Since the birth of humans, their instinctive nature has been to move to a place where basic necessities of life were available like water and food. It still holds true in the 21st century. If you go back in time and see the wars which have been fought in the past. Besides all the superficial reasons, the basic reason is still the fear of losing enough money as money is the single most thing which is must to have for not only nations, but individuals also to survive.

With the advancement of technology in the 18th to 20th centuries, and then, technology took a rocket speed in the 21st century where modalities of warfare have changed. Many things have become obsolete and many new norms have replaced the previous ones. We now rely on technology that was once unthinkable to the generations that came before us. The basic instinct to survive has taken a new interesting dimension. Our original wants and needs have transformed to meet the requirements of the modern world. Not to mention, fear demands control and power so that the economy (money) can be held in hand. The nations have entered into an era of dangerous and humanely uncontrollable race of gaining the so called economic stability.

The shift of power and money is a design of nature. But, we can't learn from history, because this is an era of so-called technology. Some people call it an illusion. Think tanks of the world, however, feel that latest innovations can give them full control which they were lacking in the past. Only time will tell, but there is no doubt that the internet and mobile phones have changed the world forever, yet not to forget, the basic fear is still the driving force. The unthinkable are becoming realities.

I leave it to my readers to decide how advanced we have become because of our basic needs. On the one hand you are reading this article online on mobile, tablet or laptop etc. without any wire with a single touch. Whereas on the other hand humans have not been able to find the cure of simple blood pressure and diabetes.

Most of the diseases are only symptomatically managed, not treated. Our forefathers were controlling these diseases with the same methods, like herbs. And we are using purified herbs. How funny? No doubt, medicine has seen many breakthroughs, yet it can transplant the organs, but cannot make the organs. Though making and cloning of organs trials have been successful, they were produced from the cells which were already present. Man has yet not produced any living cell himself.

Anyways, coming back to the lust of power and money, it's not surprising for a human mind now to think to become immortal. And a huge amount of money is being used by nations to overcome death, the ultimate fear of humanity. Have you noted, to become immortal, what is the driving force? Yes, it's again fear. And this time, the fear of death. Fear of losing power. And the fear of losing money. In my humble opinion, humanity has now entered into a red zone.

Because we have no choice but to come back to a humble lifestyle. Man created science and science doesn't accept God. But if you study major religions, most of them accept science. And where mankind has reached, is already mentioned in these very old holy books interestingly. Now it depends on each reader's mindset what he will call the present day human. Highly intellectual, knowledgeable and innovative or just a toy who is being played in the hands of the creator.