Dr. Shahzad Waseem

Born on 26th August, 1972 in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad , Dr. Shahzad Waseem had to move to Lahore, another famous city of Pakistan because of the job of his father.

He completed his early learning in Lahore till matriculation. Fortunately, his mother was also an eminent teacher, so he got special attention from his mother in his studies. Being the only son, her mother's full focus was on his studies. Because of this extraordinary support and willingness of learning from Dr. At Shahzad's end, he passed MBBS in 1996.

After becoming a medical doctor, on the advice of his parents, teachers and because of his own will, decided to go for higher studies In medical field. So he started his career as a doctor in op (Eye diseases) in a famous hospital in Pakistan. He completed his fellowship in ophthalmology, the highest medical degree in Pakistan which is recognised worldwide. He continued his career In a medical school as an eye surgeon and a medical teacher from 2007 to date. He made his own private clinic in Islamabad, after the name of his late parents, called "Shamshad Waseem Eye Clinic & Teaching Institute". He still works in his hospital.

Looking on other aspects of the life of Dr. Shahzad Waseem, since childhood, because of his creative and curious mind, besides studies, he started learning new things & skills as his hobbies. Being a learner from early childhood, he had developed a taste for reading books on various topics. Besides reading, he also started writing his mind on various topics and his writings used to get published in various magazines.

He inherited the taste of music & poetry from his parents as both were highly educated. He started taking classes on music. By the age of 18, he became comfortable playing the keyboard and Flute, his favourite instruments. Later, he learned perhaps the most difficult musical instrument, called violin, to fulfil the requirements of his soul.

Till the age of 51, he has travelled a lot. Being a computer learner, his curiosity helped me land on a planet of technology. He used to host webinars on various topics from. All over the world. He has many articles published in the esteemed national & International journal which are indexed in HEC, higher education commission, Pakistan. He has been writing research articles and innovations in ophthalmology and a couple of articles on spirituality and self help. He is also an author of more than 19 books, which can be searched on Amazon, the company who has published his ebooks.

On a lighter note, his relatives, friends and patients, say that Dr. Shahzad Waseem is a very humble and flexible person. Not only on his profession, but in all the domains, he always has something new and innovative about everything which makes him an interesting person to meet with. His sense of humour suddenly dissolves the heated conversations into charming talks.

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