3+1 Arte Contemporânea is pleased to present the exhibition of Leila Tshopp and Mafalda Santos curated by Antonia Gaeta.

The show developed from the encounter between two painters with formal affinities composition and research, one going and coming with spatial references, commonalities and joint citations.

Leila Tshopp presents a pictorial work to refer to the tradition of mural painting with a precise three-dimensional staging dispositive that invades the room as opposed to two sets of works by Mafalda Santos that arise as interconnecting chromatic elements and representation of accumulation in space.

Leila Tschopp

Born in Buenos Aires in 1978, Argentina. Lives and works in Buenos Aires. Graduates in 2002 from ENBAPP, Buenos Aires. Participates in Art Omi, New York, USA(2015); FONCA-AECID Residency Program for Ibero-American and Haiti Creators, Mexico (2014) and Skowhegan, Maine, USA, with the support of the Cisneros Collection (2013). Receives The Pollock-Krasner Foundation scholarship, New York, USA (2012); the Metropolitan Fund of Buenos Aires scholarship (2012) and the National Arts Fund scholarship, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008).

We can highlight the following solo shows: La Persistencia [Persistence], Diagrama Gallery, Mexico D.F. (2014); Diagrama #1: Movimientos Dominantes [Diagram #1: Dominant Movements], CCMHC, Buenos Aires (2013); El Salto [The Jump], Transversal Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil (2012); Modelos Ideales [Ideal Models], 713 Gallery, Buenos Aires (2011). Participates in group shows: El Teatro de la Pintura [The Theatre of Painting], MAMBA, Buenos Aires (2014); Geometría al límite [Geometry to the limit], MACBA, Buenos Aires (2013); About Change, World Bank, Washington (2011); Beyond Desire, ACC Gallery, Weimar, Germany (2011); PintorAs [Woman Painters], Rosario Contemporary Art Museum, Argentina (2010); Argentina Hoy [Argentina Today], Bank of Brazil Cultural Centre, São Paulo (2009), amongst others.

Receives the second place at the National Painting Salon Prize (2014).

Her work is part of the Castagnino+MACRO Museum Collection, Rosário, Argentina; Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum – MACBA; Goethe Institute, Lisbon, Portugal; World Bank, Washington, EEUU and Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina.

Part of the publication “100 Painters of Tomorrow”, Thames & Hudson, London, 2014 and “Poéticas Contemporâneas” [Contemporary Poetics], National Arts Fund, Buenos Aires, 2011.


Mafalda Santos

Born in Oporto in 1980, Portugal. Graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Oporto. Between 2002 and 2007 was the programmer of the space PêSSEGOpráSEMANA, in Porto. Exhibits her work regularly since 2001, and in 2007/2008 had a scholarship for an artistic residency at Location One, New York, given by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foudantion and Luso-American Foundation – FLAD. Was selected for the EDP New Artists Award 2007.

Currently she runs, with Manuel Mesquita, the Moinho da Fonte Santa artistic residency program, in Alandroal, Portugal.

Her work is included in the Portuguese collections of António Cachola, the EDP Foundation, Ilídio Pinho Foundation, RAR Group and PLMJ Foundation.

In the last decade she has participated regularly in several group shows, amongst which we can highlight: Cartas de São Paulo [São Paulo Letters], Portugal general Consulate in São Paulo, 2014; Sub-40, Almeida Garrett Municipal Gallery, Porto, 2014; O Princípio da Inércia [The Principle of Inertia] White Pavillion – Museu of the City of Lisbon, Lisbon, 2012; Transporto Sempre uma Viagem [I Always Carry a Journey], Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon, 2011; A Culpa Não é Minha [It’s Not My Fault], Works from the António Cachola Collection, Berardo Museum, Lisbon, 2010; O Dia Pela Noite [Day for Night], Lux Frágil, Lisbon, 2010; A Escolha da Crítica [Critic’s Choice], Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon, 2009; Hospitalidade [Hospitality], curated by Miguel von Hafe Pérez, São João Hospital, Porto, 2009; Only Connect, curated by Cecilia Alemani (Art in General), Bloomberg Office Building, New York, 2008; Café Portugal [Portugal Café], in Évora, Bratislava and Ponte Delgada, 2008/2009; Portugal Agora - A Propos des Lieux d’Origine [Portugal Now - About Places of Origin], MUDAM Centre d’Art Moderne Gran-Duc Jean, Luxemburg, 2007; EDP New Artists, Porto, 2007; Depósito-Apontamentos sobre Densidade e Conhecimento [Deposit - Notes on Density and Knowledge], Rectory of the University of Porto2007; 7/10–7 artistas ao 10º mês [Artists on the 10th Month], Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2005 and Toxic - O Discurso do Excesso [Toxic – The Speech of Excess], Fundição de Oeiras, 2005.

Solo shows include: Carta pras Icamiabas [Letters for Icamiabas], Presença Gallery, Porto, 2014; On Revolution, Presença Gallery, Porto, 2012; The Kappa Effect, Caroline Pagès Gallery, Lisbon, 2011; The Great Unconformity, Sala do Veado, National History Museum, Lisbon, 2010; One day every wall will fall, Presença Gallery, Porto, 2009; Tamatave, Presença Gallery, Lisbon, 2006 and Too Loud a Solitude, Mad Woman in the Attic, Porto, 2006.


Antonia Gaeta

Graduated in Cultural Heritage Studies at the University of Bologna and has a Master in Curatorial Studies by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. Has a PhD in Contemporary Art from Arts College from the University of Coimbra. Developed research and exhibition projects with several artistic institutions in Portugal and abroad. Was the executive coordinator of the Official Portuguese Representation at the Venice Biennale (2009 and 2011) and São Paulo (2008 and 2010) for the Directorate-General for the Arts (DGARTES). Curated several exhibitions in Portugal and abroad and has published texts in art catalogues and exhibition programs. Currently she is the deputy curator of the Angola Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale.