MeetiNG art gallery is proud to present the 3rd edition of the Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition, the exhibition of contemporary art that makes two years of existence, and that over this period has already release more than 50 artists, 17 countries, the exchange of experiences, sharing and dissemination of contemporary art are the central pillar of the event.

AlbertoValle Souto – Spain | Andrea Cola – Italy | Chalice Bartsch-Bailley – USA | Ilsa E. Garcia Gonzalez – USA | Laura Lomiento – Uruguay | Martine Bossuyt – Belgium | Natalia Gromicho – Portugal | Samah El Hage – Sweden | Uili Lousi - USA

This year we honor the mentor of this whole project, the artist Natalia Gromicho celebrating 20 years of career this year.

The vernissage will be only for guests and artists, and will take place on 03th October at 5pm local time. It will be an event that requires reservation (made via email until 1st October and will feature a selection of collectors and art critics. The opening to the public will take place on October 05 at the time of the meeting art gallery