Almost a month ago I was participating at the Frankfurt international book fair for the second time. This time around it was much more exciting. I met people, authors, agents and publishers who shared same dreams and ambitions with me - the will to make a change, a global change and a global difference by using words. For me it is not hard to believe that dreams can become reality. A year ago, for example, I met a Croatian author named Zdravko Basaric. Those of you reading my articles are probably able to recall him under the name of Patrick Hughes who wrote the Trilogy "Countdown". Now, after a year we met again and shared the same stand within a mutual project between the two states, Israel and Croatia, in order to promote his books.

I met people from the entire world and discussed with them the idea I had in mind for a long time, to bring them to join my organization named "Authors without Borders". Just think which impact we would have, all of us, when we stand united and spread our words for a better world, much more peaceful and cultural. And I'm not naïve, my friends, words do have enormous impact. Just imagine all of us standing in Stockholm and receiving the Nobel peace prize. Didn’t I inspire you now? Haven’t I given you a good reason to join me?

For me, as an Israeli and Jewish who lives in Jerusalem, seeking for serenity to write books and poems, it's not so hard to appreciate the impact of words and their importance. We should all walk through this path towards a peaceful and cultural world without boundaries.

By dealing with words, I reached out to fascinating authors and publishers from Angola, Brazil, India and more. Suddenly, I realized that we are identical, we are brothers in words and dreams. One day, people from those countries will rise up and take the role of leading the world. Maybe it is their time to move along the well-known super powers and lead all of us to a safe harbour.

I really hope that they will be our colleagues. People, who believe, love and appreciate the written word. So I invite you all to adopt my philosophy which I'm concluding with the following words:

"Words and bullets kill, but I prefer to create good words rather than bullets. Help me create words of peace for all humanity".

Please share this idea with everybody you know and I will be happy to receive your comments through the Wall Street Magazine.

God bless you all.