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Milan Jovovic has worked on informatics of complex systems for about 30 years, from different fields of study and perspective. He has acquired a broad theoretical knowledge in the fields, applying mathematical modeling.

He has written a stochastic resonance synergetics theory in scaling multidimensional information for the analysis and study of complex systems. It is a quantum information theory applying a scale-space computing paradigm and the wave information propagation. The paradigm of coupled information propagation is described by a wave motion through the scale-space.

His current research interests include neural data science and quantum computing.

At the Safarik University, they have used a behavioral dimensionality paradigm, along with intensity and distance of an auditory signal processing. By this paradigm, they have been able to explain the intensity-independent auditory distance feature detectors, along with the tonotopic map of the auditory cortex, as a result of the information flow propagation in the brain.

At the Indiana University, they have explored covariant differentiability in approaching the scale-space computing, knowledge diagrams and numerical schemes of high- dimensional data sets. An implementation of the statistical maps is analyzed in their report. They have also worked on the multi-core processors research and parallel algorithms. The emphasis was on applications in chemo/bioinformatics and data mining.

On his postdoc stage at the INRIA, they have worked on a harmonic signal decomposition of the IR satellite images. A turbulent flow was studied and a rain process is shown corresponding to the propagation of perturbation caused by the fusion of convective clouds.

For his doctoral thesis at the University of Belgrade, they have worked on learning and control of limb movements as a sequence of synergistic joint motions. The equilibrium points hypothesis is generalized in memory, attention, and behavioral data study.

He had started working in computational neuroscience and physics as a graduate student at Caltech. His common line of research explains complex systems dynamics based on a paradigm of coupled wave information propagation in the scale-space, showing a new way of looking at things in neuroscience and physics.

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