Boris Cizelj
Joined Meer in July 2020
Boris Cizelj

Boris Cizelj graduated in 1966 from the University of Ljubljana, Department of Social Sciences; in 1971 from the Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag, Holland (thesis: The Concept of Political Elite); PhD 1980 from the University of Belgrade, Department of Political Sciences (thesis: Economic Integration among Developing Countries). The causes and consequences of regional economic disparities were one of the key topics, along with policies for reducing regional differences.

Key positions:

  • Assistant Professor on International Economic Relations at the University of Ljubljana, Department of Social Sciences (1966–1969).
  • Researcher and Director at Centre for International Development and Cooperation, Ljubljana (researcher 1969–1987, director 1980–1987).
  • Ambassador of Yugoslavia in Australia, Canberra, 1987-1991.
  • Ambassador of Slovenia in EU and NATO, Brussels (1992-1996).
  • Adviser to Slovenian Minister of European Affairs (1996-1997).
  • Deputy Head of Slovenian Core Negotiating Team with EU (1998-1999).
  • Director Slovenian Business & Research Association (SBRA – Interest representation and lobbying office of -Slovenian business and academy) in Brussels (1997-1012).
  • Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors, Knowledge Economy Network, KEN (global network).
  • Member of the Executive Council of the European Centre for Peace and Development, ECPD Belgrade, and director of the ECPD Program on Economic Diplomacy, Lobbying, and Negotiations (since 2016).
  • Professor and first Dean (2006–2011) at DOBA Business School, Maribor, Slovenia.
  • Lecturing interest representation, lobbying, and negotiating techniques at various universities (ECPD, Belgrade; DOBA Business School, Maribor; Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor (since 2006 - ).
  • Vice Chairman of the Slovenian Society for Legal Lobbying, the first society of lobbyists in Slovenia.
  • Chairman of the Management Board of the Knowledge Economy Society, Ljubljana (Društvo za ekonomijo znanja), moved HQ from Brussels to Ljubljana (since 2022).

Main current activities:

  • Doing research on the following subjects.
  • Silver Economy (role of seniors in society and in the economy).
  • Innovation ecosystem: policies needed to encourage research and development in order to elevate the innovative performance of a country.
  • Policies for sustainable development in all three domains (economic, environmental, and social).

Lecturing at various universities follows the following subjects:

  • Communication with influentials, networking, lobbying.
  • Negotiating techniques.
  • Economic diplomacy.

Councelling at the Slovenian Innovation Hub (SIS EGIZ, Ljubljana).


Four books; co-authored many studies and articles (128 bibliographic units in COBISS Base); chief editor of KEN periodic publications covering various aspects of knowledge economy (Monthly Bulletin, 10 editions annually; and KEN Brief, 20 editions annually).

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