Few days ago I had déjà vu. Suddenly I recalled that once everything was quite simple and clear, you could know who the good guys and the bad guys were.

I was invited by the Israeli police to participate at the ceremony for the brave and exceptional policemen, among them a young policewoman, who received decorations from the president of the state of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, minister of public security, Yitzhak Aharonovitz, and the chief of the Israeli police, Commissioner Yohanan Danino.

Those policemen were willing to scarify themselves in order to protect our way of life and enable us to continue to live in a democratic society. Some of them faced actual death and their wife's or parents received their medals instead of them. Some of them were injured, got bullets in their bodies but kept striving to touch neutralizing the terrorists who came to kill innocents' people.

Take for example inspector Yeshurun Tzoran who observed a terrorist with a car loaded with gas canisters and explosives trying to cross a checkpoint on his way to Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel, with a purpose to commit a deadly suicide attack. Tzoran leaned into the car and succeed to turn off the ignition and to drag the suicide terrorist out of the car and overpower him risking his life.

Imagine this car blows in the heart of Jerusalem and the number of casualties. Imagine it was at your cities. Well, I think after what we have faced lately in Australia or Pakistan we can't no longer be sure anywhere. When I read on the newspaper that terror hits Australia as well, I realized that innocence doesn't exist any more in our life and humanity is no longer with us.

I stood in front of those brave policemen and especially that brave young policewoman and applauded like the rest of the audience. They did what they have to do because they were believers. They believed, like me, that life should be different. People should live their life in a peaceful way; making their living and competition in food, culture and sport fields. They should focus on creating families and bringing up good children and not teaching them the way of war. Those policemen are driven by values, respecting the weak and the different and the other, looking forward to live their life on an ordinary fashion, seeking for peace but committed to their job to protect and serve. My Brazilian friend, Dr. Augusto Cury, who's book "The Future of Humanity" will be published soon by us, wrote about the little things we forgot when living our lives such as hugging the trees or talking to flowers, and I'm adding drinking God's tears when rain showers and breathing the mountains fresh air or wrapping with warm hands and securing our infants every day.

We have to deal today with people who consider them selves as great warriors but in fact they are pure terrorists and I can feel only sorrow of their parents who raised them but didn't pay attention to the brain wash they have passed. We have extremists in both parties in the State of Israel and our job is to calm the flames. All parties are looking for humanity so they should give up the path of war.

A policeman has to be the traffic light of the society showing us the right path and not to lose his life protecting us from the brutality of suicide terrorists. This is the meaning of the classic police work. But in Israel the policemen, and especially the special police units of Israel Border Police, became the last line of defense against those who are trying to change the global order. Our job is to convince their activists to put aside their weapons and to join us in creating a peaceful and better world.

I guess that maybe I sound naïve: well I'm not. As long as people would come to hurt my family and my house I will opposed them fighting back, convinced you do the same. But I will keep on spreading my words for peace until they will impact them or as my dear friend, Commissioner Yohanan Danino, summed up his speech: "And their classmates and their spears into pruning shears and shovels".

I wonder when nature shows his brutality and humanity stands in front of a global disaster if then all people unite. If borders no longer exist and color or race or religion wont be matter, sharing the same fear from Armageddon. Now I think you understand why sometimes I miss Charlie, and I mean Checkpoint Charlie, when the world was divided into two and separate sides: good and bad. You could easily see and understand the differences between them and choose who you drink coffee with or spent your life according its rules. Now there's a big mass and terrorists' organizations are trying to disrupt our way of life.

I'm not saying that even the cold war was good for the global order when considering Obama's resolution to end the war against Cuba after so many years meaning that they have recognized their failure to change the Cuban people, but when you have to deal with terror organizations which disrupt the global order and makes anarchy then you miss the romance of the simplicity.