‘Stay Curious’ by curator Ivy Brown opens at The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights. The exhibition includes artists: Agnes Baillon & Eric de Dormael, Angelica Bergamini, Eileen Braun, Terri Fraser, Samuelle Green, Scott Harbison, Valerie Huhn, Elizabeth Jordan, Megan Klim, Robert Lach, David Mellen, Federica Patera & Andrea Sbra Perego, Judy Rushin- Knopf and Ann Vollum.

Art can surprise you, it can provoke thought, challenge established norms, or contribute to broader conversations about important issues. It could be seen as having a lasting effect, inspiring change, or leaving a meaningful mark on the artistic landscape. Art can go beyond mere aesthetic or expressive value and have a notable impact or influence on the audience, society, or the art world itself.