With all due respect and grief for the Ukrainian victims and refugees of the ongoing brutal war, this war and all other wars in the world must end immediately. The West must stop arming Ukraine and start peace negotiations.

President Putin overreacted and launched an invasion of Ukraine. Russia tried to negotiate with the Biden administration and NATO in 2021 over the question of NATO enlargement and the US and NATO responded that Ukraine joining NATO is not-negotiable. Then, when Russia raised the issue of the failure of Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, the European guarantor countries (Germany and France) provided no support. And all the crimes against the Russian and pro-Russian population (over 15,000 were killed in the region of Donbas and Lugansk) committed by the Ukrainian army and the Nazi Azov battalion from 2014 until today, didn't disturb the West. The North Atlantic Alliance, despite all the protests and concerns of Russia, continued to expand. These are the facts.

The Russian president asked Western countries why they had a contemptuous attitude towards Russia's interests and its absolutely legitimate needs and security concerns. Russia is constantly facing cynical deceptions and lies with attempts at pressure, and also faced the Western arrogant disregard of its demands and disrespect for it as one of the world's greatest powers, and an equal partner.

Vladimir Putin stated that Russia has been trying for years to reach an agreement with the main NATO countries on mutual security, in the hope that the bloc led by Washington will give in and sign guarantees. Russia also knew about the laboratories and biowarfare programmes (of spreading particularly dangerous infections through migratory birds, and about research on the immunity of certain ethnic groups, primarily Russians) and bioweapons carried out by the US, UK and Australia in Ukraine. WHO called on the Ukrainian government to close these laboratories immediately. The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov warned the UN about the laboratories and the violation of the Biological Weapons Convention. With this project there is no moral or security justification, and this explains why the US was so insistent on provoking this war with Russia. Russia knew about the CIA and Nazis collaboration in Ukraine, and that Western military instructors are training Ukrainian soldiers.

Whoever claims that Russia just attacked a sovereign and peaceful Ukraine, denies all the crimes that have been happening in Ukraine since 2014. There is no nation that hates war more than Russians; as many as 27 million people lost their lives, and almost every family lost at least one of its members in WWII.

Perhaps the most important contribution to understanding the Ukrainian crisis was made in 2014 by John Mearsheimer, a professor at the University of Chicago, in his essay Why the West is to blame for the Ukrainian crisis. And that liberal misconceptions and the West’s interference led to the Ukrainian crisis and provoked Russian attack on Ukraine. The United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The root of the problem is NATO enlargement, which is a central element of a broader strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia's orbit and integrate it into the Western sphere. Since the mid-1990s, Russian leaders have strongly opposed NATO enlargement, and in recent years have made it clear that they will not stand aside, if their strategically important neighbor becomes a stronghold of the West. The West was moving into the Russian backyard and threatened Russia's fundamental strategic interests.

Mearsheimer reminds us that everything got worse with the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia, surrounding it with NATO bases, and giving the official announcement that Ukraine and Georgia will become members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

During talks with Bush, Putin unequivocally made it clear that if Ukraine joined NATO it would cease to exist. That is the point we are at, today. The whole war could have been avoided, Ukraine in NATO was a terrible idea. The Russian military offensive is no surprise to the West, nor to the Ukrainian people, who have known about the atrocities and crimes of the Ukrainian army and Azov battalion fighters against Russians and pro-Russians. International relations experts have warned for the last 30 years of the risk of escalation, but Western politicians have provoked and allowed war to break out in Europe together with Ukrainian president Zelensky, sacrificing the lives of Ukrainians.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union (despite a referendum, in which the majority of the population was against the disintegration of the USSR), the former Soviet republics became the new Soviet republics. The fate of these peoples of the post-Soviet space was placed in the hands of their mostly irresponsible post-communist elites, and only nationalism flourished in them, ignoring the will of the people, especially the majority, the Russians.

In 1991, the leaders of Russia (Yeltsin), Ukraine (Kravchuk) and Belarus (Suskijevic) signed for the end of the Soviet Union in the Bialowieza Forest, on the border between Belarus and Poland (exactly where the Poles erected a wall to defend against refugees from the Middle East, and where the Ukrainians took the Russian delegation to peace talks). And who could have predicted that a bloody war would take place on the territory that until recently was called the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine, between two fraternal Orthodox countries, whose history is so intertwined.

After the collapse of the Berlin wall, the Secretary of State James Baker told Gorbachev in 1990 that there would be no expansion of NATO to the east, not even an inch. The Warsaw Pact was dissolved and the existence of NATO no longer made sense, but NATO continued to exist, strengthen and expand along the Russian border, slowly surrounding it with new member states (the former Soviet republics). The imperialist West had no mercy on Russia; it was to blame for everything. Russia has lost the framework of a great power and superpower status. The interests of the eastern people were taken into account, especially if they were Slavic. Belonging to the ‘East’ and Orthodox civilization has become a disgrace, synonymous with ‘autocracy’ and ‘anti-civilization’, whereas democracy is equated with the West. Something similar happened in Yugoslavia, which consisted of different people, including the Southern Slavs and Serbs, who were the dominant people and against the disintegration of the common state. (NATO bombed Serbia, the West imposed sanctions and prosecuted Serbs, while the first two separatist republics Slovenia and Croatia were immediately recognized by the West as a democratic republics.)

Countries united today in the crusade for justice and freedom have systematically plundered the rest of the world to live far beyond their means, turning their values ​​into universal values ​​to serve their own interests, pretending to belong to everyone. The peace that the Anglo-Saxons and Europeans like is only peace that corresponds to their neo-capitalism.

As the German historian Hagen Sulz said, Europe has always been together "against something", never together "for something". It should be expected that the collective West, in order to maintain the European integration project, will try to wage war with Russia for as long as possible. Because when the war machine calms down, instead of Russophobia, EU politicians will inevitably have to explain the sharp decline in the standards of their citizens, caused by the high rise in energy, food prices and weakening of the European countries, due to increased arms consumption in Ukraine and (auto) sanctions against Russia.

Western elites are currently concerned with how to make life difficult for the Russian people and its president (implementing the most severe sanctions) and how to arm Ukraine as much as possible. No Western country is known to have come up with suggestions in favor of Russian-Ukrainian peace talks; instead, the West has embarked on an unprecedented arms delivery program, including heavy weapons to Ukraine and cyber mission teams to interfere with Russia's communications and digital attacks. So, the US is making efforts to keep Ukraine alive without entering into direct combat on the ground, in the air or in cyberspace with Russian forces.

The Western world talks about international justice and war crimes, but they forget NATO interventions and crimes in many countries all over the world, and none of the American presidents and commanders of NATO have ever been prosecuted for war crimes. Western media daily spread various false news and propaganda about the war and against Russia and its president (calling him Tsar, criminal, animal), but there is no mention that the West has made Ukraine the largest military power in Europe in the last eight years, with over 600,000 troops, and continues to actively arm it. If Ukraine is willing to fight, so be it.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine will offer resistance and will fight to the end, although that means an enormous destruction of Ukraine and hundreds of thousands of deaths, he persistently pushes his people into battle, to perish. Zelensky continues to follow NATO directives (despite the fact that Ukraine is not a member) and to seek heavy weapons from the US and UK, showing no willingness to stop the war and to call for peace talks. He still has not negotiated with President Vladimir Putin.

The US, UK and NATO have not taken a step to start peace negotiations. The West in general, NATO and the UN are completely cut off from any diplomatic contact worthy of this name. International diplomacy is not able and does not seem to want to start urgent negotiations on stopping the war in Ukraine.

NATO is in a ‘proxy’ war with Russia, in Ukraine. Moscow is in a situation where it is up against the technical, logistical, military and financial power of more than 30 Western countries that do not hide their determination to end Russia, once and for all, in a similar way as they tried in 1812, 1914, 1941. Historical ideas that have their roots in the tragic experiences of the Second World War that German weapons will never again shoot at Russians, have also fallen. The German militant Greens and Liberals made a subversive decision to send deadly heavy weapons.

The bellicose statements by the Western leaders regarding the armament of Ukraine show their hatred against Russia and that they want a war… not peace. Heavy weapons, tanks, fighter planes, we should be digging deep into our stocks and increasing production, we have to do all this "for Ukraine'' (stated the British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss). Sanctions are important, but if the supply of weapons to Ukraine is increased, this war will be won only on the battlefield (stated the high representative of the EU, Josep Borrell). Ukraine must win this war, and the Russian aggression must be a total strategic failure (stated the President of the European Commision, Ursula von der Layen, at the Davos forum). Arming instead of diplomacy.

"We are not attacking Russia, we are helping Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression," said President Joe Biden who, in addition to American strategic interests, has his own private reason to protect his son's ‘business’ in Ukraine. Biden said that a new package of weapons would help Ukraine on the “battlefield" and make a diplomatic solution possible at the negotiating table. The West has already spent $65 billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine, without any result. We can only imagine how useful this money could be for the reconstruction of Ukraine, or in the world's fight against hunger, or to help Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Congo, Somalia, Palestine, or to build hospitals, and only for humanitarian purposes. Western arms deliveries will not help the Ukrainians, nor intimidate Russia. Interpol officials warned that the weapons sent to Ukraine would end up on the global black market and called for the establishment of a monitoring and tracking system, but not to stop the delivery of weapons to Ukraine.

Military aid will not bring peace. Weapons that end up in the hands of criminals come from the hands of criminals.

Russia currently faces over 5,000 targeted sanctions. Some $300 billion dollars of Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves in the Western banks have been frozen. Is an EU inspired by "prosperous, high-human ideals" turning into an unworthy community backed by its political and ruling elites, blinded by Russophobia and shamelessly seizing the properties of the Russian oligarchs and ordinary people and blocking their money in the European banks? Even ‘neutral’ Switzerland has blocked the bank accounts of the Russian people.

Russian athletes are banned from participating in all sport competitions. Even Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky… everything Russian is forbidden. There are recorded attacks on Russian people and facilities in some European countries. No luxury goods for Russians. All this speaks of the madness that has prevailed in European countries. Brutal propaganda and hatred towards the Russian people will certainly not stop the war in Ukraine.

Many of the world's most populous democracies, such as India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and China, have not condemned the Russian invasion (special military operation) nor did they promise to abide by sanctions against Russia and abstained from voting to condemn Russia.

Paying for Russian gas in rubles could have a greater effect on the world than the war in Ukraine itself. This could fundamentally reset international economic relations and the financial system based on the petrodollar as the world's reserve currency.

Like all wars, this in Ukraine will have to end, with international negotiations at the highest level, by reaching some kind of peace agreement, hoping that reason will prevail and it will happen as soon as possible. The international community and the United Nations must do everything to find a solution and end this conflict with concerted multilateral action, and it must be done, now, with immediate cessation of hostilities and dialogue between East and West at the UN Peace Conference.