Are we doomed to keep being perplexed not knowing where we are in the play, what role is assigned to us: loser or winner? Who is Who…? Cui bono…? Until when…? And: to whom can these questions be addressed? Where are our experts, those who know, to tell us the truth? Too many confusions generate a random state of confusionism, so intricate as to become a nightmare experienced in full daylight.

Is there a way out of this mega-confusion, global, worldwide, comprising all peoples, etymologically (people-demos): pan-demic ? Maybe by starting to do some clinical work on the psychology of “our” politics, which is the politics of politicians, not that of those whom they are meant to represent. Those who they represent are taken by surprise, as in the context of this Corona-Covid-19 virus, we suddenly learn that, innocently-ignorantly, “we”, which is, they, are also producing bioweapons anyway, worldwide, without any assurance of an accidental leak not to happen. Now, something happened, and it grew worldwide, globally, into all peoples, pan-demic.

As our televisions flooded us since March with anxiogenic news reporting real and also, as we now know exaggerated numbers of deaths attributed to the Covid-19, we felt that we all, which is you and me, might be part of this, no way to escape. Anxiety day and night. Some countries resorted to an intimidating terminology of “war”, thus opening legal ways of implementing special measures… not far from military coercion. We, as individuals are primarily interested in saving our lives by defending our rights to live, breathe, think freely and speak up. To speak one’s truth, maybe a partial truth - since the full picture is beyond our ken - our partial truth is liable to be immediately dubbed as a conspiracy theory, a kind of thought-crime, supposedly to be deleted at the behest of the public opinion, on the order of the media surveillance claiming to represent universal common sense. The term was coined by the CIA in the late seventies in the wake of multiple attempts at making sense out of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, given the very poor and unconvincing conclusions of the Warren Report. The equally poor official report on 9/11 woke up many individuals searching their own ways to glean knowledge. To call our attempts at making sense out of something that just came upon us out of the blue ‘conspiracy theories’, is tantamount to denigrating our need to understand the context and connect the dots.

With so many contradictory assertions about the constituency and inherent mutability of the Corona Covid-19 by world experts (Nobel prize winners), about the utility or probably health weakening function of the mandatory “mask”, the utility or most possibly toxic quality of the vaccines that, following a major scientific breakthrough, allow hitherto unknown genetic changes in our most personal DNA via messengers coming through the RNA (mRNA!)… - who might be at ease in front of this confusion and feel being in a safe place? Rather, to say the truth: we are lost. Globally. This is the big picture.

Scrutinizing this big picture can indeed be frightening, but may incite us to stand up for our right to live and go beyond the global fear state and fathom a unique Chance in human history, witnessing, as a world community, personally and publicly, the extreme pain and suffering otherwise reserved to mostly far away happening scenes of war, when violence and bloodshed and deaths or maimed bodies plus post-traumatic stress disorders are the rules of the exercise. Wars tend to be elsewhere, now this virus is ubiquitous, among us all. We ourselves may be its experimenters. Here and now we do see and feel the others, we are all next to others, suffering is close, real and acute.

The last word as for the origin of the Coronavirus Covid-19 cannot yet be pronounced, although significant voices have affirmed its createdness. Again, but here repetition is not tedious nor pedantic but mandatory: by way of delegation, "we" are producing, intentionally, biochemical weapons; there are companies and staff and directors out there and auditable budgets to warrant this universally unjustifiable warfare activity totally opposite to what WE want! First things first and hence let us hope that we find the best ways to curb this and future viruses by first not producing them anymore, and secondly no longer produce biological weapons, worldwide, which intentionally (!) are made to kill: them, not us, of course, until they and us become a we: one Humanity at risk!

Contemplating the big picture for a moment, let’s say a short while, in between news and mails and WhatsApps, taking this present moment for real to face this crisis, we might discover that we are just in the midst of what mankind has been experiencing historically, civilizationally from its very beginning, growing up very slowly, as we seem still to be in the kindergarten of human consciousness. As much as we have developed and made progress in so many fields, we are still minors, still underdeveloped humans who are now being pushed into assuming adult responsibility as we are glimpsing the truth of our fundamental togetherness as one Mankind, grounded in a basic oneness underlying our so cherished individual differences.

Emulating in fostering our individual and collective wellbeing, based on rational universally sharable insights, is the alternative to the constant competitive confrontation that has become the rule of a business first mentality. Part of what I mean by Chance is the re-manifestation of our common human nature’s as protoarchaic as a contemporary aspiration for Justice, not mincing words: the idea of Social Justice. We tend to get stuck in a meritocratic understanding of social justice that tends to justify what should not, never be justified. New poverties are in store for our societies. We have to get back to work on what seemingly has already been resolved. The conceptual extremes of capitalism versus socialism should be balanced and redefined as the priorities are upfront, as the Human being, the Universal Human, our personal existence in society is at stake.

Happily and reassuringly this experience of crisis manifests, also, how goodness and humaneness is triggered off, how people go out of their way to help, offer themselves to save lives, the other becoming, again, what he has always been, my other, my neighbor, member like me of the one human Family, as the Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights pithily asserts, because that’s what we all agree on, rationally and emotionally. This time, as we are pushed to…, we do (have to) understand that we are One Humanity at risk, no walls, no gated communities can protect us from other peoples existences and breaths…, we are literally, I mean materially breathing in the same biochemically permeable atmosphere, no man is an island…, and where to escape? There is no escape. Are we doomed to suffer? Is more suffering needed?

As humans, we do have to face physical suffering and health services are there to remedy as much as they now can. There is moral and psychological suffering, mostly avoidable, at least therapeutically reducible to a very large extent, although it tends to have salutary by-effects, also, by waking up in ourselves a deeper perception of what all traditions call the ‘soul’, our deep identity, higher Self (Atman)… The Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev dared write: “I suffer, hence I am”. The experience of suffering connects us with the pains and situations of others and I start seeing the others on the other side as my neighbors, like me, born into this world, vulnerable as I feel myself, when in a hospital where, suddenly, consanguineous solidarity is welling up from the sources of the Human in me as recognized in the others, transforming, and very naturally, the separationist attitudes of my ego into humane caring feelings. Acute evidence flashes into the live consciousness: I want us all to be alive and healthy and happy! Illness thus comes as a health opportunity with a unique message in personal life as on a larger societal plane: time to meditate on “who am I”? Blaise Pascal wrote memorable lines on the paradox of illness’ salutary function (Du bon usage de la maladie) and suffice it to mention that the history of spirituality is replete with examples of radical life-changes when people were suddenly confined to their bed…, as for numerous people today health problems like heart strokes (infarcts) makes them start to reflect and they leave the hospital as different human beings. There comes the unexpected moment: Well, who am I...? Biochemically: multiple stardust... mentally: a mixture of all sorts, a syncretism, emotionally: fine, full or exhausted or sore, spiritually a unique volume of unique loving intentions, realized or yet to be realized... somehow, somewhere...

Other sufferings are to be “offed”, and definitely. Let’s wake up and see that there are types of suffering which are indeed created, and for historians of the history of mankind it tends to take the shape of anonymous suffering, mostly in wars. These individual and collective experiences of suffering have been all over in history, I refer to needless, avoidable, nameless, anonymous suffering as peoples were pitched one against the other, to fight for the greedy desires of their rulers. Wars can be over! We all want them to be over, no question, but ruling forces resist, pushing their self-centered agendas. Ruthlessly. This crisis is waking us up: can we re-empower ourselves, can we retrieve this power over our common destiny that we, somehow: lost? Can Humanity stand up as a whole? Do the interests of our one and only Humanity weigh over the heedlessly uncaring interests of a small minority of almost invisible power players? These have names some of which we all know, though the list must be longer than what is publicly revealed - whilst the main stream media keep us hypnotized, meant to remain powerlessly clueless. Like victims in fear of naming their executioners. Are we at that point already, smiling to them, in full Stockholm syndrome?

Reason congregates us to mandate the halt of needless suffering. It is disconcerting to observe that as much as we want to shun suffering, we hold on to it, we cling to it as if it were our most authentic identity. It is true that we do learn through suffering, but then we need to let it go, give it a never come back “a-dieu”. This talk is not far out there, is not preaching bla-bla; it aims at a holistic systemic reevaluation of our basics, the constituents of our one Humanity. We try to discern the constituency of our conscience with what is opposed to it, unconscionable attitudes and behaviors, incongruent with our common Humanity. Yes, we need to be reorganized as a society and we do need values based on the wisdom traditions of Mankind with their precious insights, to the extent that these insights have passed congruently through the prism of universal human Reason. This crisis calls for change, with an era before and after, which will be ours. A New Era of a New Model for Humanity, instead of a ‘new normal’ based on old fictitious normalcy. The real enemy: men against men… and why so and how long…? Like in our personal lives, we can ask us: who, in me, is running the show… what and whose ideas do I serve… am I free, or subservient, an obedient slave to fake ideals, enslaving myself and with my power and money, exponentially, my fellow humans, partner, family, employees, society?

As never before the global public atmosphere is inhabited by multiple uncertainties and doubts spreading a kind of intellectual darkness over our mental need for light and clarity. Light is the universal metaphor for mankind as needed to identify what shows up, manifests, has the quality of becoming an object for our intellect, a phenomenon (from "phai" as in phenomenology or in phantasy, for inner phenomena). Whatever manifests is meant to be identified with words, enunciated, to become manifest publicly in communication with others. In terms of what has been called “Perennial Philosophy”, truth is the quality of being that makes it be open to the intellect, available for our mind to grasp, to be unhidden and thus not forgotten (a-létheia). Whenever something does not show up, it is either because of its sheer non-existence, or because it is intentionally hidden, or distorted and made unavailable for intellectual sharing and communication. The obscure unenlightened space will then likely be captured by a phantasmagoria, meaning confusing fake material being ventilated, as seemingly apparent, in the public space (phantasma-agora). It so happens that we do have a need to understand, our mind is as truth-directed as a sunflower turns to the sun. All our personal life and our public life is based on seeing, understanding and communicating, getting out of our mental cobwebs, out of the clouds, the fog, to come to clarity. Light enlightens us and opens an enlightened public space. In India all children sing before class: “Asato ma Sat gamaya, tamaso ma Jiotir gamaya… May I go from untruth to Truth and from darkness to Light…”.

When the light of our reason is dimming anything goes… business as usual is filling the screens… as billionaires accrued more billions during this corona crisis, with some of them callously-victoriously starring in the limelight, while the majority of them keeps hiding away, invisible and unvocal… both kinds being conspicuous members of a neoliberal aesthetics of obscenity, in the logic of which any reaction of guts feelings for global social justice is indiscriminately vituperated as "socialist". That’s indeed an unfair play with words. Let's stop being hyperhypocritical and cynic. From history articles we learn that Wall Street refers to a wall that kept the slaves aloof from the "free". It is time to take these walls down. When, what we naturally know to be good and evil is obfuscated and inaccessible to our mental grasp, then we have lost the human quality to "see" the ethical principles that are universal. Who does not see this anymore has become blind to the human, needs therapy, and cure a pathology called, basically, lack of self-knowledge. Distanced from one's own self, humans fall into an infrahuman condition isolating and alienating them. As I cannot see the other as lovable and worth of attention, it is because I do not give due attention to myself, nor do I love and accept myself.

To do some self-therapy, effective and for free… we have to sit with ourselves: any kind of meditation is conducive to our better relationship with ourselves. An un-self-examined life is not a human life, said Socrates and Plato, in complete accordance with the Indian sages, yoga being the determination to stop the uncontrolled incessantly moving activities of our, as they say, monkey mind (“Yogach chitta vritti nirodacha”, Pantanjali, Sutra 1). We should introduce classes of meditation into the school curricula, as mandatory as maths and gymnastics. Give our future generations a better start! What is at stake is the Universal Human in us, to encounter it, perceive it and live from that inner space.

We have walked a long path, got out of some darkness, like for instance slavery, yet do still allow for its widespread existence. Verdrängung, repression, refoulement… - a basic psychoanalytic novelty of the past century still novel - allows us to be just ‘normal’, turning our eyes away…, until we wake up and know we need to integrate! Masters versus slaves cannot guarantee a peaceful collective existence. Insight, values and reason do enlighten us to overcome the need to dominate, individually or collectively, politically, to eliminate this savage need to create suffering, needless, purposeless, unhealthy, toxic suffering. Does that toll a bell? Do you as me and we have not had enough of undeserved, chaotic sufferings, unspeakable, that nobody even listens to or would understand…?

How would be that space where understanding and communication can happen? Who would hear us out, or even hear us at all? Fernando Pessoa, the poet, thought that we cannot live without the supposition of some kind of similarity subsisting between us. Edmund Husserl, the phenomenologist, posited a transcendental intersubjectivity for the event of understanding to even be possible. They are right: we do have a common subjacent similarity in our very being as Universal Humans. Among other things this commonality made us be able to think of a declaration of our fundamental rights taking a universal dimension. Now founded on the very essence of the universal human and no longer needed to be backed necessarily by referring to a Supreme Being (L'Être Suprême), as still in the French declaration or to “God”. A long discussion in the preparation of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights inclined the authors to prefer to not mention “God”, out of the well-founded concern that this reference might be liable for multiple misunderstandings. This stance is the explicit recognition of the fact that we understand that it is Reason that can gather us all as one Humanity, with ideally universalizable ethical principles which, if needed to be adjusted culturally, do have universal validity. ‘Universal’ thus not meaning a crushing dominion over individuals from cultural supremacy, but signifying the spirit of protection of individuals through always and wherever applicable ethical laws. As slavery is universally to be condemned and those enslaved to be liberated, universally.

The public space, without claiming, affirming or negating “God”, should always be a space that leaves the ‘spiritual’ open, in line with a political ideal of what in France is called laïcité, the recognition of the lawful existence of religions and their intellectual traditions as lived compatibly within the Republican public space of politics, itself keen on representing the interests of all its members. A secular spirit of the body politic thus allows for religious convictions to be lived spiritually, individually or within religious communities.

Universality is a quality inherent in the human intellect. Socrates, the ancient philosopher-whistleblower by trade, in this town of Athens from where I am writing, was close to this state of consciousness, as he claimed, subversively, to not be Athenian nor Greek, but a 'citizen of the world' (polites tou kosmou). I am at a loss to say whether this happened before or after he met the Indian sage in the streets of Athens, as reported by Aristoxenes in fragment 53 of his Life of Socrates. Worth recalling is the gist of their conversation: the Indian philosopher (guru-yogi) revealed to Socrates that - really, holistically, integrally - understanding (katidein) the full meaning of the Human is impossible as long as you are ignoring the dimension of the Divine (agnoounta de ta theia). This is India confronting Greek rational mentality. Still, just to highlight some progress we have indeed made since, Socrates would also have to acknowledge that the social classes with slaves at its bottom can by no means be justified, as the Indian Yogi would have to forsake some of his Vedic convictions buttressing a class system. No uncritical nostalgias: Beware the (supposedly) good times of yore, the “golden ages”…! Now we are, it is true, somewhat ahead. It’s just that our progress in the field of Humaneness is so, yes: too slow…, technologically so swift, humanely we are progressing at turtles’ speed.

This crisis created by the Corona Covid-19 is a special time, a Kairos, it comes to us timely, to cry aloud: stop! We need to take a break, sit down and talk and agree on the conditions of universal human happiness, on the sense of countries and borders and whether we still have to defend them, put our so much precious energy and money there, instead of increasing the health and living conditions of us all who are the majority. The existing minority, the happy few in splendid isolation, oligarchic plutocrats, 1 or whatever percent will need to come out of their boxes, they can and should be received humanely without revengeful exercises: it is about conversion, about transformation, about morphing into a better, higher state of consciousness that keeps us away from destruction, from regular and normalized wars… where new suffering and new injustices are being organized. “Deaths by War and Oppression during the 20th Century: 203 million”. Who benefits? Cui bono?As you travel around the world and just can not see huge impressive cemeteries of soldiers who died on this or the other side of the “enemy” line, discovering strange most unfamiliar names of soldiers engraved in stone, very different names than those of their co-national soldiers, having died in the frontlines! to defend “their” country…: it is a shame in human history how colonial supremacies were acceptable in the spirit of quite “noble” people at that time. We now are this “noble” next generation, seeing or having to see that the UN is sending out noble advisory letters, but is still powerless to stop a war.

There is a pathology, evidently, and as old as humanity, combining financial interests and the dominion over others through power, the libido dominandi… At the foundational meeting of the UNESCO in 1946, memorable for its specific historical momentum, as the until then worst global war was just put to an end, the then minister of education in London opened her speech with a trembling voice: “That since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed; That ignorance of each other’s ways and lives has been a common cause, throughout the history of mankind, of that suspicion and mistrust between the peoples of the world through which their differences have all too often broken into war…”. Wars, there is no doubt, are avoidable, they are not fatal, not inevitable events that hit Humanity as natural disasters, they are not earthquakes but mind-quakes. They are produced, induced into existence by human thought and intention, being results of minds, incomplete noetic products. Nous-noos is the Greek term for the Latin intellectus. Noetic meaning intellectual, referring to the highest rational capacity of man to "see" principles of rationality in his mind and share them with others, as all men and women have this inborn faculty of reason, the Logos so much discussed in Western philosophy. To share this Reason is to enter into a dialogue, dia-logos. Dialogue can avoid any war as Reason imposes the reasons to not harm and not hurt and not maim and not kill other co-humans. All human traditions know about the golden rule, to not do to others what we don’t want to be done onto ourselves; to be complemented by the (so named) Platinum rule, to do to others as you like to be done to yourself. This stands, as we say, to Reason, a communicative and deliberative reason. Some have called the reality of these highest ethical principles Noosphere and its political realization Noocracy. The enlightening idea intuited here is that Spirit is leading our intentions. Because wars do create new injustices. Even after a per sé avoidable war, having lost lives and goods, and human dignity, we again need dialogue to settle conditions, make treaties etc. Since dialogue is always possible, it is a must, an obligatory tool of our art of communication.

We all know of what we call our "inner dialogue", necessary to come to terms with ourselves, also matter for communication in diaries, in prose or poetry. Maria Zambrano insisted on the poetic dimension in reason, “la razón poética” working in us to dream about a better option, a “utopian” spearheading consciousness of yet unknown future possibilities, pure creativity in us, as we uncover the deep faculty in us to see further ahead than what our brain allows us to pinpoint… Meditative or contemplative moments of sitting with oneself, doing “nothing”, happen to bring about more inner space and clarity, effortlessly and for free.

As with inner dialogue, in the fields of international politics, we have to insist on the efficiency of public, political and diplomatic dialogue to come to terms with what is needed for different parties in any issue of disputed interests. Dialogue is preceded by a sincere intention, by a good will to find what is the best for the benefit of all parties concerned. Our individual ego as our collective national egos - as if asking to be liberated from a kind of instinctually blinding limitation - tend to dominate when not adjusted and informed by the highest principles of reason and ethics. Transformation, metamorphosis, change, betterment is the chance to seize that every crisis carries with it.

Let’s be real, down to earth, be smart as survivors getting out of the survival mode, looking out for a feasible alternative for us as one Humanity. As much as possible critically analyzed researched information empowers us to whistleblow the necessity of a change of societal models, ready for open-ended discussion, with no judgmental biases (“capitalism” versus “socialism”) stifling in beforehand what we should put freshly on the table and reconsider in the light of contemporary world economy. And see how we can formulate a viable alternative to what has been progressively imposed on our public illusionary unconscious as an evidence: the New World Order - basically nothing new, a recap or worse rehash of what we have had and know not to function - serving Them, instead of a co-creatively to be built up new Model for Humanity to the benefit of us all. Needless to say that we have to in-depth revise existing institutions like the UN, UNESCO, WHO…, to reboot them, update them or integrate them into a better model of functioning. We cannot solve the present problems with outdated solutions. Invention is the mother of necessity; calling for our collective creativity.

If somehow couched in philosophical parlance, the present words here mean to touch our reality at a grassroots level. We desire to be independent as individuals and collectively, yet our experience shows us that we are systemically inter-dependent, needing one another, sharing… Interdependence is our human reality, is the fabric of our world. And when the world is on fire, in a crisis like now, in a state of “war”, we realize, suddenly, that we all need one another, to save something as basic as my, your, our: health, we need each other to live. Like when we arrived here, a helping other was needed for me to midwife me safely into this world, and others will have to take care of my rest as I pass away. From the beginning to the end, others guarantee my life. And to enjoy my lifetime: even more so!

We do have the option to intentionally replace the logic of universal fear, and its logistics, with universal love and invent its logistics, converting theory into practice, incarnate the mental into the body and the body politic. Theory is seeing ideas and ideals (from Sanskrit: vid-idein-videre-wissen…, so as to: jna-gno-gigno-cognoscere: know), starting from trying to “know thyself”, yes to “thyself be true”, recognizing whom indeed you are: “that thou art”(tat tvam asi), and glimpsing, now knowingly, that the Ego has to take into account the Other, always needs to empathize ego-altruistically; so as, instead of staying in a state of self-justification, benefit from a due and liberating correction-transformation of one’s self-perception and self-interpretation, resulting in a revolutionized and liberated Ego open to its deeper or higher Self (Soul). No more Separation: Liberation here and now. Easy to say, painstaking to realize. It’s a must though, for me and you and for us.

In a broader perspective: We should reconsider our conceptions of nation-states, the Treaty of Westphalia and Congress of Vienna frameworks of politics, now outdated, and see how the idea of Sovereignty can be better expressed as being the representation of all the peoples to discuss, formulate and law-enforce universally valid ethical principles, political, economic and financial, that preside over the governing and administrative organization of our societies as gathered around a consensual government yet to be realized. It is a well-known fact that the New York based UN proved powerless to stop more than hundred wars since its foundation in San Francisco in 1945. Goodwill declarations to Syria or Yemen, for instance, fail to end the sufferings of innocent war victims.

A new Model for Humanity - still future: yes, only utopia - why? We are brainstorming… and the map is not the territory… and, as we endeavor to walk our talk, a more just, more healthy and happier world is in store for us. The corona-crisis pushes us forward, to a crossroad. A Latin saying goes: The fates guide the well-intentioned and drag along those who resist (ducunt fata volentem, trahunt nolentem). Resilience is the alternative to resistance. This crisis is about Birthing and not consenting to dying. All people of good will, which is the majority, let’s try to unite, already setting an intention, be quiet or meditate some instants at 12 pm or at any time, sending out this energetic message, self-helping us confiding in a unifying Consciousness.

We might become inspired in the art of getting organized, as a movement of like-minded seekers, a global intentional community, calling the many goodwill foundations out there to join in this effort..., evolutionary leaders and inspiring thinkers to join as influencers of a co-creative alternative to a ruthless and merciless matter-of-economical-fact society of the New World Order that is neither new nor an order, which supposes the harmony of its parts and members.

Why do we need to get trapped again and again, under the conditions of freedom, into a stagnating situation of not evolving, and thus spurring in people the need to push the lacking evolution ahead through a revolution that carries blood and new unresolved problems on its way? Why would we not agree to evolve? Free evolutionaries enjoying their free will to decide in favor of better options? Is Freedom too heavy to bear? Can political and economic freedom keep being immorally detached from universal ethical principles? Too many people to name here have pondered on this burning issue, from Plato to Indian King Ashoka…, Karl Ch. F. Krause, Einstein and Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo, John F. Kennedy…, and recently convincingly explicated by Glen T. Martin, philosopher and president of the world parliament initiative (Federation of the Earth) and Nicholas Hagger, intellectual and prolific author who elaborated this subject in two books (The World Government; World Constitution), - all understood that we have to conceive of a government creating a unity of and for us all, in cultural diversity, ahead of nationalistic egoisms always needing the construction of the “others” as “them”, to defend one’s own nation in opposition to, instead of joining dialogically in an overarching common interest of shared peace… Immanuel Kant’s essay Zum Ewigen Frieden (Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch) 1795, couched in his precise undaunted direct parlance, still waits on the shelves of our political philosophy libraries to be studied; 225 years old, it has an appealing freshness - a most provocative though not an easy read (even for a native speaker).

We know, we all know that a better world is possible and those among us who have children feel on the skin of their hearts this burning urgency as their duty. The world is on fire. Coronaviruses of all sorts may mute and mute again which means that we have to work to be on safer ground, as Humans. We are one “human family”: “vasudheva kutumbakam”, says India’s wisdom, so also does, as mentioned before, our Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Who knows a better path, the right one for Humanity as a whole? Let’s dare co-inspire ourselves! We do need a platform to bring our ideas together, a dominion-free communication for the sake of us all, as citizens of the world, co-equals in human rights and duties. There is an increasing number of people who have been researching with alternative media, have woken up, accumulated precious data to understand the big picture, have understood that as there is a possibility of evil in each of us, there also is a reality of evil organized and wielding criminal power in the public. José Martí, a poet and political philosopher, asserts: “Ignorance is killing a people. Hence we have to kill ignorance”, (“La ignorancia mata a un pueblo. Es preciso matar la ignorancia”). The bloodshedless killing of the “virus” of ignorance means revolutionizing, getting real about the contents and data that the evolution of consciousness has been revealing for some time without getting our due attention. As we formerly somehow knew that slavery was not ok, but rather listened to unwarrantable discourses of otherwise many respectable thinkers as Plato, Aristotle and you name them. We are late-evolutionaries…, suffer from being sufferers not seeing that undue suffering is holding us back, seem to be addicts of the only pleasure that is left to us: ruminating and rechewing our solitary suffering; mis-thinking: that this suffering is normal, as well that: our public powerlessness is expressive of normalcy. It is expressive of a normalized, standardized social pathology. We have all become part of it. Me and, probably, you as well. And: we do have a chance, the seemingly rebel-energy is a kind of healthy anger standing up against injustice. Suppressed right anger is causing suffering and depression when being withheld, when deprived of the whistleblowing unleashing of Expression. We need to do something. Be smart as not to lose our personal and collective chance, watch out for better options…

As much as I have been reading critical articles by the best analysts and intellectuals of different orientations, I am aware of nobody who has the ready-made solution. Too often trapped in the scapegoating pesky capitalism-socialism opposition, it is easier to determine what we dis-identify with than explicate with what we would want identify. Elaborating on this complex issue, understanding that the task in front of us is overwhelming, that we need a new open horizon, I see my own contribution as a poor one. What we need and should be up to, philosophically and spiritually to then realizing it politically, is to envision a viable alternative to the New World Order (NWO), based on universal ethical principles to the benefit of all of Humanity, all peoples of planet Earth, all colors, all continents, all hemispheres, all nationalities… that together constitute the source and purpose of Ethical Sovereignty.

Thinking from a personal standpoint as an individual, one is inclined to retreat, not being at the same time an expert in law, constitutions, international politics…, with a self-inhibiting: who am I to dare change the world? But is this apparent void complete? Surprisingly, here is a real foundational contribution: Researching on this topic to find a global platform needed for us all to tap into, connecting us all, formulating our concerns, in a non-dominated way, I came across an astoundingly organized vision: “The Constitution of the Federation of the Earth”. This is one such proposal that is out there, idealistic-utopian, no, just firmly based on sovereign ethical principles, to protect us, and I strongly felt it is worthwhile studying as an already well-elaborated reference. This is a serious proposal that I do see as a chance and, as a lifelong learner, recommend for scrutiny and deeper comprehension.

Many are now waiting for a global economic reset announced by the unelected but globally present Davos World Economic Forum, as a result of the pandemia-created global financial catastrophe (cfr. Covid-19, The Great Reset). But the same masters might show up to dominate again. It is time to prevent stagnation in the framework of the same old rules of consumerist wild casino-capitalism. May people come up with legal expertise, constitutionalists, judges, wise guys with political know-how, and others with seed money to sponsor the realization of such a permanent international political platform. Only through real change, betterment, creative construction of our future can we manage to be positive on a realistic level… We humans are strangely un-balanced beings can be imperfect and weak (lacking self-control, Aristotle’s akrasia), at the same time we have this high spiritual potential to conform our will to universal ethical principles. This is our strength. We have to tap into this potential, it makes us free and deeply satisfied.

As we are all at a loss to envision a practical change of our hypercomplex globalized world, as we realize we urgently need to assert an alternative to the fake New World Order, and before our destruction, we do have to sober up, open our eyes, face the situation as bad as it already is: Let’s have a first and fresh look at proposals that sincerely aim at formulating a better chance for a healthy and happier life for us all: One Humanity on One Earth. We do deserve it. Let’s claim our birthright: let us break free. When? Here and now.