As the Olympic Games returned to the world 127 years ago, genocide occurred in the Balkans, and WWI was on its way. The Dialectical Symposium was reintroduced to Greece 14 years ago with the World Philosophical Forum, Athens. In 2023, problems grow, become more complex, and become ever more confusing, precipitating fear and mental disturbance, while our leaders show few stories of success and promote few new ideas. Stagnation in thought is everywhere but overshadowed by materialism, consumerism, and the inertia of this way of life. Science is under strain, and truth-tellers are attacked. Seemingly, everything had been tainted, clouded, and mixed up with insubstantial, non-existent, or ineffective solutions. Conspiracy theory, instead of being considered fiction, is elevated to the level of reality. Inhumanity prevails as illegal and immoral situations are not corrected while UN resolutions are blatantly violated under various and vague pretenses. Let’s cling on though to a world where the creativity of human beings is infinite and man’s talent profound.

No more mystification, we say, but how? Yes, an urgently needed solution can be found in philosophy! Philosophy is a pathway to peace, but the obstacles to both are enormous. As the war in Ukraine continues with its nuclear threat, we need stronger activism for peace and more investment in philosophy. With a great sense of expectation laced with a sense of pessimism, the World Philosophical Forum continually reaches out this year to sound an alarm based on Russia's defence doctrine and NATO's expansion that can scapegoat the use of nuclear weapons should either leadership see their security threatened. What it could mean is a nuclear big bang with compatible power of the big bang that set of evolutionary processes eons ago that would destroy our world; avoided it would give climate change its chance to unravel complex biological systems that prop up human consciousness and misappropriated artificial intelligence an opportunity to steer humanity towards a technologically manipulated future of limited freewill.

The World Philosophical Forum has reached out to the international community, government, and diplomatic missions with the following statement: On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson, was published. It was addressed to humanity. Although the Declaration gave an enduring vision to a new nation, its author remained unsure of his listeners. He was deeply worried that, in the course of human events, they would fall by the wayside. In a raised theatrical voice, he asked, "Is anybody there?"

The World Philosophical Forum aims to expand and unify civic education, confront social dementia, and make a noticeable difference to the status of our world. We are convinced that those with ears to hear will hear and perhaps lend their support for a successful transaction of our 14th Dialectical Symposium, November 6–8, 2023, to be opened by Igor Kondrashin, a distinguished Russian philosopher. We are likewise convinced that social equality and environmental consciousness will improve, and a re-imagined life with purpose at every stage of development will be enabled if positioned on a Hellenistic philosophical platform.

Our forum banner is philosophy in the service of peace and global citizenship. It urges the international community and government to follow universal declarations first and foremost on nuclear non-proliferation, support UNESCO's culture for peace by nurturing peace in the collective minds of men, and encourage the integration of classical philosophy into geopolitical decision-making. The culture of peace, which implies a set of values, attitudes, modes of behavior, and ways of life that reject violence and prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups, and nations, does not speak of philosophy, and the international community has lost its voice in philosophy.

I had the privilege to propose a re-examination of past experience between America [left brain-split brain] and Russia [right brain] in brain research and the bionics-bioengineering dichotomy as a useful communication channel opener. I suggested that neuro-physiological thinking can be applied to improve decision-making in international confrontations, to conflict reduction policy, and as a tool in rapprochement. This article continues on the same wavelength after the failure of the Geneva summit and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Unfortunately, Geneva, a fantastic chance to avoid the dangers that threaten humanity, left no signposts to the future. The Parliamentary Centre for Integrated Security of the Fatherland, Russian Federation, in Moscow with Sergey Kharkov is an important partner. Several Russian and Chinese universities and organizations intend to participate.

Over the years, we have heard of similar worries. One relates to the birth of WHO when Andrija Štampar, in a mood of optimistic confidence, saw darker shadows ahead, darker shadows that prevail today, expressed in a dire description given by the UN Secretary-General of humanity on the brink (or at Armageddon's Gate) in a 2023 briefing warning of a confluence of challenges unlike any others seen in our lifetimes. Nowhere, however, did he refer to philosophy, which can add a degree of transparency and light to those dark shadows. Can we feel the worry of the peoples of Greece, Libya, Morocco, and Spain? Unprecedented rainfall, dam bursts and flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding.

Let me start by saying that the door to and the ears of the participants of the 76th World Health Assembly, May 2023, remain closed to any appeal coming from the World Philosophical Forum. The World Philosophical Forum in Athens said yes to health for all and saving lives, as well as yes to peace and security and the re-admittance of abandoned philosophy to the halls of the international community. We thought it wise to caution, steer clear of red herrings (Grant v. Mahler), and suggest Hygiene's philosophical advice to them. We advocated that WHO should be for all, and all could be for WHO with improved health diplomacy. With respect to its participants, I do wonder which of them are for WHO. In their wisdom, they have not yet considered health and philosophy or the placement of a classical philosopher on any committee. Philosophy is good for health. Currently, while incredible things are occurring in the clinical sciences, public health policy seems to favour population health demise.

Let me also tell you that finding accommodation in Greece for the upcoming 14th Dialectical Symposium was so difficult that it prompted me to propose its enactment in the National Gardens. I dropped it as I started to understand the bureaucratic and security issues involved. Having suggested that we come dressed in philosophical robes, I thought of my responsibility and what it might mean if we were apprehended for disturbing the peace. Philosophy, in search of peace, destroys it. In Greece, philosophy slowly becomes homeless, which is a creeping cultural disaster. Philosophy has outstanding universal value and must be preserved at all costs as a bulwark of humanity and a tool in society within education and in decision-making.

To the President of the Russian Federation, Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, this brief communiqué and special request inform you and your staff of the transaction of the upcoming 14th Dialectical Symposium of the World Philosophical Forum, Athens, and November 6–8, 2023, and to enlist your helping hand in the form of an encouraging and personal note to the participants. The World Philosophical Forum believes that the current universal state of mindlessness driving social dementia that saps global empathy and reduces solidarity can be decelerated by developments in civic education and by the deployment of philosophy in decision-making related to existential issues. It's no small purpose: to instil a growing sense of universal consciousness in every world citizen. Standing alone today, the World Philosophical Forum continually runs into brick walls but insists on asking, does anybody hear? No one wants to upend the apple cart! No one in the cherry orchard wants to leave it.

As you know, the World Philosophical Forum has previously requested an audience with you. It has also conducted meetings with Russian colleagues in Athens (January 2020), Moscow (2020), Belgrade (2019), Chicago (2019), and Kuala Lumpur (2022 and 2023). In New York and Chicago, we have discussed American and Russian rapprochements, suggesting that Belgrade can act as a geopolitical interface, and in Chicago, by using the science of neurophysiology and psychology and a re-examination of the significant history of collaboration in brain research between the two superpowers. It proposed that neuro-physiological thinking should be applied to improve decision-making in international confrontations and in conflict reduction policy.

A chance to make the World Philosophical Forum better known to sensible and responsible leaders with global vision who carry the heavy socioeconomic responsibility of their peoples on their shoulders will provide an opportunity for them to make an informed decision in favour of supporting its activities. Failing to do so is another failure for the world. Acceptance will act catalytically to bridge our mainly theoretical and teleological support of humanity into a higher global plan for the Universal State of the Earth; integration of humanity through universal ideas, values, and thoughts; and a philosophical deployment of the human brain.

Like all people, the Russian people are losing sight of living normally and feel off balance, numb, anxious, wondering, and dreading what will come next. Good things can take time, but some extremely little within the short-term constant of neural systems. Please hear our small voice and let a deft stroke of your pen sign our requested note. Help convert dark tidings into a global silver lining. Your message can make a significant difference to our world and add a forceful knock-on effect to the 14th Dialectical Symposium of the World Philosophical Forum, Athens.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, the World Philosophical Forum, Athens, for the sake of Russian troops, ordinary people everywhere, and our suffering world, is also in search of ways to convince the West to orchestrate a peaceful break in warfare and halt slaughter. With your support, our 14th dialectical symposium can, through philosophy, bring East and West and world peace closer.

To the President of the United States of America, Dear President Biden(opoulos), Greetings from Greece and a request. This request comes on behalf of the World Philosophical Forum, Athens, 2009. It asks for your goodwill support of its 14th Dialectical Symposium on November 6–8, 2023, in the form of a personal note to its participants, who will be discussing philosophy in the service of humanity and peace. Your message will add impact to any emergent statement or appeal and elevate the odds of it being read.

Sometimes things seemingly inconsequential or well below any catalytic threshold can produce incredible knock-on effects; a last-minute reprieve gave the world a Dostoyevsky, a young boy's visit to Ireland sensitized him to famine and gave him insight into the lives of children of the dead end, which cultivated his later-life philanthropy, and a tactful organized delay of the Freedom March helped contribute to its success."

For your information, we conducted several meetings with Russian colleagues in Kuala Lumpur (2022 and 2023), Athens (January 2020), Moscow (2020), Belgrade (2019), and Chicago (2019). In New York and Chicago, we discussed American and Russian rapprochement, suggesting that Belgrade can act as a geopolitical interface, and in Chicago, suggesting the use of the science of neurophysiology and psychology to go forward, along with a re-examination of the significant history of collaboration in brain research between the two superpowers. Our proposal was that neuro-physiological thinking should be applied to improve decision-making in international confrontations and in conflict reduction policy. For your further information, the World Philosophical Forum is also reaching out to the Russian Embassy in Athens, as well as to other diplomatic missions, including the American Embassy.

Permit me to add that sincere, consistent, and meaningful efforts like this of the World Philosophical Forum, Athens, can achieve significant impact if taken up in good faith, and I can tell my children and grandchildren that I have done my bit for peace. Our proposal that a symbolic peace and a ban on war must be proclaimed in the sacred place of Delphi, Greece, and orchestrated in the Old Hellenic Parliament, Athens, still stands. Pythia has given her thumbs up! Mr. President, do give us your goodwill message.

To the Russian Embassy in Athens, Excellency Andrei Maslov, your support for Hellenic classical philosophy is a given. On the instructions of the President, World Philosophical Forum, Athens, Russian Philosopher Igor Kondrashin, I have suggested that you become a patron of its 14th Dialectical Symposium in Greece. Sincere, consistent, and meaningful efforts like this of the World Philosophical Forum, Athens, can achieve significant impact if taken up in good faith, and I can tell my children and grandchildren that I have done my bit for peace. The earth's population stands in the shadow of a nightmare; doing nothing to lighten the shadow or relieve the nightmare should not be an option. Our proposal that a symbolic peace and a ban on war must be proclaimed in the sacred place of Delphi, Greece, and orchestrated in the Old Hellenic Parliament, Athens, still stands. Pythia has given us her thumbs up! Note that Heracles will take on the role of maintaining access to all shrines and dealing with any harassment to peace keepers and scholars on route to Delphi.

Most importantly, to our Greek authorities and to Greece, hospitable host, we say: As governments and the international community tread water, waiting for the next tsunami. the benefits of classical philosophy are ignored. Remove the barriers, and let us look back to the teachings of Socrates and Aristotle, Asclepius, and Hippocrates and the goddess of health, Hygeia While Greece is not only has a philosophical deficit; it also faces a deficit in public health and inadequate narratives, a troubled demography of falling life expectancy, rising infant mortality, and an avalanche of mental health problems on their way. It is also central to numerous challenges and promising opportunities. Philosophy in Greece and the intellectual elite though they are falling short of their civic-social role and their social agendas. I suggest that Greece should not let humanity reach its end. of Hellenistic reason, morality, justice, and responsibility before it invests in the wisdom implicit in Greek philosophy. While we last Philosophy is humanity's route back to reason.

Greece can reduce its contributions to global warming, making it easier to live with extreme weather phenomena in the future, as it does now with seismic activity. It could have been better prepared to face the awful menu of disasters, summer 2023 had the forces of integration within Greek Society has been stronger for change and development. Earlier this year, I asked for support regarding the holding of the 14th Dialectical Symposium, where we planned to examine and possibly propose the scientific revolution of Hellenism, the creation of a philosophical platform to monitor the development of artificial intelligence, with the aim of circumventing its abuse.

The World Philosophical Forum is dedicated to the restoration of philosophy and, as a consistent entity, is alive and functional in these times of global crisis while remaining optimistic for a butterfly effect as a result of its 14th dialectical symposium while despairingly dreading its extinction! It keeps faith in the past UN initiative, Civic Education First, a brave and reasonable action in 2012–13 that placed citizenry higher than literacy and numeracy, as well as a new vision to shape the future through global education that emphasizes solidarity, respect, responsibility, and the promotion of global citizenship. Once, just once, if only fleetingly, philosophy seemed well-supported and well-placed on the map of the international community. Today, the World Philosophical Forum makes a determined effort to restore it to its rightful universal position. Does anybody hear? Does anyone care?

Meanwhile, the situation around Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine remains precarious impacted by military activity and knock-on effects from damage to the Kakhovka dam which can also result in serious radiological consequences. Life around Chernobyl and Fukushima spell poverty its residents. Fortunately, the beautiful butterfly is demonstrating resilience and making a comeback.

PS. After listening to an opera on the life of Nikolas Tesla I came away with an image of him as a global citizen, a Good Samaritan helpful to his fellow passengers and an adventurer in new worlds. 2023 and 80 years after his death, it is the Tesla Year in Serbia the World Philosophical Forum, Athens is adding a Tesla Session to its 14th Dialectical Forum and will promote the establishment of an International Committee and the International Nikola Tesla Prize. Tesla with his fluent imagination made important discoveries and entertained puzzling ideas. While fossil fuels were the source of energy, Tesla was thinking about renewable energy sources and the thinking camera and the information in brain waves. His gaze was on the future for which he worked but towards his end seems to have written all these years that I had spent in the service of mankind brought me nothing but insults and humiliation. He saw man as craving new sensations to which he soon became indifferent. Tesla's legacy was not only in scientific circles but also in arts, culture and humanities as well and over all, to the Serbian people. The crossover from Nikola Tesla and the World Philosophical Forum is philosophy. He looked to the future to better it. The Forum hopes to help save it. It is a dream not to be deferred.