3+1 Arte Contemporanea is pleased to announce Blackout, a group show curated by Antonio Grulli, presenting works by Anna-Sophie Berger (Vienna, 1989), Luca Bertolo (Milan, 1968), Keren Cytter (Tel Aviv, 1977) and Flavio Favelli (Firenze, 1967).

Blackout will collect the works of four different artists, from different countries, different generations and working with a wide variety of media such as painting, sculpture, installation, video, collage and photo.

Blackout is a show somehow connected with the present time we are living in, but in a poetic way, trying to avoid the chronicle and the simply direct political attitude. The word Blackout brings with it a color and mood, but it is also related with the idea of a gaze that is denied and at the same time still wanting to see.

Blackout puts together a series of pieces spinning around the idea of “censorship”, not meant as a political act, but as a process where an instance, an issue, a topic, a concept, an image, is somehow negated, or cancelled, or erased, or covered, sometimes just potentially. But Blackout is also made by works related with a sexual content always forced between desire and restraint/denial, and with a language charged of a subtle violence.

Blackout is about the idea of a body that is still seen as a possible source of disquiet and friction, and that we need to keep under control.