President Kennedy said that every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when it may no longer be habitable, while Vaclav Havel told the US Congress that mankind runs the risk of an earth-shattering moment triggered by man’s genius.

Much of everything goes wrong in our world. Disharmony, ugliness, quagmire, injustice, destruction, despair, and death Political turmoil and global instability, with incredible and surprising violence even in France, a country that has taught civilization so much: "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité," Useful neutrality is discarded in geopolitical gamesmanship, with "no" becoming "yes" and vice versa, while in between are drama and kickbacks with no cost to the giver of presents, false flags, and friendly fire. And yet, there is hope. It goes by the name of philosophy.

Without philosophy, the more we know, the less we understand. The trajectory of philosophy, though, reveals a big beware, for like love and religion, philosophy, having taken off with promise, can be taken over by the powerful, changed with their goals twisted and functions reshaped. Goodnight Socrates. The Greek political world pays only lip service to the revival of classical philosophy. Just think: an investment in philosophy will cost less than a Rafale or an F-35 wingtip and provide protection from the dangers that lurk in the minds of men.

In these days of instant or suddenly found know-how, the new elite has no idea of the Socratic maxim: "What I know is that I know nothing," but with a posture based on myopia and hubris. Bitter spirit, cantankerous opinions within leadership, a constant and disruptive ringing in the ears, worry, can we put the pointed finger down? The anti-Christian Kazantzakis, who, to the dolts, said: "Ask the almond tree, what is God, and the almond tree will bloom!" And Einstein, who came to the defense of Marie Curie enraged by the manner in which the public concerned itself with her, obsequiously lavished respect or with a lust for sensationalism! His advice; if the rabble continues its distasteful course, simply don't read their hogwash; leave it to the reptiles for which it has been fabricated. History tells us that the well-heeled elite will always sidestep the nastiness of crises until they can't, or fiddle while Rome burns. In Amsterdam and elsewhere, the now-silent Night Watchman or the community Bell Ringer would herald that all is well with the world.

In related hate speech, European extremist politicians continue to target the world's Muslims for all sorts of "terrorism" and criminality. Extremist ideology promoted by Europe's right and far-right politicians is pushing, openly and surreptitiously, for the suppression of many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established in the worldwide adopted 2030 Agenda under the principle: "Leave no one behind." But too many have been left behind, and many more will follow.

Erudite scripts, brilliantly clever, have been created with different designs and plots, some destructive and some beneficial. But overall, I'm not sure where we are heading, if we are moving at all, or if anything written moves anyone. My thoughts are a mix of optimism and pessimism. There are no tears, just reptilian tears; there is no meaningful movement; there are only campaigns and battles on the battlefield. Am I becoming my digitized self? The elites may know much more and keep quiet. The sounds of music and the flame of freedom are muted, silent, and turned low. State-sanctioned violence, human trafficking, modern slavery, and drug dealing are on the rise. Armaments are being produced rapidly, treaties are scrapped without much thought, and war continues.

Can we resurrect philosophy? Do we have the tools and determination to support it? Does anyone listen to our concerns and support such efforts? While I maintain my optimism and hold on to hope, the likelihood of success seems low.

The world goes on, safety nets fall, and health safety shields fail. Gravity still pulls, day follows night, some gather lilacs, elections are held, and choices are made. Inequality persists, security is not guaranteed, education is a closed book, and health is a private matter. Students graduate, and parents are proud of their achievements. People still go to the cinema, theater, and museums. Oscars are given, we chat with family and friends, we make up after disagreements, and we still enjoy our simple pleasures like drinking wine. We wake up every day until we can't. We have breakfast or not, drink juice, tea, or coffee, or not. We go to work, or maybe not. We gaze at the stars, waiting for something to happen, or we don't. We hum a tune and tap our feet, expecting change or not, and we wait.

We keep writing, but it feels like the wrong script, and still we wait. It is what it is until it isn't, whatever that may be. And maybe, just maybe, we'll live happily ever after, back to a new golden age or a great reset, having nothing and being happy.

Every place and time have witnessed disturbing images worthy of a memorial museum, like the one in Viannos, on the south coast of Crete. There, a small Holocaust Museum and a memorial church stand, adorned with hundreds of candlesticks hanging from the ceiling, each symbolizing the life and memory of citizens massacred by German troops. Sadly, no compensation has been received, and recognizing mistakes can take a long time. Unsung heroes exist in every place.

Every state holds the power to silence, erase, victimize, and kill, as evident in the imprisonment of individuals like Julian Assange in London, awaiting extradition to the US, Navalny in Russia, and Kavala in Turkey, among many others. We wait for change, or we don't. Again, we write, but it feels like the wrong script, and we continue to wait. The way to peace and a peaceful existence is challenging.

Amidst hamburgers, chocolates, moonlight, roses, and song and dance, there's also the modern world of Tic-tac, TikTok, Threads, Twitter tweets, and twits. The neural architecture of decision-making and the rise of social dementia may not matter anymore. Don't worry, be happy; it is what it is until it is not. The existence of astrology as a political strategy and astronomy as a science leading some to the stars may not matter either. The West has AI, and the East has a Nooscope, both victims of misappropriation and embezzlement. Social dementia has engulfed us, weakening the neural correlate of altruism in the human brain and crumbling the neural correlate of what constitutes a humanitarian catastrophe.

Cock Robin is no longer; the pipeline has spilled its contents. Black gold also feeds fish, adding to radioactivity, and a busted dam's water floods the land, flushing out landmines for local consumption. A reactor awaits its fate, and the role of cluster bombs calls for brutal action. If what is to come is not already present, why should we care? It is not going to scale if the thermal balance of billions of people is outside the biological window of life. Why think about the downside of the health of the population, which is supported by pharmaceuticals, if they keep the heart ticking and pulsing today? Immigration is useful for the development of aging societies with the demonstrated power to bring down the government, so what if inequality, poverty, and oppression are to blame? If what is coming comes in years, why should it concern us now? If it comes years from now or tomorrow, who cares? Why should we care today about what might come tomorrow or years from now? It is what it is, and it will forever be so. On the right, and justice? Never on the left with hope! To the right, never to the left, is or is not right. Get thee behind me, Satan; behind me, I have thee, Satan! Back to my script: a chance to dream, our destiny "To be or not to be" is no longer the question. What, then, is the question? What should the question be? There is little time to answer or to reshape the future. Does it matter? ... BOOM!

What if nuclear war is in the head? BOOM! Of course it matters in many different ways. Of course nuclear war is in the head and we have the responsibility to take it out! Charon, the given name to heat waves of 2023 and alias the mythological ferryman carrying dead souls to the underworld are all in the head. BOOM , DOOM and Beauty are all in the head. Peace is in the head of the beholder.