When it comes to weapons it seems all red lines have been crossed. Washington red lines have shifted again and again, since the February 2022 Russian special operation in Ukraine. And the U.S. and other Western countries continue to send tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition and mortars every week to Ukraine, as a part of each new aid package.

The prospects for negotiations are bleak. They aren't calling for diplomacy. They don't want peace. NATO allies provide military and financially support to Ukraine, although Ukraine neither is a NATO nor is the EU member. One senior Western diplomat suggested that more countries could increase their military support in the coming weeks, as the war enters a new phase...?

We are now working with industry to increase production of weapons and ammunition. Stoltenberg told to the New York Times, adding that countries need to encourage arms makers to expand their capacity longer term by putting in more weapons order...??? So, they send only weapons, no peace delegations. The European Council, the U.S. and NATO decisions to continue to send weapons and provide military capacity to Ukraine, only marks an escalation in the West's response to Russia which is being viewed in Moscow as a provocation. The West has already transferred plenty of advanced weapons that have been used to kill Russians as well as provided intelligence used extensively to the benefit of Ukraine. The U.S. has supplied its long-range advanced HIMARS rocket systems to Ukraine, which have helped it to turn the tide of the war in recent months, and the EU allies remain largely united in their support of Ukraine.

One Western official said that there was disagreement as to whether sending tanks and more weapons is the fastest and most effective way to bring the conflict to the end. They continue to make meaningless statements and do not even mention the peace negotiations. First Javelin missiles, then HIMARS now Patriot, next Leopard and Abram tanks, but the massive influx of arms to Ukraine will not bring the conflict to an end. For the Ukrainian President Zelensky's top priority remains more tanks, guns, ammunition and equipment and he reupped his pleas for more sophisticated weapons during his surprised visit to Washington. The US, UK governments and the Western alliance said that they will support and continue to supply modern weapons to Ukraine to the end, and Zelensky said they will fight to the end. What end? Until the death of the last Ukrainian soldier? And how many more weapons? 'Helpers' have done so much for Ukraine that it is best if it does not exist anymore, because it would never be able to pay for all the iron and gunpowder, they poured into it. France, U.K. Poland, Finland, Baltic countries, Canada pledged to send more weapons and modern tanks to Kiev, Turkey sent more then 20 TB2 Bayraktar drones, Pakistan is sending large quantity of artillery ammunition to Ukraine military.

The Kiel Institute has tracked 108.8 billion euros from 46 countries in financial, humanitarian and military aid, from February to November 2022, and NATO and EU members and other allies have committed more than $ 13 billion worth of military assistance to Ukraine. Europe supported Kiev with a total of 52 billion euros compared with 48 billion euros from the US for military help. Ukraine has received tens of billions of dollars' worth of military aid from its Western allies since Russia launched its special operation. And what difference has it made?

Ukraine has turned into proxy war conducted by the U.S. against Russia. It's time to stop pretending what/s happening in Ukraine is anything other than a U.S. and its allies in proxy war against Russia. Russia is fighting NATO in Ukraine. Campaign on Russia by the West has been going on for more than 100 years already. And Russia has experienced invasions by Napoleon in 1812, Hitler in 1941 in the WW2, blackmails and sanctions (unfortunately the Western community tough economic sanctions on Russia will have tremendous effects, but even more sanctions have a huge negative impact on the western countries economy and to the whole world).

In Russia survival of the state itself has been a primary concern historically. To understand what's driving Russian President Vladimir Putin's special operation, it helps to be familiar with Russia's history. Russia's special military operation of Ukraine is launched to protect Russian and pro-Russian population facing genocide perpetrated by government in Kiev and the Azov Nazis. Russia demands Ukraine not to join NATO and the de-Nazification and demilitarization of the Ukraine. The hard part for Ukraine is to give up Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk (territories with mainly Russian population, who voted to be part of Russia in legal referendum).

Russian President Vladimir Putin has framed his special operation in Ukraine as an existential battle against Western countries, which aim to weaken, subjugation Russia and its resources. Chancellor Olaf Sholz decided to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, after the US and allies’ pressure and blackmail on Germany. The Russian embassy in Germany accused Berlin of abandoning its 'historic responsibility' to Moscow and of taking the conflict in Ukraine to a new level of confrontation, abandoning to oblivion the difficult path of post-war reconciliation between Russians and Germans. And now the grandchildren of those who were defeated at Stalingrad in the WW2 are sending tanks against Russia, again.

25 million Russians have died fighting in the WW2 to defeat Hitler and to defend Russia and Europe from the Nazis. On January 27, 2023, at the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Birkenau the Nazi concentration and extermination camp by Soviet troops in January 1945, the Russian officials were not invited. Maria Zaharova the Russian's foreign ministry spokesman wrote that the European's attempt to rewrite history, but the memory of the Soviet heroes and liberators cannot be erased and the horrors of Nazism never must be forgotten. The end of the WW2 should have ended Nazism and Anti-Semitism for good, but it didn't. Both unfortunately remains alive and well. 'Today white supremacists and neo-Nazis are resurgent, organizing and recruiting across borders, intensifying their efforts to deny, distort and rewrite history. We must make urgent joint efforts to stop them', said Antonio Guterres on the anniversary commemoration in the United Nation.

Western media never inform about the atrocities of Azov Nazis against Russian people and Russian war prisoners, and what is happening really on the battlefield in Ukraine. Everything that is in relation with the war in Ukraine is just a bully and arrogant US performance and hypocrisy and rudeness of Western countries, which only bring force as an argument and are not interested in diplomatic solution of the situation in Ukraine.

On November 18, 2020, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution against the glorification of new-Nazism, racial demonstrations, xenophobia and related intolerance. All the UN members voted in favor of the resolution, except the U.S. and Ukraine who voted against, and the EU members were abstained. An incomprehensible and very sad fact. And only the year earlier, a group of representatives in the United States Congress presented a request to include members of the Azov Ukrainian Unit in the list of terrorist organizations of Nazi influence.

Russia and its President Vladimir Putin want to protect Russian people in Ukraine from Ukraine has become a de facto member of the NATO alliance, the Ukrainian defense minister says, 'Ukraine as a country and the armed forces of Ukraine became a member of NATO 'de facto not de jure'. Ukraine is absolutely a weapons lab in every sense because none of that military equipment has ever actually been used in a war between two industrially developed nations. For the U.S. military the war in Ukraine has been incredible source of data on the utility of its own systems. The war in Ukraine has offered the U.S. and its allies a rare opportunity to study how their own weapons systems perform under intense use. Especially the use of ubiquitous drones and overhead surveillance, and drones-cheap single-use weapons has become a top priority for defense contractors. And more weapons requests more weapons arsenals and more soldiers who are recruited by force, on both sides.

Obviously, it's good only for weapons manufacturers and for arms dealers who are the real profiteers in the conflict. Germany, France, Poland and other EU countries are pledging to increase their military spendings which is huge gift to American weapons contractors and internationally. Germany announced its intention to buy more F-35s, so there's a good profit for Locked Martin and such a good business opportunity for the American weapon manufacturers. It is well known that the greed of the U.S. military industrial complex has no boundaries.

On the other side the innocent civilians are those who pay the highest price of the war. Now after the western tank coalition approved sending the tanks to Ukraine, president Zelensky and his ministers are asking for fighter jets. Ukrainian defense minister said: Fighter jets would be 'the next big hurdle', if we get them the advantages on the battlefield will be just immense. The EU member states praised the sending of their tanks to Ukraine and say: Together we are accelerating our efforts to ensure Ukraine wins this war and secures a lasting peace. What a shame for them, more weapons will not bring the peace, but more dead. This is an unprecedented danger, sending tanks and more weapons to Ukraine makes one thing clear: this is a western war against Russia. And Volodimir Zelensky has inescapably placed Ukraine’s future in the hands of U.S. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky is only a twisted western puppet who turns Ukraine into the scene of the cruelest war., which US and NATO direct and lead and the Ukrainian people are dying. War in Ukraine has raised profound questions about how Western states interact eroding norms of international conduct. The possibility that the conflict could spin out of anyone's control remains high. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reminded the world about the escalation of the conflict by accident, intention, or miscalculation (Ukrainian army is deploying weapons near settlements, schools, hospitals and the nuclear facilities).

After the WW2 the United Nations was founded to help to overcome wars...what is happening with the UN in this war? Since the fall of the Berlin Wall there have been discussions of reforming the UN, even removing the right of veto to have a more representative Security Council, but it was never done. Perhaps, because wars always took place outside of the Western 'garden', so we don-t feel the urgency. The peace doesn't come by itself, it has to be prepared. West needs to stop being hypocritical about the wars. The world is full of massacres, but nobody cares. The norms of the UN Charter (accountable government, human rights, individual freedoms, rule of law, social justice and responsibilities) would gain more traction, if they are not mixed up with Western ambitions for global hegemony. And the International Humanitarian Law to interstate armed conflicts remains questionable, and the urgent challenge of maintaining peace must therefore be a common goal of all countries of the world. We need to return to the UN collective security systems.

Wasn't European Foreign policy overriding goal to promote democracy and human rights. But it seems that this policy has been characterized in the past by dual standards. The EU promotion of democracy and human rights has been particularly robust when and where it has a major geopolitical or economic interest. Western countries should do more to subordinate their own interests to the long term of the objective of peace, democracy and human rights.

Would Western governments make a difference and support Afghan, Yemen, Syrian, Kurd people, too? Why there is not a UN backed peace process under way to end the conflict in Ukraine, Yemen and many other conflicts in the world? Decision-makers in the West should stop to turn people against each other, with populist and chauvinist propaganda trying to divide and turn people against each other. They need to accept the multi polarity of the world and to stop wars by negotiations. To design a fairer world, you need the will to do so, and no one has it.

Humanity fails to have the conception of a more just world

The U.S. really don't want peace. The US government has been run by Democrats (the current US government led by corrupt family and bellicose Biden) who want to project power, and not by people who prefer diplomacy over conflict. Presidents Bush senior and junior, Clinton and Obama. waged 10 wars and led to the destruction of several sovereign states in the Middle East and Yugoslavia, and more than 6 million dead, were awarded Nobel Peace Prize and zero sanctions...? Washington should stop to strongly backing Ukraine and start to engage diplomacy and reaching out for a general settlement with Moscow. Russia is saying it's ready for diplomacy and only multilateral diplomacy can put an end to the conflict in Ukraine, as the one that prevented the 1962 Cuban Missile Crises. And the general of the US Air Force has already predict that America will be at war in 2025...?

People should engage in dialogue, consultation, cooperation, to reject conflict and oppose politics and block confrontation, to work together to promote peace and to participate in the international arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation processes. UN should organize an international conference for the immediate stop of military aggression and for the dismantling of all multinational military alliances and nuclear arsenals around the world.

Peace, development, human rights, freedom are common values of humanity. But these values have never been on the agenda of the great powers when it was about other countries. The bloody war in Ukraine, Yemen and all wars should be stopped immediately. .