Art and fashion have always been an important and mutually constructive combination. We find an excellent example in the artistic research of Attilio Carota who since 2013 is present in the sector with its brand attilio.carota design. "His artistic research is shown through different languages ranging from those of body to costume through painting and visual arts, often related to the creation of installations and performances.”

In this way Attilio Carota creates new styles drawing on different historical periods and different cultures, combining different colors, daring different combinations, experimenting with new languages. In balance between tradition and modernity each collection has a dreamlike essence, a reactionary but reassuring spirit, a new form that allows us to see our everyday life with different eyes. Always different. Always curious. Because being curious to know and experience is the fulcrum of our existence. We find an evident trace of this in the women's Fall / Winter 2017/2018 collection. "The silent warmth of deserts of Africa, the mysterious charm of the mosques and oriental temples, the rich colors and fabrics of the souks of Marrakech: the Fall / Winter 2017/2018 collection of the brand attilio.carota design is the story of a sensual and elusive beauty unearthed in the furtive looks of a modern Sherazade.”

An important, interesting collection where the quality of Italian tailoring meets the charm of the cultures of the peoples of the Mediterranean. An experiential journey through the myths and legends that speak of queens, princesses, gipsies but also concubines. "The long dresses come down soft on the hips like the clothes of the gypsy nomads: the impalpable chiffon and the organs in the shades of green oil, sugar paper and platinum, the silks painted with the nuances of the pictorial technique of trompe l'oeil, the skirts in tulle and piqué with extreme transparencies, daring bodices in leather and precious embroideries in lace, pearls and crystals are combined with unstructured oversize blazers and chiselled boleros ".

Another talented Italian designer to follow with care and interest because in those clothes, in those colors, in those combinations there is the essence and the future of our humanity.