This article is not to body shame anybody but show how the idea of wanting to use thin as a fitness goal for women isn't healthy. We all have amazing bodies and should love ourselves fully for who we are as women. We should find healthy goals to live a beautiful life.


We live in an age of nonstop transmission of thin being vogue, but it’s an unattainable reality. Thin should be no one’s fitness aim because it brings negative energy to the wisher. There are many females of different ages who want to lose weight, yet this unhappiness stems from childhood and plagues us into adulthood. It is depressing to see a large amount of the female population not satisfied with their being. The unreal expectations of the goal to be thin will not make us happy, complete or have peace. The goal will simply bring a lot of pain and sadness.

It is a pathway to problems and unhappiness

Women’s bodies aren’t made to be super thin because of our ability to carry children. Our bodies need some fat to be healthy, so most females aren’t capable to be thin. It is risky for females to go below 14% of body fat. If a woman goes super low, she will have issues with her body functions and reproductive health. It is best to stay at a good level of fat for your health and body’s functions. Fat is good for a woman’s body!

There is another layer on this path! Some women look at pictures of very skinny models and aspire to reach the same status. When people put their goals through an unrealistic lens, they can never achieve self happiness. They will look at air-brushed pictures of models and influencers and use these people as an interpretation to label what happiness must be for them. If they keep this measurement, they will forever chase an endless path of unhappiness.

They must discover happiness and look past unrealistic examples to find healthy ways to lead a life of delight. Even if one is thin, there will always be something making life not fun. Body size is not a medium for happiness. Everyone should look at experiences, travel, sleep, a cup of coffee, and a sunset to be things that make us happy. These will bring us more joy!

It is an unfeasible lifestyle to live

To be skinny means one will have to be in a calorie deficit all the time. That approach is not something possible for anybody to uphold for too long because our bodies need food to fuel to function. We need to eat. If we don’t accept who we are, how our genetics work, and the physical things we can do, that image of thin will always be like a ghost haunting us. Instead, focus on giving yourself the proper care and love.

The powerful key is to use your self-image to know your worth because it is more powerful than the number on the scale. In the end, it’s focusing in on how much you love yourself. The tip to take: the more you love yourself, the better you’re feeding yourself and taking care of yourself. It is better to live a happy life full of care, happiness and love. This is more workable for a good lifestyle.

It's a cycle of endless pain

When we look at others or unreal standards, we put ourselves in a game of non-stop pain. The only person we should compare to is ourselves. There is one thing you’re better at than others: being you. This is the only game anybody can win. We all need to remember it is you vs. you!

If you reconstruct your attitude, the world changes and becomes better. You will not focus your status on others but shift towards enhancing yourself. This is a friendly approach to devoting your energy and time. Your life will zoom in on developing a stronger version of yourself. Once this happens, all your power will go towards living your best life and not worrying about what others are doing. You will set yourself free from the trap.

The takeaway is to love yourself for who you are and make goals that make you lead a beautiful life. In life, you should reach out for experiences and not untangle ideas. Next, you should focus on your life and caring for yourself. By following these ideas, you will be living your best life. Being thin is not a goal to want or to try to achieve. You are beautiful!