meetiNG art gallery is organizing DC15 (Downtown Chiado 2015), the second edition of the international exhibition that will show a selection of artists from all around the world, in Lisbon. It´s the 5th international exhibition that is organized by this gallery. All the work developed is now getting on excellence level, all the artists are selected in a curatorial process that takes 2 months.

On the earlier editions we have received more then 500 portfolios, now are now expecting 1000 for this editions but only 14 are ok to participate.

The curator for DC 15 is Goncalo Madeira with support of the international artist Natalia Gromicho.

In this phase of the exhibition, meetiNG art gallery is receiving portfolios and selecting artists, so everyone interested in this event, should email the gallery and send their portfolio.

The Deadlines for sending portfolios will be until 30th November, the Vernissage opening will be 7th February, 5pm local. Last day to visit will be 21st February.

meetiNG art Chiado is the Lisbon´s gallery that as proved that is more than a gallery...

"The idea is simple, make a private space in an open space, without limitation to any type of audience, without obstacles, without barriers. Anyone can see, taste, touch, paint.Meeting Art Gallery = experience, know, ART. "

meetiNG art Chiado is located in Lisbon Downtown, opened in the 25th April 2013 with a exhibition of Natália Gromicho called “Lisboa, dignos de nota” that was her tribute to the city that she was born, and also for the date 25th April, our freedom for a dictatorial regime.

meetiNG art is located in Espaço Chiado, a shopping center in Chiado that was build preserving “Ferdinand Wall”, a wall that protected Lisbon from attacks during the period of the Middle Ages. Chiado is one of the most iconic and traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon. Located between Bairro Alto and Downtown shopping stores.

Its location is very privilege , with access from the street Rua da Misericórdia or the street Rua Nova da Trindade, right next to Trindade Theater.

Meeting art gallery benefits of people traffic by historical attractions of the Chiado, shopping and leisure areas...

The gallery as 100 square meters, as located illumination and strong hanging system. We have all fine arts services, such as stretching and framing canvas, paints, canvas and all material for fine arts available by order.