A note to those wanting to lose weight. Before you read this article, please see a medical professional or nutritionist for weight loss advice. These ideas are just thoughts I experienced as I lost weight. If you want to diet or change anything, get professional help. I wish you the best.

These were my common thoughts through the first half of my weight loss journey. At moments, I look back at these ideas I had welcomed once in my head and go into a state of disbelief.

Less food equals weight loss: not the key for muscle gain

Yes, this works if your goal is to lose weight. This will not work if you are trying to gain muscle. I have struggled for most of the last year trying to get myself out of the little food/ calorie food club. It has been a hard battle, but I think my muscle gains speak for me. I am eating enough to support my body and keep myself going.

The scale is the tell all sign: there are so many other ways!

I have hated the scale forever because of what it has done to my mind and thought process toward health, weight and body image. The scale is an excellent tool for the doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer to help them figure out where a client is with their health and goals. There was a time in 2019 when I would weigh myself everyday 2nd thing in the morning. I do not jump on the scale every morning like this anymore. I weigh myself at the doctor once a month and at the gym every 2 weeks for different reasons. By checking in with my doctor on my weight, I got someone who knows what is going on with me. I use the InBody scale to check my overall body weight breakdown because I am trying to gain muscle for the next part of this journey.

Skinny is goal: I had bad ideas!

Let’s be honest here! Skinny isn’t a goal! You want to be healthy for your height and body frame. Skinny was a hype created by famous people to be the look for others to achieve. As they have rated me in the healthy zone, I know now that skinny isn’t something I want. I want muscle, to be strong, be happy, healthy, live a long life!

Mental health isn’t important: I was wrong!

I would push my mental health to the curb and worry about the outside. As I go deeper into year three, I realise more now that my mental health is just as important as my outer health. I try to care for the mind by getting rest, doing yoga, meditating, caring for myself, listening to myself, and giving myself breaks. Mental health is everything! Keep that on the rocks! Plus, keep in a positive state!

It’s okay to go! go! go!: this is a no! no! no!

We need to have down to rest and chill from the workout sessions. This helps us grow and recover muscle. Plus, it’s a pleasant time to do something else you like to do!

A 6 pack is the goal: there are other goals to reach!

Maybe running a marathon? Hiking the Camino? Doing something that is going to get your butt up and moving. Fitness is something that you must reinvent your why, so you have something to work towards. Think of a goal and go for it.

I hope you don’t fall for the same trap. These thoughts are a waste of time to mess and deal with in life. I hope you will fill your mind with healthy thoughts and ones that won’t waste your time.