Synergistic information exchange and coordinate transformations have been studied in complex information systems across scales. Scale-space waves propagating information in the coupled multidimensional systems have been analysed. Path integration of stochastic resonance synergies is discussed in this article.

Multidimensional scaling in quantum information electromagnetism has been derived, making a bridge to the mathematical foundation of quantum field theory. Synergistic transformations bind the coupled information partitions dynamically in 5-dimensional scale spaces.

The evolving dynamics of various properties and degrees of entanglement coupling have been shown in our computer modelling. In this article, a double-slit experimental verification of the observed properties is proposed.

Coupled information exchange

The Rubik cube is one of my favorite examples of how to explain the dynamics of coupled information processing. When I learned how to solve it, it took me about a minute to put it back on the stack. I did it in two stages. Stacking first the 2-colored middle cubes, then the 3-colored corners. Making just random moves, it is estimated, would take more than the age of the known universe to put it back together again.

I find this a handy example for explaining multidimensional systems scaling with coupled information exchange and topological pattern mapping. The evolving dynamics of coupled systems information entropy, also in the language of mathematics.

Synergistic coordinate transformations

I started to learn to play tennis with very bad backhand shots. A teacher observing the wild shots told me to twist the racquet a bit downward while anticipating the ball. I continued making wild shots in my next game, but the first time I hit the ball right, it felt like a quantum leap in my confidence that I'd learned the backhand.

Movement skill acquisition relies upon perceptuo-motor coordination, which involves three major components: the intake of sensory information, the internal coding of this information into a format that is adequate for driving a motor action, and the generation of movements themselves.

In our research, synergistic coordinate transformations are studied in scaling multidimensional information with a cascade of binding patterns of neuronal firing.

The motor neurons involved in the control of movements’ fire prior to the actual movement generated. Many neuroscientists are sceptical about the existence of so-called "free will." From the perspective of my tennis teacher, however, it reflects, presumably, whether she thinks I learned how to hit the ball right or not.

Double-slit experiments with stochastic resonance synergies

A double-slit experiment has been a school lab example of showing wave-particle duality in quantum physics. Many theories proposed its extension to show the molecular and different properties of larger structures.

We have studied dynamical evolution in the coupled covariation of quantum states. Double-spaced data clusters exchange information through scale-space waves and quantum tunneling. Applying the principle of least action, the path integration of stochastic resonance synergies has been derived.

Multidimensional system dynamics reveal the synergistic exchange of "light" and "dark" information carriers and temporal delays in scale-space tunnelling. Various degrees of entangled topologies have been shown. In addition to quantum computing, experimental verification of the observed properties is proposed in time and space.

Measurement (or observer) problem

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.


The evolving dynamics partition information configurations in space with Green's functions, binding the partitioned information synergistically. Path integration maps the coupled regions topologically, in scale-spaces. The least action principle, underlying the evolving dynamics of quantum states, gets disturbed by an act of measurement and is subject to the measurement problem. The system's descriptions can be observed, however, in probability, as is the case with double-slit experiments.

The measurement problem has sparked much debate among physicists. While lacking determinism of causal relationship, the issue of whether it reflects the true nature of the subatomic world continues to be actual with the approaches to describe quantum gravity. The information theories, on the other hand, have been probabilistic in their foundation and appear to have much promise in quantum material science and computing.

Concluding remarks

In the theory of stochastic resonance synergies, complex systems dynamics have been described with a path integral to evolving patterns of stochastic resonance synergies and coupled wave information propagation. Networked relationships in neuroscience and physics have been shown in our reports. The holographic principle of expression for quantum information carriers has been proposed.

Covariant differentiability facilitates the computation of the evolving dynamics of stochastic resonance synergies. Double-slit experimental verification of the observed properties in entangled coupled systems has been proposed in this article, in time and space.


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