Jeffrey Levett
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Jeffrey Levett

Jeffrey Levett is the Founding Dean of the National School of Public Health, Greece. He is now the Executive Director of Eurasian Bridges for Peace, Malaysia, and the coming together of Islam and Christianity in Europe and Asia by focusing on philosophy and the Quran. He is also the Honorary President of the Athens-based World Philosophical Forum, made by proclamation, whose mission is to bring about a worldwide return of classical philosophy in civic education, daily life, and political decision-making. He advocates that practical classical philosophy and population health should inform all human activity, both governmental and international. They must be promoted as critical drivers for societal progress and catalysts for world peace. In noting the banner No UNESCO without Philosophy, I advocate that there is No Humanity without Philosophy, urging the international community’s return to classical philosophy as promoted by Ban Kİ Moon.

Levett’s career bridges the industrial revolution (England: engineering and physics) and the digital revolution (USA: bioengineering, bionics, physiology, life sciences, and community health) and continents (Europe, the Americas, and Asia). Its trajectory spans communications in coalmines and work in Colleges of Technology (2), introduction to the analog computer and its applications to control, especially servo mechanistic control of neutron flux in the nuclear power reactor, with a continuation in Greece, in Democritus and the American Academy as the Chairman of Science, and a study of cybernetics.

In America, he held positions in information engineering, biomedical engineering, and physiology, with teaching hospital experience as Chairman of Biomedical Engineering in the development of stem cell proliferation models, feedback techniques in therapy, emergency medical services, and patient safety. His research included nonlinearities in vision and other neural systems, medical algorithms, outreach public health activities in Holmes County, Mississippi, with the Rainbow Coalition, and in primary health care.

In the Balkan Region, he has undertaken peace and philosophy studies, projects on contested space, geopolitical approaches based on brain research, and Greek-Turkish disaster management. He has participated in public health management programs in Prizren, Kosovo, Belgrade, and Skopje and in biomedical engineering in Pula. He participated with the Council of Europe and the World Health Organization on vulnerably reduction through public health and has written major declarations, namely, the Skopje Declaration on Public Health, Peace, and Human Rights, December 2001, and Implementation of the Human Security Concept in the Balkan Countries, 2011; conducted two general assemblies of ASPHER (1992 and 2016); inaugurated the Andrija Stampar Award of ASPHER (1992); written more than 100 articles (2016–2023); and played a role in the inauguration and development of youth activities.

Levett received the International Gusi Peace Prize, referred to as the Nobel Peace Prize of the East, for services to global public health, the dissemination of Hellenic thought, and the principles of classical philosophy. Currently, he studies social dementia, writes poetry, and participates in a developing collaboration on the work of Nikola Tesla. He lives in Athens and considers himself a citizen of the earth.

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