Anastasia Photo is pleased to present The Treachery of Impermanence, 00100011’s first exhibition with the gallery.

The Treachery of Impermanence questions technology’s effects on identity and individuality through a selection of mixed-media installations.

Who is 00100011? Zeroes and ones. A reduction, a distillation into a binary world, representing technology’s creation of an era of post-individualism. The Treachery of Impermanence explores our changing relationship with ourselves and the systems around us due to society’s increased technical dependencies. In six timely pieces, 00100011 explores topics such as social media and the quest for acceptance, the evolution of art, and what justice means in the digital age.

Anastasia Photo is a New York City gallery that curates exhibitions and public programing around issues of social and environmental concern. Specializing in documentary photography and photojournalism, the gallery also serves as a center for discussion and portfolio review. This is the gallery’s second exhibition to expand beyond straight documentary art.