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Rudolf Schmitz-Perrin is a citizen of the world and a German-French passport holder. After studies in Münster, Paris and Rome and lecturing as an associate professor in Salamanca and Sevilla, he left Academia as a tenured professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Strasbourg, France.

He has published internationally and lectured in Rome, Jerusalem, New Delhi, Bangalore, San Francisco, Sedona, and Havana.

In 2006 he co-founded the University of Human Unity project in Auroville, India, where he organized in 2010 the international congress: “Towards a Universal Spirituality Beyond Religions”.

Rudolf is a psychotherapist, a freelancing writer and a lifelong learner. His interests cover the history of ideas in the fields of philosophy, religious studies, psychology and arts.

He has been a research scholar of Gestalt therapy at the Esalen Institute California, as well as a researcher at the José Martí Study Center in Havana, Cuba.

The Meer editors ask me to complete the text above to come to a six-hundred-word text. I will comply.

I feel being on a personal research journey where all certitudes and convictions, be they religious, philosophical, ideological or psychological, are constantly, systematically and systemically challenged and broken into tiny pieces to be then re-puzzled again in a most individual way, first for sheer survival and whenever successful for experiencing a felt happiness, in a process of quantum living as unending spiritual seeking, with the constant endeavor to rejoin the collective sense of a livable coherence, a minimal agreement on our common perception of reality, that we do need to maintain, always, so as to be critically alert, as a community, to resist to what we see is inadequate, as also to let go, to change attitudes and mental habits as they no longer serve, to then intuit new guidelines for actions to make the world a better place for us all and to energetically uplift our vibrations as a collective body, of Mankind as the one Human Family.

Uplifting encounters and inspiring ideas uphold this energy of growth, though the personal path is being felt here and there as a rather rough ride... with its concomitant experiences of failure and the subversive feelings of being on a solitary journey, with a-loneness always being open to convert into all-oneness and the great themes are manifestly worth all the efforts, as they are for our collective wellbeing and it is part of our common mission to propel the advancement of that world we would like to birth into. He who has children feels this evidence in his very being. “Para nacer he nacido” says the poet Pablo Neruda, tantamount to: I was born to keep on birthing. The travail of birthing is part of our outer and inner evolution, it’s the rule of growth that love, gratitude and kindness can convert into joy and sweetness of existence.

At the core of this experience of learning, researching and writing lies an inkling of a kind of mission or rather task, of no longer hiding out, keeping insights for oneself, eschewing the frictions created by having discordant views that do not chime in with the constructions of that consensus reality so vigilantly and diligently surveilled by the mainstream media at the service of preserving a preprogramming perception-deception to fit into the matrix, a term hinting at what some call a huge simulation. Here we are at the borders and trespassing them can make us look border-line. Or is it that border-line pathological sociopaths are running their script and what is still healthy in us makes us wake up to resist, to say a flat, courageous, candid-authentic No! ?

The almost forgotten mission, the ethical role of the "intellectual" as a whistleblowing resistance fighter comes to my mind when pondering over the sense of a commitment to understanding the narratives constructed or concocted to serve the interests of the geo-political fabric of our poly-crisis ridden contemporary world manipulated by these individuals mentioned before, mostly unelected, self-approved, imposing their covert or open dictatorship like the boots in our faces that George Orwell referred to in the interview on his death bed, admonishing : “Don’t let it happen”! What is left in us to not have this to happen ? What is left in our digitally dazzling AI world or fiction (where words no longer come out of the spirit of identifiable humans), what is left is the light that we carry in us, each of us, the light with which we came into this world. This light remains as the ultimate reference when all sciences, data and infos and epistemologies fail at our intimate psychological level. Yes, we do have deep down in us or up high in our heart and spirit this Light that does not deceive us. The Light that makes shine our spiritual unique Soul and inspires us to highlight the light we see in our fellow human beings. We are the Lighthouse of Humanity ! I started a Foundation called “Arts of Co-Creative Evolution”, one of its projects is a Festival on We are the Lighthouse !

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