Jeffrey Levett
Joined WSI in March 2017
Jeffrey Levett

Jeffrey Levett received the International Gusi Peace Prize in 2019, a prize known as Asia’s foremost award. It is referred to as the Nobel peace prize of the East and with it came the Key to the City of Manila. The Prize carries no monetary reward. It is conferred with the expectation that a recipient will continue working for peace. Jeffrey Levett received the award for services to global public health, dissemination of Hellenic thought and the principles of classical philosophy and he is now an International Gusi Peace Laureate.

Founding Dean of the National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece, he is now Professor Emeritus. Currently, he is Professor, Health Diplomacy and Civic Knowledge, and a member of the Executive Board, European Center for Peace and Development, United Nations University for Peace, Belgrade, Serbia.

Jeffrey Levett is Vice President of the Athens based World Philosophical Forum (WPF) whose mission is to bring about a worldwide return of classical philosophy in education, daily life and political decision making. In its first decade 2009-19, the WPF has built bridges based on the concepts of wisdom, reason, morality-ethics, justice and individual and collective responsibility all embedded in Greek Classical Philosophy and has been actively involved in World Philosophy Day inaugurated by UNESCO.

Eurasian Bridges is our metaphor for bilateral communication between two continents, Asia (Malaysia and Manila) and Europe (Athens and Belgrade) based on peace and philosophy and in search of practical solutions to humanity’s existential problems.

Jeff’s career bridges the industrial and intellectual revolution; engineering and physics, coal and steel and the age of information; bit, artificial intelligence and robotics. It spans the UK, USA, Greece, the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean and now Malaysia and covers areas of Engineering, Optometry, Medicine, Philosophy, Public Health and Peace. He lives in Athens but considers himself a Citizen of the Earth.

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