3 +1 Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present the second solo exhibition in the gallery.

Under the title Turvo, the exhibition presents a collection of new works, belonging to different series, produced during 2014.

Following his usual working process, widely supported on an experimental array, Rui Horta Pereira presents us with a collection of works on paper and raw canvas, where polychrome (already present in previous series, but now assumed a more direct and we can say, more uncontrollable) seems to mark out a territory designed by the artist.

Combining a concern for ecological and economic nature to a demand-driven, discovery and, above all, in an almost magical and astonishing revelation of processes by chance, Rui Horta Pereira produces a set of works that go beyond the typological or disciplinary boundaries by questioning the boundaries between the territories of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Installation.

The inevitable opacity implied in the title of the exhibition - Turvo - the artist gives birth one imagistic universe loaded with light and life, and is, to a large extent, this transformation process lies the secret of exposure.

Ana Anacleto, July 2014