Introducing Studiolo Lounge, the first project dedicated to the dialogue between the expressions of design and contemporary and modern art.

Studiolo’s small white cube is transformed into an intimate, almost domestic place, to host a composition of “notes” that have characterized and continue to characterize visual culture from the twentieth century to the present day.

In the space, objects and artworks coexist freely, forming eclectic constellations of precious gems germinating numerous references that symbolically tell us about the richness not only of our contemporaneity but also of our social and cultural history. A dense network of aesthetic echoes emanates from every element in the exhibition, revealing a maze of endless connections within the details, materials and uniqueness of each artwork.

Studiolo Lounge is a project that embraces all kinds of linguistic creativity with no boundaries, leading the viewer to an amplified vision beyond the limits of time or utility.

The clear definition determining that which is design and that which is art fades in face of a counterpoint establishing the bond between curatorial sensitivity and pure visual composition.

To answer Bruno Munari’s question: “Do I want to create a unique product or a serialized product?”, we want to create a new group show which asserts how reality is the result of a universal sensitivity and how a hybrid model has the potentiality to awaken unexpected themes and perceptions.