed between Israel and the government of so-called Kosovo. Israel recognized an independent Kosovo, and the Kosovo government recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is an example of how peo-ple agree and support each other and show no respect for the rights of the other side.

Since 2014, the Ukrainian government has threatened the human rights of the Russian population, banned the Russian language, closed Orthodox churches, terrorized priests, and destroyed the homes of Russians and pro-Russians. The Ukrainian army and Azov Nazi Battalion tortured, im-prisoned, and killed more than 15,000 people in the Donbas and Luhansk regions. People who caught themselves in the fire while jumping out of the windows were killed mercilessly during the Maidan protests. Western media never informed us about these crimes; even more, it is forbidden to speak about Nazis in Ukraine. And after 8 years of terror against the Russian population, Russia decided to start the special operation in Ukraine because Russia has the right to defend the Rus-sian population from Nazis and evil.

The horrendous and growing list of ruined lives from war, genocide, colonial misadventure, mass violence, and state brutality against its own as well as against each other has to be stopped.

Armaments are being produced rapidly, treaties are scrapped without much thought, war contin-ues, and diplomacy seems to be dead in the 'civilized' world. The risk due to weapons of mass de-struction has grown dramatically, and the potential for global destruction has increased. Only the military industrial complex profited from the wars. An international gang of exchange speculators has mindlessly and heartlessly created a world of inequality, misery, and horror. This criminal hegemony must be ended without delay. Hypocrisy in the UN has led to 65 wars; the UN is not in the human interests of all; the members are not equal, as it is written in the Charter preamble. Humanity is at the crossroads, and it needs a future free of all evils.