Milan Jovovic

Milan Jovovic has worked on informatics of complex systems for about 30 years, in different fields of study and perspective. He has acquired a broad theoretical knowledge in applying mathematical modeling.

He has written a theory of stochastic resonance synergies for the analysis and study of complex systems. In this theory, information is propagated by the scale-space waves and quantum tunneling. Evolution dynamics, described by a path integral, have been proposed applying the principle of least action. Multidimensional scaling properties of quantum information electromagnetism have been derived, making a bridge to the mathematical foundation of quantum field theory.

The scale-space field function factors in the finite number of "3-6-9" invariants. This mathematical structure makes the basis for atomic composition of stochastic resonance synergies and their group periodic arrangements. At the lowest scale in physics, it translates to the so-called "fine structure constant", and confirms Riemann’s hypothesis of the prime numbers distribution. Group periodicity of atomic elements has been described in the 5-dimensional scale-space.

The triplet synergisms in human perception and movement have been also studied. In a cross-modal analysis, the color-constancy, intensity-independent auditory distance perception, and synergistic control of equilibrium positions in reaching movements have been presented. Holographic principle in the expression of quantum information carriers has been proposed in attention, memory, and behavioral data study.

At the Safarik University, in an auditory perception experiment, they have used a behavioral dimensionality paradigm, along the signal intensity and distance. With this method, they have shown concurrency of the intensity-independent auditory distance feature detector with a tonotopic map of the auditory cortex, as the result of information flow propagation.

At Indiana University, they have examined covariant differentiability for data mining applications in chemical and bioinformatics. Numerical schemes for scale-space computing with high-dimensional data sets have been derived. Parallel algorithms implementation on multicore processors have been analyzed and the statistical maps of data decomposition have been shown.

On his postdoc stage at the INRIA, they have worked on a harmonic signal decomposition of the IR satellite images. Turbulent flow dynamics has been studied and a rain process shown, corresponding to the perturbation caused by fusion of convective clouds.

For his doctoral thesis at the University of Belgrade, they have described learning and synergistic control of reaching movements.

He had started working in computational neuroscience and physics as a graduate student at Caltech. His common line of research describes complex systems dynamics based on coupled wave information propagation and quantum information expression in 5-dimensional scale-space. Showing a new way of looking at things in neuroscience and physics.

His current research interests include neural data science and quantum computing.

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