In any industry, we often need some services for which we have to find an appropriate person, an individual who is not present in our organization. So we usually take the help of a person who can do that task without hiring them. We usually call them a freelancer. Freelancers have been very useful in writing content for various blogs, making small video projects, executing many computer-related tasks, and whatnot. But the world is changing. Social media is perhaps the single most important entity that has changed people's minds. It has taught us that each one of us can earn money from the comfort of our home. So, the amount of freelancers has increased and buyers are fewer. However, this percentage is changing at rocket speed.

Most of the resources required are already available freely on the internet on various platforms. Artificial Intelligence such as Chat GPT has further decreased the requirement of freelancers. Most of the freelancers who were doing well are now struggling. They struggle for jobs until the said jobs are very specialized, very unique, and demand a lot of knowledge. Many jobs with simple requirements like transcription, voice-over, and many others are replaced by apps. There is a possibility that the Artificial Intelligence that we are witnessing is just the tip of the iceberg. Only time determines the shape it takes in the future.

Artificial intelligence is, after all, artificial. And at this time it seems unimaginable that it will take control over human intelligence. But we are witnessing the unimaginable becoming real. The wars in the world, the global decline in the economy, and rapidly changing challenging technologies in the field of computers are reshaping the world. Unimaginable warfare, which had only been seen in movies, is becoming a reality. Famous movies like Star Trek and certain time travel movies are about to assume the form of reality as holographic presence has already been achieved.

Only time will decide the requirements of each skill in the coming days. And, unlike in the past when technology was changing slowly, the opposite will happen in the future. Everyone has to be vigilant enough to adapt to changing requirements on an almost daily basis. The most competitive jobs may become even more competitive.

Universal rules do not change. There is no substitute for hard work, same as there is no substitute for physical activity. Since our birth, not a single thing has changed the way it has been working for years in our bodies.

I, therefore, stress upon the younger generation to be aware of this trap of easy money which is being offered by many platforms.

They must go to universities that offer training to become medical doctors, various kinds of engineers, and skills one can use offline to earn a living. These days, any of us may need to unlearn many things before we can start learning new skills because of an easy lifestyle sustained by the touch of a finger. With an easy lifestyle, when we get stuck somewhere, we get irritated- albeit unconsciously- about why our commands cannot be obeyed right away. Even a slow internet connection or a hung cell phone for just a few moments is not acceptable to us.

We have become hyper-vigilant, obsessively enthusiastic, and very impatient. Each of us must be thoroughly aware of how the changed world has affected us. We must connect with Mother Nature to prevent ourselves from unforeseen calamities. Last, but not the least, each one of us must draw a line between technology and conventional lifestyle. And individually, each one of us must decide how much help we should take from technology and how much physical exertion is needed to strike that balance.