Krystal Volney
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Krystal Volney

Krystal Volney is a West Indian award-winning poet, children's author and writer who was born on the island of Trinidad. Her family comes from Trinidad, Montserrat, Martinique, Venezuela, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Scotland, Canada, Aruba, St. Kitts, Norway, France and USA.

She is the author of Cosmos and Spheres poetry book (Best-selling Ebook 2011). Cosmos and Spheres was written to free the minds of readers from stressed situations and enable them to enjoy a family book of fashion, romance, children’s, nature & environment poetry. She started writing it (English version) in late 2010 and it was published in late 2011 by Trafford Publishing in the USA. Volney is also the Author of the Dr. Zazzy Series.

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