In this article, we discuss computational approaches to improve our response to global crises affecting public health and the health of our biosphere. A path integration of multidimensional entities in scale-spaces is reviewed. Quantum computing approach is proposed in the examination of large data sets across different properties in the information spectrum. Scale-space decomposition and research of the quantum relational databases are described.

A small-world connectome

The idea that anyone in the world can be connected to any other person through a chain of acquaintances with, on average, no more than five intermedial connections is referred to as "6 degrees of separation." Initially postulated by Frigyes Karinthy, it was further described mathematically as a "social distance" in network sciences. All major social networks reported the results of computing the social distances of their members.

This revelation of how closely we are connected is overshadowed by painful memories of social distancing during the period of the COVID pandemic. It also reminds us of how fragile the world we are living in is. Taking into consideration the perils of climate change, it stresses the importance of research in network sciences. Disease prevention and overall health of the Earth's biosphere, in its principal investigation.

Multidimensional information scaling

Various degrees of separation of entities in networked relational databases have been studied. In our research, multidimensional data sets are partitioned into 5-dimensional topological maps at multiple scales. Localizing spatial and temporal events in a relational network dynamically is based on the theory of stochastic resonance synergies. A path integral formulation has been described for scaling data in quantums of information.

Data clusters with binding synergies of quadrupoles are organised in the atomic structures. It has been described, as well, as a modeling approach to data mining. Applications, including networks and health analytics tools.

Quadrupoles of information: computation and research

The electromagnetism of quantum information binds the quadrupoles of information by applying the principle of least action, as described in our reports. The scale-space waves propagate information, conforming to the information (mass) conservation principle.

Coupled data clusters exchange information synergistically, resonating up- and down-scale waves in a dynamical equilibrium of quadrupoles. Scale-space tunnelling preserves information transfer across the scales, as derived in our reports.

The relational database structure of binding synergies has been discussed as suitable for quantum computing and querying. We emphasize two main research directions here in querying this database structure:

  • Up-scaling data fusion of entities and,
  • Down-scaling data decomposition.

Data fusion points to a direction for localizing the origin of a particular spatio-temporal event. Down-scaling data decomposition, on the other hand, points to a finer analysis, monitoring, and treatment of actual or potential disturbances.

  • Furthermore, a path integral formulates links between two entities and a chain of events in evolutionary dynamics.

For a given database, the likelihood of such genotype branchings is indicated by the path integration of their separation.

Concluding remarks

Learning a language of subatomic computing seems to be a way to improve our response to humanitarian needs and public health challenges. Climate change and the health of our biosphere, to name a few. Disease risk assessment and research on its prevention have been discussed.

Quantum computing approach has been proposed for data mining of large data sets. Querying and research of genotype data decomposition have been described. Path integration of separate entities formalizes knowledge discoveries in the evolutionary dynamics of stochastic resonance synergies.


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