Imagine your kid calling the police from a car and whispering: "I was kidnapped", and then someone with a foreign accent yelling at him and then few automatic shots, and then that someone with another one singing on the blood of your kid in the car which was taking him and two of his friends to their last drive. Imagine, and now tell me what would you prepare to do against those savages?

This event happened almost a month ago in my country but it can happen also everywhere, even in your country. It's happening now in various areas all over the world while innocent children are being butchered by savages on the name of God, usually on the name of his prophet, Muhamad, usually by extreme Moslems. When I hear the tune of the deep hate which pours out of the mouths of the "Hamas" activists or "Daash" activists' I realize how words can influence on bloodshed. As an author and publisher I feel obligate to raise my voice, to sharpen my pencil and to express with my words my disgust of these people.

Stupidity was given by God to Human being in order to prevent using it, especially by leaders. I agree that leaders from both sides, Israelis and Palestinians are making mistakes, but when Palestinians kills with cold blood three innocent young teenagers I know for sure that the words of their leaders push them to pour the fresh blood. And as a parent, probably like most of you, my blood is boiling now and even my heart is demanding revenge.

But I'm not a savage, I just want to live in peace in my country and make all the words lovers in the world friends of mine, Brothers in Words. So my dear readers, you have to agree with me that sometimes even words lover has to convert his pencil to a weapon and attack back, just to keep his family, his people and him alive. Over centuries the Jewish people was under sever danger, attacks, pogroms and passed the worst of all - the Holocaust. We do not have to apologize any more, I repeat, we do not have to apologize any more. I agree that we have Jewish-Israeli's extremists but they are minority, most of us want to live in peace or to make business or deal with culture. Unfortunately, as I'm writing this article my country is under attack, in a state of war. Hundreds of rockets launched from Gaza towards us and thousands of young children who were born to this terrifying and horrible situation are compelled to stay in shelters instead of playing outside in the beginning of the summer vacation.

The majority of the Israeli people want that the rest of the world will use the Jewish-Israeli brain capabilities in high tech, science, agriculture and more. Me, for example, I want you to read my books when it will translate into English. We do not want to fight; we want only to live in peace because we have only one Jewish state. Imagine that Palestinians were living among you, in Australia, in United Kingdom, in Belgium, in Italy, France and Spain, India or even Turkey demanding a state of their own and shouting rockets on you, what would you do in this case?

I will tell you what Syria, Iraq or Iran would do - they would massacre them without blinking their eyes. Actually, this is exactly what is going on today in these countries and the world is doing nothing. I condemn any kind of violence but when its war its war. Please do not judge us. Please do not judge Mrs. Pnina Alon Aizenman who lost her five years old daughter and her mother by an Arab suicide terrorist in the year 2002. Instead of looking for revenge and pay back to those she can't longer stand or live with side by side she simply wrote a book and published it thru my publishing house, trying to find some comfort by the written words even though her world collapsed. We named the book Heart Extraction and indeed she had heart extraction. Even one murder of a Palestinian child, which I condemn with all my heart, can't be equivalent to murders of the thousands of Jewish-Israelis by the Palestinians from the early creation of the state of Israel. You should know that we almost always reacted and not initiated towards the violence which was turned against us. Now maybe it’s the time we should put an end to this situation once and for all.

On June 29, 2014, President elect Rivlin spoke on a solidarity rally for the three kidnapped youths and their families calling upon world leaders and religious leaders: "Do not merely condemn this terrible act, join us in prayer, join us in the biblical call 'Lay not thine hand upon the lad'". But it was to late, they were murdered immediately after they were kidnapped.

Personally I want that the Palestinians will get their own state, but not thru deep, very deep, hate or bloodshed. They must recognize the Jewish-Israeli state and its borders and respect us, and then let them go and build their own country with all their internal problems that they will definitely suffer like any ordinary country. So my dear readers, I'm asking you to sharpen your pencils and to use them as weapons. Please sit and write me back, send me letters that you agree with me that stupidity can bring the world to a world war, especially when its origin is from the Middle East. I promise you that I will take your letters, your words and build a tall wall in order to prevent the next bloodshed.