Pierre H. Lavi
Joined Meer in December 2013
Pierre H. Lavi

Pierre H. Lavi was born in Teheran in 1963. He grew up in Jerusalem, Israel. He served in the Israeli Defense Army as an officer and graduated successfully in International Relations studies at the Hebrew University.

In 1992 he established his first business as an importer and supplier for the Israeli governmental offices and institutions by creating contacts globally.

He is a poet, an author, a photographer, and a publisher (since 2009 he is the owner of Lavi P. Enterprises Ltd. - Publishing House).

He combines his love of photography, writing poetry and prose, and cooking into a successful venture.

He will appreciate if you subscribe his YouTube channel laviph in order to watch his films and will be happy to get your responses.

Pierre H. Lavi is a resident of Jerusalem.

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