The largest room of the house was definitely the parents’ room: it is certain that Giacomo Puccini was born here.

The decoration of the walls, in tempera, which simulates a tapestry, dates back to the second quarter of the 19th century (the time when the family came to live in the house) and is attributed to the school of Francesco Bianchi.

The room is furnished with some important items: a painted chest, or wedding chest, with a panel and courtly scenes reminiscent of Botticelli of the late 15th century (with restorations and additions of the 20th century); a copy of the Empire style bed in walnut with fluted columns topped with bowls dyed black (original of the second decade of the 19th century in the Puccini House Museum, Celle dei Puccini, Camaiore); a couple of Directoire tables in walnut combined with a pair of ornate mirrors in walnut with carved and gilded parts (1805 approx).