Greetings from Athens to Amsterdam, wherein both places, we search for viable actions and solutions within the problem field of complex and difficult issues. Your messages on Covid are making a stir within the World Philosophical Forum at a time when the world is on high alert, demonstrates fear and anxiety, is preoccupied with business as usual much more than the health and safety of the public. Your anxiety makes you a philosopher! Your anxiety is palpable in the dark clouds gathering. There are many heroes of evil. Censorship of doctors is occurring, freedom of expression is being removed and those who protest can be removed. Such things occur mainly where the government is autocratic, dictatorial or military as in Turkey, China, Myanmar, Yemen Syria. It can happen anywhere. Democracy was always a delicate undertaking and is today in need of nurturing. How? It needs philosophy.

It’s good to see you are alive and kicking more so than our President (WPF). You have passion. You have influence. Use them to stop nuclear events, climate warming and AI manipulation. Use them to build a better world, closer to the human heart's desire. With environmental destruction and climate warming, comes damage to immune systems and the homeostatic control mechanisms crucial to life support functions. Since immunity is an adaptive learner, it will push back, but? At what increase in planetary temperature will resistance be inadequate? The great tragedy of the climate crisis is that billions of people will pay the price as the planet runs down so that a few dozens of polluting interests can make gigantic profits. The horror from nuclear war is seen in the agony of an incredibly beautiful actress a national icon who was drenched by Hiroshima’s blast of nuclear light, brighter than a thousand suns. After regaining her senses she had but one thought to inform the Emperor of the horror of the atomic bomb. She made it to the river, floated down it for some time and then pulled out by soldiers. Two weeks later, in Tokyo, a message delivered her skin was gone, corroded; she had no hair; nothing remained of her youth and beauty. The happiness she gave to her doting audiences was no more… Now we have dangerous and power hungry autocrats who relish nuclear ambitions in backgrounds where there is the deliberate cultivation of fear and violence in the pursuit of political dominance.

I don’t know if Western vaccines lead to prion diseases or the Chinese virus got away from a laboratory. Gene manipulation is with us, inadequately controlled and poorly understood with respect to its social consequences. Accidents do happen and in all fields. I know that contaminated blood with AIDS can pass it on and that a corneal transplant has led to Creutzfeldt Jacob disease. Nature’s less than optimal response to the mosquito has led to sickle cell anemia in the black population. Bill Gates supports the WHO, which unfortunately has given him the status of an expert on public health, which he is not and the right to address the World Health Assembly which for more than a greeting he shouldn’t. Whether he has an agenda to reduce the human population through vaccination I don’t know. He certainly wants to make more money. Gate’s gave us Windows but he was not alone. The Nazis were in the main educated but they lacked human values. Educated but evil! They had monstrous personalities whose central nervous system could accommodate the cold blooded killing of a child for stealing bread in the morning and shed tears with Beethoven in the evening. Famine in Greece and Holland did not phase them. UNESCO came about following on from a mid-war conference to address the needs of education with ingredients of human dignity and human rights.

Connecting all the dots is a difficult process but we must try. Should you hear anyone claim the virus didn’t come from a lab, take it with a grain of salt, even though the evidence is against this, but it may well have. Don’t buy that it didn’t! Accept nothing... reject nothing. Only Socrates swallowed the red pill and what happened? He gave us the concept of global citizenship and an interesting and simple dichotomy for order-disorder, system-chaos, creativity- destruction in stones, bricks, tiles, disorderly scattered on the ground or arranged in a functional erected dwelling.

I cannot say what happened! But then maybe I can. High on a Dutch mountain where the sturdiest of mountaineers fail to go, ice fields glitter in high altitude sunlight and snow flurries fire up into a storm. Up there, lives and thrives a group of old men (note that there is not one old woman). Their days are spent manipulating the media while by night they are in touch with oligarchs and autocrats using quark computing; dark controllers who sometimes leak the minutes of their deliberations to the world and for their own shady purposes. Once leaked, they are pounced on by some and after adding spin, reserved. Others compile leaks tell it as it is and are incarcerated. To come up with lies and fairy tales is easy, but to support science is difficult. Forgetting words and promises come easy. So every night on that tallest of Dutch mountains and not for the first time old men drink Guinevere and reminisce, count their cash and check their bank accounts. Take courage, my friend, stand as long as you can, even if they take your old shoes, but do write down what they have to say.

The prescribed measure of lockdown, which I have called a fuzzy logic and a measure that helps reduce deaths when applied well, which is difficult while the attainment of herd immunity with vaccination will add a further constraint, which takes time. Fuzzy logic brings optimal precision to imprecise events and gives direction to approximate reasoning to improve and rationalize decision-making when information is insufficient or uncertain. While we are focused on Covid; hygiene masks and lockdown, focused protection, gain of function and burning down the building when only one room is on fire we should keep yesterday in mind when Dengue fever from Syria (1927-30) jumped borders and geographical zones to knock Greece off the European continent for months and its capitals panicked.

Covid my friend is a call for interdisciplinary public health and educational developments as interconnected instruments for the global public good. Covid’s moving finger has written, is moving on and may move back and write again. Nothing of its dreadful passage can be cancelled out. Tears shed can’t be washed away but we can be better prepared the next time around. Will we be? Hendrik my friend you are a member of the WPF, which strives for a return of classical philosophy, a better sense of knowing thyself, emphasizing the work of Socrates who told the Athenians in killing me you will injure yourselves more and went on to say I am not going to argue for my own sake, as you may think, but for yours. You, my friend, as an important commission of one on Covid should make sure that your point of view to which I try to respond is firmly placed on the agenda of the 11th.

Genocide is taking place right now, violence is the order of the day, racism prevails, and bombs fall. Children are being mutilated, freeze to death and die from hunger, heat and dehydration. Infrastructure is destroyed, fear is inflicted on populations and mystification, obfuscation, cover-ups all take place, all are promoted. Earth is over-exploited and greed and egocentricity rule the roost. In short, we are committing suicide and the reptiloids of Kondrashin may inherit the earth. Thomas Jefferson’s worst dream that no one was listening to comes true and social dementia grows. Two points; Germany has not yet fulfilled its obligations to Greece regarding its WWII war crimes against civilians during its occupation while the important legal instrument of Nuremberg did not prevent escape or disappearance of war criminals through well-developed nets neither did it significantly impact fascism. Furthermore, Ottoman Turk atrocities of the Pontiac Greeks more than a century ago have been pushed aside.

We seem to flounder in a sea of detail and strive to see the big picture while the tidal wave brings in bills and most family balance sheets are in the red. For most, it is life in the red. What an extraordinary contrast of a world of nature’s beauty and environmental degradation that comes from ripping up the earth for its mineral wealth, dumping waste into the oceans and dirties air more dangerous to breathe. Countless reports tell the grim and gruesome story of inequality, poverty and man’s brutality to man, to populations and specific groups, to communities, individuals, women and children. A recent and one with shortcomings on children has just been released by the UN.

Norbert Wiener a formidable American mathematician and father of Cybernetics thought that whatever man’s future, it will not offer the comfort of being waited upon by robot slaves for the vast majority. On the contrary, it could be a place where socially demented dehumanized human beings are themselves, robot slaves living below the tracks and the few elite living in luxury above the tracks. The Covid pandemic emphasizes fault lines in already flawed societies. Covid did not create a new reality but greatly aggravated what already existed.

You ask for a Covid reckoning, demand an audit within individual countries and in the international community and you are right to do so. A well-balanced and independent commission of credible people should be established to examine the global response to Covid. What mistakes were made and will be acknowledged and prevented from happening again? Will lessons be learned and practiced before the next crisis? In parallel, we do need to know what life is about, its purpose and what we want from it; a better understanding. In a world of great inequality, justice is limited and getting by is a daily thought. Life is focused mainly on earning a living and surviving rather than looking to do something that is purpose-oriented.

At the same time, lawyers and physicians are also demanding a reckoning. In Germany legal proceedings have been initiated against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. They argue that vaccination for Covid among other things fails to provide immunity to the virus or to protect its recipients from getting the virus; that the action of the German government to lockdown, is based on imposed social-distancing and mask-wearing and was taken it is claimed on the basis of a single opinion and was illegal. Meanwhile in Canada ongoing legal proceedings the cited wrongdoers are Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth II, Bill and Melinda Gates and Prime Minister Trudeau in the brief. In India, the Indian Bar Association has served notice on the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO), for her act of spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfil her agenda. Following a citizen’s petition in Portugal, it has been reported that a Lisbon court was forced to provide verified Covid-19 mortality data and according to the ruling, the number of verified Covid-19 deaths from January 2020 to April 2021 is only 152, not about 17,000 as claimed by government ministries. Recently, a related request was made to the International Criminal Court (ICC) asking that allegations of genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code, by the UK Government and its advisors, be accepted by the ICC and investigated. Others question the merits of lockdown and pose urgent questions on vaccine safety that demand answers from international health agencies, regulatory authorities, governments and vaccine developers. The willingness to consider alternatives within exceedingly complex problem fields is the hallmark of good science and good policy.

We live in a world of dysfunctional relationships between humanity and nature between the developed world and the developing and between public and private domains with the loud private shouting, louder than the public voice. Misinformation, disinformation and reduced autonomy of science pose serious threats to democracy and public health. Ousting government and the public sector is a well-developed goal. Expertise is acquired in a day. Cronies can take over.

Social dementia portrays a world with little empathy-for-all, governed mainly by controllers and manipulators that inflict fear, promote mystification, obfuscate and cover-up, a world in which we are committing slow massive suicide. Half of the planet's tropical rainforests have disappeared; the oceans are being plasticized and infrastructure is in decay and being destroyed. Genocide takes place, violence is the order of the day, racism prevails, bombs fall, children are mutilated, freeze to death, die from heat and dehydration, Mother Earth’s guts are being ripped out and society is steeped in driven greed. Diseases relating to the autoimmune system and to mental health will emerge. I still insist that there are implications for the use of neurophysiology to moderate human behavior upwards in the direction of refinement and to explain social dementia which pulls it down. Our President (WPF) emerges from an incorrectly cultivated consciousness in man’s neo-cortex leading to the multiplication of human reptiloids and the growth of social dementia. By reptiloid Kondrashin means, human beings with a less developed cortex driven by more basic instincts, which lead to consumerism, greed and corruption. I would add lacking of empathy and altruism. He wants every citizen to become a patriot of the earth as well as patriots in their respective countries. See you in Athens.