In this article, we reflect on evolving dynamics of genetic information expression. We discuss gene activity and editing research to correct aging-related genetic mutations and prevention of diseases.

We discuss the lifespan of resonance codes. The limits in the lifespan of resonance codes are examined, in theory, across the scales.

The transformative nature of living organisms has been the subject of continuous study in various scientific disciplines. In this article, we reflect also on mathematical approaches to genetics.

Stochastic resonance synergies in a coupled information flow have been described. Sampling prime numbers distribution with a scale-space wave function has been shown sufficient with a finite number of resonance codes.

The changing nature of genetic information expression

Although we are born with a fixed genome, our genes can be altered depending on their activity level. A healthy lifestyle and behavioural change can in fact improve our well being on an epigenetic level. Avoiding stressful environments, meditation, mind-body balance and autophagy. This has been shown to strengthen immune system response, healing, resiliency and an overall well being.

The goal of a precise gene editing, though, is to correct genetic material due to an accumulated damage to one's DNA, or for a hereditary related disease prevention. It is the subject of an extensive, ongoing research and the most direct, patient driven approach in medicine and pharmacy.

Mathematical approaches to genetics

Besides life and social sciences, hereditary information has long been studied in quantitative sciences. The algebraic nature of genetic information processing has been proposed in mathematics, as well.

In the theory of stochastic resonance synergies, the information is propagated by scale-space waves and quantum tunnelling. We have analysed evolution dynamics, described by the path integral, applying the principle of least action. Multidimensional scaling in 5D, and periodicity in the arrangements of quantum information carriers have been described.

The origin, evolution, and fate of the universe have been discussed in science and philosophy, as well. In a study of molecular biology, George Gamow suggested a triplet coding of genetic information. "Is the universe finite or infinite?", brings up the question about the fate of the universe in the closing statement of his inspiring book: "One Two Three … Infinity".

The logic of prime numbers structure decomposition

It has been an inspiring thought on the significance of 3-6-9 signatures, as contemplated by Nikola Tesla. We have examined transformations of stochastic resonance synergies from the perspective of an algebraic number and group theory.

A scale-space field function factors in a finite number of the 3-6-9 invariants. This mathematical structure makes the basis for an atomic composition of stochastic resonance synergies and a group periodic arrangement of the atomic elements. It confirms Riemann's hypothesis of the prime numbers distribution. At the lowest scale in physics, it translates to the so-called fine structure constant.

Concluding remarks

No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.


Evaluating coupled system dynamics of stochastic synergies in multiple dimensions, across the scales, helps better understand how a genome is expressed. In our view, as a computational aid in developing new treatments, in a changing environment.

The analysis of a genome expression and the corresponding activity dynamics are equally important in maintaining good health. Both, in medical therapies and for disease prevention. On the epigenetic level, a healthy lifestyle and behavioral change come as good fitness practices to our genes.

Genetic medicine, although promising in treatments of ageing and hereditary-related diseases, is of limited scope. From a theoretical perspective, in our view, too.

Coupled system dynamics of stochastic synergies limit lifespan of the resonance codes, across the scales. To the fate of the universe, in our opinion.


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