3+1 Arte Contemporanea is pleased to announce The Pathos of Things, the latest exhibition by Teresa Braula Reis (Lisbon, 1990), her first solo show at the gallery.

The work of the artist develops on a fragmentary view of the universe of construction, in a passage from the architectonic to the sculptural. The notion of the temporality of this universe assumes particular importance in her practice that reflects on the idea of ruin, memory and nostalgia.

The space that Teresa Braula Reis names is not only that which emerges from the position that its constructions generate. It is, above all, that which comes from what the subject questions, or that does not have a certain time, but that exists as longing or utopia.

(Sergio Fazenda Rodrigues in Revista Contemporanea, August - September 2016)

For this exhibition The Pathos of Things the artist produced a series of sculptures and works on paper that delves into the visual possibilities of the degradation of matter in a gesture that explores the subtle beauty that lies in the limit between what is destruction and recomposition.

Arranged along the two floors of the gallery, the objects presented by the artist seek to establish a relationship of empathy with the observer, thus enhancing a sensitivity to what is ephemeral and transitory. Teresa Braula Reis was born in 1990 in Lisbon, Portugal and lives and works in Lisbon. She completed her studies in Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon in 2012 and her Master of Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London 2011+. She had a scholarship from the University of Arts London for her Masters degree. In 2015 she was appointed for the Premio Novos Artistas da Fundacao EDP. She had a solo exhibiton in Los Angelers, White Helmet at Baert Gallery (2017). She has participated in various group shows including: Variations Portugaises, Centre d'arte contemporain, Meymac (2018); Escala 1:1, La Tabacalera, Madrid (2018); 0 Tempo lnscrito - Memoria, Hiato e Projecao, Coleccao Figueiredo Ribeiro, Abrantes (2017); Walk&Talk, Circuito de Arte Publica, sao Miguel, Azores (2017); Portugal Portugueses, Museu Afro Brasil, sao Paulo (2016); Questions of Relief, Galeria Vertical do Silo Auto, Porto (2016); Poetics of Space, 3+1 Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon (2016); Notas sobre a construcao do tempo, Circulo de Artes Plosticas de Coimbra, Ano Zero, Coimbra (2015); Opening Night, Chabah Yelmani Gallery, Brussels (2015); RESTATE by Art:i:curate, NEO Bankside, London (2014); In Transit, V22 project space, London (2013).