Immerse yourself in the history of Bern and follow it on a journey that led from a rural settlement at the time of its founding to the mightiest municipal republic north of the Alps.

Taking up approximately 1200 m² the exhibition gives an overview of the history of the city and region of Bern using important exhibits. The objects are displayed throughout 16 rooms documenting the period between 400 and 1700. Some 500 exhibits with many different provenances include paintings, sculptures, furniture, weapons, items of everyday use and textiles, all bearing witness to past living environments. The purposes of the artefacts on one hand and the thematic associations on the other become tangible in the exhibition.

The sculptures on the west portal of Bern Cathedral and those found in 1986, the Dance of Death by Niklaus Manuel Deutsch, the model of the city of Bern, the historic rooms as well as objects from the public and private lives of well-known and unknown Bernese citizens are particularly worth noting.