Chelsea  Wunneburger
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Chelsea Wunneburger

Chelsea Wunneburger has a book full of experiences to share with the world. She has been three-quarters of the way around the world, lived in six countries and is an expert on life overseas. During the last eight years, she has travelled to thirty-six countries.

She speaks English, Spanish and some German. Chelsea is a learner for life and likes to know more about languages, other cultures and the world. At the moment, Berlin is home for her.

Chelsea’s dream of world travel started at five years old. She spent her childhood looking at National Geographic magazines and dreaming of far-off lands like Japan, Italy and Egypt. All she wanted was to get out of Texas and see the world. Chelsea spent many hours enjoying a world atlas her grandmother Betty gave her. Her grandmother’s travels and the world atlas made Chelsea want to travel internationally. It was Chelsea's goal to explore.

In graduate school, she travelled overseas to Ireland. The chance forever changed her path and made her want to live abroad. Chelsea picked the less popular route to achieve her childhood dream of seeing the world.

Chelsea finished graduate school in 2013 and was not pleased with her life in America. She was seeking ways to get back overseas to live the life she wanted badly.

In 2014, Chelsea moved to Madrid to help teach English to Spanish students in different schools in the Madrid area. In the summer of 2017, she lived in Prague. She was in Madrid for four and a half years and then in 2018 she moved to Seoul. In Korea, Chelsea worked in a private school in the suburbs of Seoul. She finally left Seoul in August 2022 to start a new life in Berlin as a writer.

Chelsea has work published by IamExpat DE, ELTABB (English Language Teachers' Association Berlin-Brandenburg), Germany Career Coach Blog, My Life in Germany Blog, TechLabs Berlin and VIPKID Ltd. She focuses on topics like travel, emigrating to new countries, expat life, women living overseas, lifestyle, NGOs, wellness, and education. Sharing her life experiences is something she does, so she can teach and inform others about life abroad.

She studied at Texas State University and got a BA in English and an MA in Technical Communications. She is a writer and educator.

In her free time, she likes to go scuba diving, speak in Spanish or German with others, cook, travel, blog, weightlift, paint, visit coffee shops and explore Berlin.

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