For the last couple of years, especially after the covid pandemic, online work and earnings have evolved perhaps one of the most attractive industries.

New thoughts and guidelines are being made with a new terminology called the hybrid work, a very lucrative and attractive work pattern, which has the ability to affect most of the people towards this new working style. Yes, welcome to the era of work from home.

Working from home, itself, is a very addictive term. It means you are now free from a compulsive 5 to 9 job to earn money for your living. You are being introduced to a new work plan. Be at rest at your home. As the internet is very cheaply available even in the poorest countries.

Having some degree of in-campus learning like a simple BA degree graduation, you come to know that even with little or no skills, you can earn thousands of dollars by doing simple things. You feel you are a very eligible person for almost any job offered online.

Keeping these facts in mind, we try to explore the real outcome of online earnings. Jobs like, content writing, making videos, marketing on social media, affiliate programs, cryptocurrencies, making sketches, teaching, learning and so and so one. It's a never ending list.

I have personally been a big advocate of this work pattern. By profession, I am an eye specialist, and I don't have much workload and I don't need much money as I am a contented person by default.

For the sake of enjoyment and some real money, I tried almost all the things online which I mentioned above. I used many major and legitimate platforms. I offered my skills of being an eye teacher, online consultation, and many other things which I could offer.

I experienced that I am in a trap of easy money. I did earn some money from eBooks and other online affairs. But, soon I realized that in the presence of platforms like google, YouTube etc, the requirement of online workers is much lower.

With the advent of the chatgpt, why should anyone give you huge money, when he or his company can make all the tasks done to perfection.

A couple of months back, Hollywood went on strike when they realized the power of computers and chat. The protest was against chatgpt, which cannot be justified. If someone is fearing from new technologies like chatgpt etc. should come up with something better than it instead of demanding to ban it or restrict it.

What I foresee regarding Hollywood is that the time is not that far. A single intelligent person will be able to make the best of the best Hollywood movies just by using different aspects of the generative artificial intelligence. There will be a ready script. No need to waste money to go to different locations to shoot. As all will be generated with Ai. No real humans will be needed for casting, as characters of your choice will be generated and may be by a single command, verbal or a text prompt, all the work will be done.

It's just the tip of an iceberg. Things will be very handy. Where 100 online workers were once needed , only one person may be enough to do all the stuff. Like in the past, after the invention of the wheel, the first major breakthrough man achieved, is still the basics of the world's latest cars and planes.

Similarly chatgpt could be a second wheel, which may enhance the inventions with the rocket speed.

In concluding remarks, I want to stress upon the younger generation to stick to their studies, attain the highest skills. Instead of being feared by Ai or being played in its hands, you must have some solid skills in your own hands. And online earnings, which are already low as opposed to what is shown to us by the people behind the scenes, the coming days may be even harder for online money seekers.

Lastly, never forget the time tested phrase that there is no short cut to success. Please write in comments what you people think of the facts and fictions I have pointed out in this article.