I have been overseas for eight years. During that time, I have lived in Ireland, Spain, the Czech Republic, South Korea and Germany. I have a lot of experience with packing up and setting up. Moving can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. All you need to do is work on planning out your move and having a checklist. Let’s keep it simple and easy.

When moving overseas, one will always have a lot of ideas buzzing in their head. It is important to keep your mind on a course to focus on what matters to achieve the goal. Here are my top tips to think about when you are getting ready to move to a new land.

  1. Money: Create a detailed budget plan and have extra savings in another bank account.
  2. Visa: You need to understand the visa you will need for your move, so your life is less stressful.
  3. COVID-19: You must stay updated on the latest Covid-19 regulations for your new home to know what is going on with the virus.
  4. Housing: You need to plan to book a place for a few weeks and get to know the basic layout of the city. Then, you can house search in person or hire help.
  5. The necessities: You will need to get health insurance, a sim card, a phone plan, bank account all set up for a tranquil life in your new home. Also, you will need to cancel anything in your current place of residence.
  6. Important documents Have important documents on hand: university degrees, medical and dental records, get your latest appointments done before leaving for the new place, get an extra supply of medicines and a doctor's note for travel.
  7. Copies: Keep backups on a cloud account and leave a copy of the documents with a family member back home.
  8. Plan-b: Have a second plan to fall back on in case things do not work out.
  9. Language: Learn the language of your new home. It will make life easier for you with the locals.
  10. Culture: Study the culture, so you know how the locals think and behave.
  11. Network: Join Facebook and Meetup groups to find other expats.
  12. Weather: Know how the weather works there, so you come with the right clothing.
  13. Expat insurance: Get some medical coverage because life happens and you want to be ready for bad days.
  14. Remote work This form of work is a great way to make money and see the world.
  15. Update contact information Tell your banks and other important contacts your new phone and address.
  16. Have an address back home: Use a family member’s or friend’s address back home for the domestic post you might get.
  17. Meetup: This site will help you make new friends in your new home.
  18. Keep your hobbies: Hobbies will give you ground and something familiar to help you adjust to the change in places.
  19. Find a doctor, dentist, and hairstylist: If you find these people, you will be one step closer to calling the new place home.
  20. Book important administrative appointments: If it is possible, book all your important appointments ahead of your arrival. This will help you have less stress.

There are a lot of things to think about before moving overseas. The most important thing is to have a date and a game plan for the move. A big move like this is very possible. You need to get all your ducks together. If you do these tips, you will have less stress with the move. You should keep life simple and fun. Live your life and don't stress about the small things because everything will be alright. So get out there and see the world. Good luck!