One of the first things we think about when we talk about fashion is change, metamorphosis, transformation. Fashion changes every season. Fashion does not want us to be affectionate to a garment, to a particular moment. Fashion always wants us to be different, "frivolous", fickle, light. Sometimes secure almost aggressive, sometimes frail almost dull. Sometimes sophisticated, sometimes at your fingertips. In other words fashion tickles our continuous change, our "freedom", our being in a way but also otherwise. The fashion does not conceive us tireless travelers, indefensible experimenter.

Whenever I see the clothes made by Simone Racioppo or to talk to him about his collections, his ideas, his vision of the world and the fashion world one of the first things I think is that those dresses are intruded emotions, dreams, hopes. Truly, because to be born in Miglianico in Abruzzo by a humble and united family with the passion for fashion, venturing out with so many dreams and hopes in the fashion world, which is still not easy, and getting to create costumes and jewelry appreciated by artists such as Morgan, Laura Pausini, the group Il Volo is not an easy feat. Not to mention the actors who wore his creations at film festivals in Venice, Rome, Naples, television shows and events such as Runway Model Italy by Giancarlo Presutto or the exhibition of his jewelry at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris a few years ago.

Maybe when we wear suits produced by big multinationals with those terrible stories of exploitation of child labor behind, despite the beauty of the clothes, we are not entirely proud, if aware, to wear the emotions behind those sad stories. A dress should fill us with positive emotions, projecting us towards a future which we want to open and not to close. A better future we want and we can build. As Simone Racioppo said in an earlier interview for WSI: "but in the end it is up to us to decide what we want to let live as a positive thing and what we choose to lose. We have the responsibility to defend our emotions, sensitivity and desires, because they are something invaluable."

So I believe that fashion, especially when it is the result of patient teamwork between skilled craftsmen and innovative designers, is able to create clothes that are like artworks, filled with emotions, dreams, memories, sensations ... Simone Racioppo's fashion is art, an art with a mind that looks to the future and the heart faithful to tradition, in search of quality. A traditional and progressive, sophisticated and all-round art, a dreamy art with well-ground feet. It is an art that well represents us, with our weaknesses and our willpower, with our backsight and our willing to move on. Racioppo sews the opposites, recovers our tears, supports our dreams.

Today, Simone Racioppo is ready for a new bet looking to Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East thanks to its Lebanese manager Walid Abdo by which he is entering the Arab and Persian Gulf markets. "A new challenge" as says Simone Racioppo "always made with the heart because there is no beauty without emotions and without dreams."