Hal Bromm presents Joey Tepedino: Macrocosmic Minds. An exhibit featuring recent paintings by the Pennsylvania-based artist on view in Tribeca from September 21st - December 20th.

I never set out to be an artist, it's just something I always did... Looking back, I think maybe I am an artist.

(Joey Tepedino)

Hailed by critics as an artist who deals in “euphoria,” Joey Tepedino creates a window into the inner workings of his own psyche through the development of a unique visual vocabulary. His work’s simultaneous specificity and chaotic intentionality create macrocosms—vast and multifaceted systems that represent the true complexity of what is seemingly only a small fragment of information. From loud expressions of emotion to simple thoughts and experiences, his wild paintings are able to capture the nuance of what it means to be alive today. In the words of Tepedino himself, his work attempts to “burst through feelings of anxiety” in order to “experience everything all at once." In short, Tepedino’s body of work seeks to explore the complexities of the human experience.

Tepedino is a self-taught artist who has been painting for over a decade. Having received acclaim in several group exhibitions at Hal Bromm Gallery, Tepedino now makes his commercial solo debut in Joey Tepedino: Macrocosmic Minds.

It blows my mind. I was reading Keith Haring's [published] diary a few years ago. I love his stuff and the fact that I'm in the same gallery where Keith Haring had his first show... It's very surreal.

(Joey Tepedino)

As a child, Tepedino often found himself doodling. That habit stayed with him: “I've always drawn all over everything. I used to work at this one place, and I would draw all over the tables”. Those drawings would soon find a new home on canvas, as the artist began to formalize his doodles into larger-scale works. Tepedino began creating the works as a sort of emotional journal, working on canvasses as small as six by four inches. "It's all mood, how I'm feeling... And I keep coming back to it, so it's not like I do it all in one shot... it's me just putting my brain onto the canvas.” There is no origin point and no ending—the work exists as a necessary extension of Joey's own mind, expressing the wild chaos of daily thought.

Joey's works are wild, twisted, and feverish explorations of a bright and fantastical mind. Jagged lines come together to form wild figures whose expressions invite the viewer to consider the complexities of emotion. Tepedino's work shares an authentic part of himself, almost as if the viewer is being let in on a secret. “I started painting just for myself... just throwing myself onto the canvas... putting it all out there”.

The figures in these works are not simply hollow abstractions, they are Tepedino himself— a particular moment in his life captured forever on canvas. The authenticity of his paintings, the result of an unconscious yet necessary emotional declaration, creates a unique interconnectedness among Tepedino’s works. We are all invited to dive into his world and explore for ourselves the macrocosmic work of Joey Tepedino.