I lost 37kg over my journey. The biggest regret I had was not slowing down and enjoying the process. The most important part of health is to be moving and doing something to let you live a long life. The scale should not matter. I spent the first three years worrying about that silly tool. What matters is I am moving and doing something that makes me happy for living a good life. We should all focus on loving ourselves through the process and being kind to our bodies. We are all beautiful and amazing people. Workout to celebrate your body and the fact you can move. Do not do a diet to follow the ideas of society. Do things that make you happy.

Dear Reader,

Sometimes life changes can be hard or scary for us. You are making a fantastic choice today because you want to live a healthy life. You are able to do this. The most important thing is you want to do this. This is your chance to make a major impact on your life. You can turn the tables today and start a new chapter.

I am happy for you to take this step towards living a healthy life. I want you to know this journey will be filled with joyful and strange moments. This path is going to change your complete self mentally and physically. You must commit to your goals and stand by them 100 percent of the time. This journey is the gateway to an alternative lifestyle. A diet is a temporary situation, but a lifestyle change is something long-term.

You must embrace the alternative way and keep to it for long-term success. Please make long- and short-term goals. Make these goals "specific", "measurable", "achievable", "realistic", and set a "time" frame: “SMART”. Have your goals, but don't expect a six-pack by next week. All good things take time to establish.

Always keep the phrase little-by-little in your head. Remember, getting that dream body won't happen overnight. It is the same as learning a new language or stopping an unpleasant habit. Over time, you will know how to use the gym equipment and be confident with training. There is no race to complete, so focus on the now and what you can do to live a better life now.

Please be kind to yourself and take extra care of yourself. By caring for yourself, you are allowing yourself the time to be happier and more mindful. This allows you to connect with yourself. You will grow to appreciate yourself and know more about yourself.

When you feel blue about your journey, remember nothing lasts forever. You will get out of your hole by expressing your feelings and being in touch with your emotions. If you want something badly, you will need to have the drive to stick it out to the end. You will learn you are stronger than you think you are.

Constantly celebrate minor victories, as they are the building blocks to your long-term success. Keep a record of your progress to look back at how far you have come. Do this by keeping weight logs and taking pictures. You will be impressed by the changes you make.

Finally, have a support system to reach out to for advice. If you have support, you can talk to others, get great ideas or work out together. These people will help you out through the good and bad times. You should make sure to have a strong team of people on your side because they will be the ones to pull you through the hard times.

You are about to build a healthier life for the long haul. You can focus on living your best life and becoming the healthiest form of you! I wish you all the luck on your journey. Be strong and believe in yourself! You can do this!