"We are watching a play which its end is already known", MK Moshe Mizrahi (member of the Knesset - the Israeli parliament) says.

Cmdr. (res.) Mizrahi was the commander of the National Police Unit for Serious and International Crimes and he played major roles in some Israeli and international plays. Retired the police in July 2006, joined the Labor party and was elected to the 19th Knesset in February 2013 where he met few of his "clients", politicians who were under his investigations. Maybe this is the beauty but also the ugly face of the Israeli democracy.
"My lesson is that law enforcement isn't effective and doesn't win. In order to eradicate the crimes and the criminals we need a major change in our administration and politics and a dramatic education process", he adds.

I went to visit him at the Knesset few days ago while all over Israel sirens were forcing most of its population to stay in shelters while the terrorist Palestinian organization "Hamas" was firing more then 2,000 rockets from Gaza to Israel. I asked MK Mizrahi how we should act at the moment against the "Hamas" terrorists. At this moment, he said, we need to act with full power against the "Hamas" but at the same time we need to take advantage of the Arab League peace initiative and force the Palestinians to create their own state. The people in Gaza and even the "Hamas" are considerate as part of this state as well. The problem is that the distress of the Palestinians in Gaza is part of the lever of the "Hamas" who doesn't want any economic development. That we should change and make them understand that terror can't win. And indeed, during the last years "Hamas" built tunnels instead of kindergartens, bought arms in billions of dollars, instead of developing culture or literature.

"Hamas" is part of the Palestinians and I believe that maybe among them there are some who are seeking also to stop the killing; maybe we should focus on them instead on the leaders. Everybody is asking where "Hamas" leaders are at this moment, and the answer is that they are out of Gaza. During his service in the police Mizrahi was tracking after the enormous amounts of money which were transferred to the "Hamas" in Gaza. The money donations were transferred thru charity institutions which established by the "Hamas" with a false intention to donate it to the population, were actually had one purpose - to build a net of tunnels from Gaza into the territory of the State of Israel in order to commit one enormous strategic terrorist attack on civilians, including women and children. This scenario is our own "sum of all fears".

I couldn't avoid recalling my friend's remark, the chief of the Israeli Police, High commissioner Yochanan Danino, who told me that the rockets fired to Israel contain a message, but the right way is to seat and discuss the issues face to face. I agree with him because Israel left Gaza and tried to reach peace with the Palestinians but peace talks can't be done while war is going on. I spent some time with High commissioner Danino while the Palestinian prayer was going on at the Temple Mount in the old city of Jerusalem. Even when a rocket was intercepted over the old city while a group of young Palestinians tried to provoke the police force which was near the Temple in a mission to secure the worshipers, Danino and his police showed restraint in using the force. He told me that this was the police responsibility to make sure that who ever want to worship would be able to do that. Restraint in using force was the key approach of the Israeli police when Palestinians demonstrators tried to provoke riots. Danino's approach to their leaders made them calm the situation. "Now we need another end", claims Mizrahi, and I agree with him. "Look how the Brits ended their ancient conflict in Northern Ireland".

I'm sure that in Gaza there are painters like MK Mizrahi whose paints covering his chambers walls. I promise you that when peace will show in our land I will be the first one to curate a mutual Israeli - Palestinian exhibition. And for you my precious readers please try to read between the lines, we are fighting terrorists, and I'm talking only about the leaders who are pushing the others to kill instead of making peace. One day maybe they change and we will seat with them to make peace. Help us to convey them a message, we just want to live in peace and to let them to live in peace. My opinion is that the Palestinians should seat with us and understand that they should also change the "Hamas" strategy and convince them to stop the killing for ever. No one benefit from bloodshed. Israel passed sixty six years from the day of its creation, we never had even one year of peace. So my message to the Palestinians and to the rest of the world is simple - We and the Palestinians deserve peace.com