The problem is the world, its miseries and its disorders. Understanding and thinking about it; what it should be, has always been a noble task. To live in the world of ideas, to think about the utopias that will feed and inspire future revolutions is the work of the thinker.

(Martín López Corredoira)

The world is at a dead-end and facing the most serious crisis in history. It may collapse suddenly or expire over generations in a long-drawn-out crumbling; loss of the natural world, loss of the built environment, despairing-crumbling humanity, existential problems, running down of physiological systems controlling homeostasis for biological survival. We are living history with a blurred universal vision, fearful of an unknown future, which may not be viable for our descendants.

Ever since childhood and instinctually, I have written for myself, especially poetry, but I am not adverse either to negative or positive critiques. Recently, I have received critiques from close colleagues to an unpublished piece of mine (Cristian’s dream) translated into faltering German: I really do not know what to do with this strange paper, probably nothing. It reads non-understandable, at least for me (Ulrich Laaser, Editor SEEJPH). The German version is not bad, but still complicated; the topic is very complex and as a reader, I sometimes did not know whether you are writing about political problems that we face right now or about Greek philosophy, probably both at the same time? (Klaus-Dirk Henke, Berlin Technical Universty). The message you wish to send is interesting, but it's difficult to tell who is speaking, your voice, Cristian's or is it Allah (Jennifer Pinto, Editor, German Edition, Wsimag). This is an inspiring text that made me think; the German is very good; even though I am not so used to reading such philosophical texts my brain is really inspired now and creating a new frame for thinking (Hannah Wahler, student, ECPD International Youth Forum). It was written as a contribution to the World Philosophical Forum’s 12th Dialectical Symposium (Athens, 7-9 October 2021) with the theme of practical philosophy as a vehicle of interreligious and intercultural dialogue for the creation of global political consciousness.

My recent article (Is philosophy on the ropes? Unesco’s Audrey Azoulay takes culture to Belfer 2021) was a call in the wilderness for the strengthening of philosophy as an aid to existential problems that engulf us and so I was happy to receive substantive feedback from Fidel Gutierrez (FG) my co-Vice President, World Philosophical Forum, in Lima and through Igor Kondrashin on what he called a very interesting article, which generates ideas. Comments include: Ban Ki-moon as UN Secretary-General, proclaimed the initiative: “Education first!” For education to come first, a philosophical foundation of education is necessary. Why should education come first? Certainly, we need innovation in education models to achieve universal education. What should be the purpose of universal education? It should cultivate universal wisdom. Why is the purpose of education to cultivate universal wisdom? For coexistence of humanity with nature on the planet. Humanity though cannot be conserved with uneven, unequal citizenship on cultural, social and economic levels.

FG says the strongest pillar for understanding and coexistence between human beings is the universal reason, which can only occur through education and he concludes that is why education comes first. He goes on to state the goal of education should be to cultivate universal wisdom and goes on to challenge UNESCO and UNESCO’s leadership, which do not have a philosophical vision and consequently do not give appropriate weight and purpose to education; nor do they mention philosophy because they do not find its link with education. In this sense, FG says my insistence on the presence of philosophy in UNESCO is right. Etymologically, philosophy is the love of wisdom, achieved through education, therefore, education is the way to wisdom through philosophy. Until now we have just a sequence of the following maxims: There is no humanity without philosophy, there is no UNESCO without philosophy, and there is no education without philosophy. So now we should say: Philosophy first! (Fidel I agree.) The next step, which belongs to us philosophers is to present philosophy – as a social instrument - that illuminates education cultivating universal wisdom. In this sense, the most important task – in society - resides in philosophy. Finally, he says the WPF has been and is on track for this task since its inception, led with masterful wisdom by President Igor Kondrashin. I would only add that Kondrashin wants to push out scholasticism from philosophy and rid the world of nuclear weapons. Two important missions!

Another initiative from Latin America comes from Florentino Martinez Contreras, Movimento Gnostico AC International (MGI). It comes in the form of a developing Agreement between MGI and the World Philosophical Forum, to be signed in Mexico on November 18, 2021 on World Philosophy Day-2021 (as per UNESCO). Other Signatories include the World Ecological Foundation, by its President Svetlana Chumakova-Izmailovskaya and the Association of Citizens for Promotion of Secularism and Humanism, by its President Sergey Ivaneev. The Parties have agreed to unite their efforts and invoke-encourage in all progressive minds for the development of consciousness in all countries and peoples on all continents; to join in this activity in order to develop and improve the common global public consciousness on the planet Earth through unified scientific, philosophical and civic education of the population of all countries in order to ensure elimination existential threats.

One paragraph from the agreement reads as a catalogue of world woes: Based on the out of control and increasingly deteriorating situation on Planet Earth of its currently existing system of self-organization and self-government of Mankind, depletion of general public consciousness, an intensifying arms race including the buildup of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction, climate change occurring in the vast majority of countries that precipitates forest fires, floods and the melting of eternal snows with irreversible consequences. There is growing social disorder within the majority of the planet's peoples with uncontrolled littering and pollution of its flora and fauna, seas and oceans, the atmosphere of the planet and the outer space around it, the dangerous spread of epidemics such as Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, as well as for other reasons that threaten the possible self-destruction of Humanity in the very near future.

Another refers to the still valid Edict of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I of 529 on the complete prohibition of Philosophy, to promote the widespread ignoring of this Edict and the replacement of the practice of teaching scholastic pseudo-philosophy that distorts people's consciousness, which has developed under its influence in the university education system of all countries, with the teaching of Classical philosophy based on the ideas and teachings of the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. I now refer to my fellow contributor to Wall Street International Martín López Corredoira, philosopher and physicist: The bureaucracy of the state’s administration and the struggle for power is not the business of the philosopher but of the clerks and merchants of the world. In a recent article Philosophy’s disdain of politicking - and Balzacs’ - let us return to serious things, 19 June 2021, he tells us that while philosophy touches upon social issues, it is not a form of politics —at the very least it is above the mundane level of confrontation known as “politicking”. Important philosophy is based on the work of freethinkers, solitary thinkers and beacons of intellectual progress for humanity; the rest are echoes and silence, market noise and a need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

He promotes another way to understand the world: under the protection of the wisdom of philosophy. Philosophers are interested in expressions of politics that are based on the will of mankind. They ask what mankind should do. They are interested in political thought, in the ideology behind great political systems. They ponder not only what the ruler of the day does (or should do) but what all individuals in the collective, should do. It is politics in a broader context than is commonly understood. He reminds us of Goethe in his self-biography, From My Life: Poetry and Truth: My inner circle and I did not devote our time to newspapers and news. What mattered to us was knowing man. As for plural men we let them do as they like. Staying away from politics is a necessary (although insufficient) condition for ennobling the spirit.

Finally, I turn to Igor Kondrashin and his General Notification-2021 for all Humans about the current situation on the planet Earth from the perspective of classical philosophy and a quote: no vaccination will help people's minds, or resist ongoing and a naturally accelerating process of change from the outgoing, former generation to the new, modern one; the time for being has come! He makes reference to a transformation between two states, namely, the exiting of homo sapiens-reptiloid with a dominating reptiloid-brain of man on the planet for the last 50 centuries and an incoming new era of the homo global civil citizen where the human neo-cortex of their brain will predominate as a result of a fundamental programmed, educated man. The present generation of reptiloids has exhausted its useful living potential and has become extremely dangerous to the future existence of humanity, leading it, in toto, to complete disaster – apocalypse, which we cannot allow to happen.

Life on the planet should and will be changing for the better if only we follow the WPF Universal State of Earth (USE) variant of self-organization by studying due civil knowledge and provide philosophical updating of peoples' consciousness. Philosophy first! Education’s renewal! Otherwise, the situation on the planet will become worse and still even worsen.

In this age where irrationality and triviality prevail, where the lunatic fringe is now central to a lunatic paranoid world, which I designate the world’s social dementia. In the absence of civic education, people believe things that are demonstrably false; in the position that a virus that has already killed 5 million worldwide is a hoax that government uses to scare people into submission, getting the vaccine and absurdly and jokingly; as someone goes into a library and says: “I’ll have a cheeseburger with French fries and ketchup”, and the librarian: “I’m sorry this is a library.” The someone now in a lowered voice to the librarian, whispers, sorry, I’ll have a cheeseburger, French fries and ketchup to go.


When it was revealed that an American general acting within the statutory limits of his position and as a public service to humanity responded to Chinese anxiety by calling his Chinese counterpart to reassure him that the United States would not suddenly attack China his court martial was proposed. it transpired as President Trump left office and the President has the sole authority to order American military officers to conduct lethal strikes, including nuclear strikes. When UNESCO examined philosophy it did so through the prism of scholasticism. When WHO issued reassuring statements about radiation fallout it probably involved scientists selected as a result of pressure from the world’s nuclear powers and some who had concluded that there was no association between Chernobyl and the rise in noncancerous diseases such as circulatory or autoimmune disorders. They recommended a dramatic increase in the guideline for “safe” lifetime doses of radiation. Ivermectin - which has some dermatological uses in humans but is mostly for veterinary purposes - has not been shown to be at all effective against Covid, yet its use has soared, fueled in part by rampant misinformation.