As stated by Vogue Italia, Arab Fashion Week is the only fashion week that promotes prêt-à-porter and pre-collections on the same catwalk. Founded in 2015 by Mario Boselli, President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion, former organizer of the Milan Fashion Week, it is considered one of the main five weeks of international fashion and the main door to the fashion industry in the Arab world. It is a booming industrial sector with a real availability of capital. Jacob Abrian, the twenty-five year-old ceo of the Chamber of Fashion which includes the 22 Arab League countries, said that up to 2019 Arab spending for fashion is 390 billion dollars and Italian fashion is always the preferred choice.

In this important context Simone Racioppo presented the "Dubai 2018" collection in May and is now preparing to face London Fashion Week declaring to our microphones: "it's a very intense period but with great satisfactions! After the Arab Fashion Week we are finishing the last details for the Rome Fashion Week and then there will be the Fashion Week in London in February 2019. I'm taking a tour of Fashion Weeks that opens me to new dreams to realize and new emotions, those emotions that make me feel alive ... With me always my staff at the now established and tested: Lina di Rito, my manager and Antonio Bucci, the business manager. There is also Denise Miulli, young and talented make-up artist with whom there is a great relationship of mutual esteem that leads us to plan and realize events together. Great professionals but also wonderful people with whom it is always a great pleasure to work. Great goals, however, that always have so many, many sacrifices at the base. I would also like to thank Doriana Roio, fashion designer and manager with whom I have shared important projects.”

London Fashion Week is a great media and commercial event that annually attracts over 5,000 journalists and professionals in the sector as well as a turnover of over 40 million pounds. Let's not forget that in 2010 it was the first completely digitized world event allowing all participating stylists to broadcast their shows live on the internet. You know: when you run towards important and ambitious projects like this you must also find the right partners who know how to run with you thus creating a winning team. And so, in these new projects, Racioppo has created a winning synergy with the make-up artist Denise Miulli, born in Turin but in Abruzzo by adoption. It is with her that they try to enhance the personality and sensibility of the women who wear those creations, thus pulling out the extraordinary that there is in every woman.

An important commitment, therefore, in enhancing young talents like Denise Miulli who can make a significant contribution in renewing the trends of a sector that constantly needs new ideas and influences. Waiting to participate in this important event Simone Racioppo is planning a series of events dedicated to the memory of Francesco Sagnelli, a young and talented Italian designer who died in a traffic accident last July. An event that then goes beyond the glamor that usually connotes the fashion world by placing solidarity and respect for a colleague who no longer exists and whose talent and merits are to be remembered. Fashion is not always frivolous as we are often used to thinking but also relationships and art. Let's remember Roberto Cavalli who said: "one often falls into the error of considering fashion as something too frivolous and superficial rather than an art form. Yet it has nothing to envy other disciplines. In a collection we mix colors, ideas, dreams, projections, emotions, like a film, a music or a painting. If we want to exaggerate even an evening dress has its own architecture.”