Dear readers, the world is not changing but it has changed forever, and it's continuously changing. The future belongs not to chat GPT, but it belongs to the one who knows how to use it. With the emergence of online work as probably a better option of work, if not right now, may be in the future. And simultaneously artificial intelligence has emerged.

In the past, after a robbery, police used to run after and with the help of CCTV cameras and manpower and bad people usually were behind the bars. Similarly, any type of misconduct has been handed with physical forces and various traditional instruments.

What now, and after a few years? Almost all the things are online. From highly sensitive things like nuclear weapons research centres and manufacturers which by one touch can blast an atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb, military and civil aviation, banks all over the world to the lower levels like universities in all domains and even the end user, a simple person like you me. We all are connected to a world wide web (www).

Scammers and hackers may be smarter than the creators. In the past, when technology was not so advanced, we have seen many breeches in the world's top countries who take care of every half mm.

Having known this thing, it's obvious now that as we all are online, so are Scammers & hackers. How artificial intelligence is used and what shape it takes in the future is premature to say.

In this scenario, how safe is a common man's bank account where he has his lifetime money. He relies on his bank. And banks have to hire many more cybersecurity personnel. And the chain goes from a small branch of the bank to the state bank of every country and then it's further connectivity with International banks, stock exchanges and investors. Anyone in the chain will take personal responsibility or some one main authority will take the responsibility.

Similarly, in the national defence of different countries there will be a chain which will meet internationally to a single point. A small breach in this long chain like human DNA can do unimaginable damages to the institution. What's the solution? The highly skilled cybersecurity personnel in more numbers. Scammers and hackers will automatically learn more things. So, it will be a vicious cycle. The sense of security and insecurity, both will be high alert. Scammers have far less to lose.

At the most the scammer will fail, he loses nothing. Unlike physical lives, he can easily conceal his identity. And cybersecurity workers will be working 24/7 both humans and bots to protect the work wide web.

Personally, at this stage, the future picture of the world in this context is unimaginable for me.

There could be many suggestions to overcome this issue. Some may involve taking steps and decisions at higher levels well before time. Maybe we had to break the chain of the world wide web. The hardest thing to do as we will have to pay a lot, but not that much what hackers can take away. Intra net working place should be encouraged, maybe. Maybe we have to step back from online things to physical modalities, especially atomic, banking and stock exchange, maybe partially.

Since the birth of humans, scamming has been one of the natural things placed by nature in man. Though with advancement of human knowledge and skills, he has been trying to make Ethics and laws for the development of a civilized society. But at the same time, humans are not capable of getting 100 percent results in this law enforcement as devil forces are always in action.

In concluding this article, I hope my readers are well aware of the cyber threats and what measures they can try at personal levels at this point of time.