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Raffaele Quattrone

Raffaele Quattrone (Foggia, 1974), sociologist and contemporary art curator, lives and works in Bologna (Italy). He is President of the regional department of the National Sociologist Association (Associazione Nazionale Sociologi) and chief curator at fondazionecmm in Rome.

Graduated in Sociology he specialized in Sociology of Culture at the University of Florence where he focused his attention on the relationships between the cultural field and the power in our contemporary society dedicating a special attention to the studies of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. His academic studies and researches were published in his first book Modernità e campo dell’arte. Per una sociologia critica dell’arte contemporanea italiana (Modernity and art field. Toward a critical sociology of the Italian Contemporary Art) and were the starting point for the column Modernity and Art Field he has been writing since 2010 for the International art magazine EQUIPéCO and the cooperation with the Wall Street International Magazine.

The attention for the studies and researches in the contemporary art field is always a peculiarity of his approach as showed by his latest book* IN ITINERE. Arte contemporanea in trasformazione* (IN ITINERE. Contemporary art in transformation) published in 2014 by Equipèco Edizioni with two important contributions: a text written by the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto and a conversation with the Chinese artist Wang Qingsong.

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