Fountain House Gallery – the premier venue in New York City representing artists living with mental illness – announces the group exhibition Cityvision. The show will be on view from September 14 through October 25, 2023 at Fountain House Gallery, located at 702 Ninth Avenue in Manhattan.

Cityvision is curated by Joanna Delson. A born and bred New Yorker, Delson is an interior space planner and designer with her own business, Space Management Design. She is also a community activist focused on urban issues. She loves cities and has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Pittsburgh and has traveled to many others. Delson said, “New ‘planned cities’ have been springing up all over the world during the last 25 years.

Old and existing cities must constantly adapt to population growth and decline, climate change, pollution, transportation issues, a lack of or even at times an abundance of resources. The pandemic brought about changes in the way people live and interact in cities. The exhibition Cityvision showcases works that tell a story about what a city is, should be, or can be, whether the city is real, imagined, or anywhere in between. The artworks present aspects of a city from its buildings and its people, to its garbage, its animals, its green spaces or lack thereof.”

Cityvision presents more than 30 works in mediums including ink, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, digital art, and fabric.